Best Day Trips from Fort Worth

Fort Worth is home to important historical landmarks, museums, and cultural events that draw in visitors worldwide. But what do they do while they’re here? Fort Worth offers day trip choices for any traveler, whether you adore destination weddings, family adventures, or walking tours. Some towns and places to explore on day trips from Fort Worth are here.

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Grapevine is a wonderful tourist destination and an ideal resting area for those crossing the United States from east to west. Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Grapevine is home to a population of around 54,151. It has a rich history and is often called the “Queen City of North Texas.” Grapevine has a lot to offer visitors. Here are five fun activities and things to do in Grapevine:

HISTORICAL DOWNTOWN: The historic downtown area offers shopping and dining for those who want to spend some time exploring. The historic district includes many historic buildings and homes that have been restored by volunteers and local businesses.

LAKES: There are several lakes in the area, including Lake Grapevine, where you can enjoy fishing or boating on weekends. The lakes also provide excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, and swimming during warm weather months.

PARKS: Grapevine also has two state parks nearby — Lake Grapevine State Park and Grapevine Mills State Park — which offer camping, hiking trails, and swimming beaches.

FESTIVALS: If you’re looking for something different to do, take advantage of the many unique festivals in Grapevine each year. One of these is the Grapes & Grains Festival held each August in downtown Grapevine. This festival features music and arts performances throughout the weekend, food vendors, children’s activities, and more. Mardi Gras at Lake Grapevine State Park, Oktoberfest in downtown Grapevine, and parades and block parties are also popular.

WINE COUNTRY TOURS: Fort Worth wine tours offer a unique approach to learning about the region’s culture while exploring Texas wine country. We like the tour that visits numerous wineries with educated guides.

How far is it from the airport to Grapevine?

Driving west on TX-114 takes around 6 minutes and covers the 4.4 miles between Grapevine, Texas, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Abilene is located in the Texas Hill Country, just east of Austin and north of San Antonio. The town was founded in 1881 as a stop on the Texas and Pacific Railway. Today, it’s a small town with about 124,691 that offers excellent outdoor recreation.

The Grapevine is one of the most popular destinations in Abilene. The historic train line passes through downtown, allowing visitors to shop in Johnson City and Weatherford. There are also several wineries located near town that offer tours, tastings, and other fun activities.

Abilene has plenty of opportunities to enjoy fun activities while visiting. You can shop at the many downtown boutiques or browse through antique stores in Old Town Abilene. Make use of the city’s parks or hike or bike along one of the gorgeous routes. Abilene has an 18-acre water park including a wave pool, lazy river, lazy river raft ride, and kiddie pools.

Is it worthwhile to travel to Abilene, Texas?

Once a modest Texas frontier hamlet, Abilene is now a contemporary, prosperous metropolis where the past is embraced and remembered. Abilene Zoo has giraffes, white tigers, and snakes.

Historic Town of McKinney

Fort Worth is a great place to visit, but if you’re looking for something more unique and fun, head to McKinney. This small town is located just north of Fort Worth and features many historic buildings built in the early 1900s. The city’s Victorian residences, churches, and other buildings make it a must-see.

The town was founded in 1849 and was named after one of the area’s earliest settlers, John Mckinney. The city flourished until the mid-1900s when the population began to decline due to urban sprawl and other factors. Today, several historic buildings remain throughout the area, making it a popular spot for photographers and tourists alike.

If you’re visiting Fort Worth during summer, then the Historic Town of McKinney is worth checking out! You can enjoy a variety of fun activities, including:

CANOEING: Canoeing is a great pastime for nature and adventure lovers visiting McKinney. The town is home to several lakes and rivers that offer beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities for fun! Several companies offer guided canoe trips throughout the area, including McKinney Canoe Outfitters. These companies will help you navigate through the water while enjoying some beautiful scenery along the way. You can even rent a kayak or paddleboard if you prefer something more fun than a canoe!

HIKING TRAILS: If you’re looking for something more challenging than just walking around town, check out these hiking trails! The city’s woodland regions have great hiking and picnicking trails. You can also find several other activities in McKinney, including biking, fishing, horseback riding, and hunting.

FISHING: Fishing can also be one of the best ways to spend your time in the Historic Town of McKinney! There are many ponds and lakes throughout the area where you can fish for bass, crappie, and catfish. Locals also like fly fishing and ice fishing.


Addison is a suburb of Dallas that has been multiplying in recent years. It’s popular with young professionals and has two of the city’s best parks.

Addison is beyond downtown Dallas, so guests may want to stay overnight. However, it does have many attractions that make it worth a visit. Here are some of the attractions and activities in Addison include.


Addison has several parks, including Addison Circle Park and Lake Travis Park. These are both located on the shores of Lake Travis near downtown Dallas and offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Addison Circle Park has two fountains for weddings and other events, including one named after former Mayor Tom Leppert. The park also features a children’s playground and sports fields for baseball or soccer games. Lake Travis Park has a fishing pier and picnic spots with free grills. Both parks are open year-round from sunrise to sunset, except in icy conditions (additional information can be found online).


Addison is popular with young professionals because it offers unique events year-round. Every September, the Homecoming Festival contains arts and crafts vendors, live music, a parade, and more. The Addison Art Festival includes a Main Street art show in April. In addition to these annual festivities, Addison hosts additional neighborhood festivals with food vendors and other entertainment opportunities.


Addison is home to several museums. If you want to see the best art and discover the scientific exhibition, Addison is the place to visit. Some museums in Addison include the following:

THE ART CENTER OF DALLAS: The Art Center of Dallas offers art instruction and exhibitions. The museum promotes art appreciation and aesthetic variety through young art workshops and summer camps.

THE DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART: The DMA is in Fair Park, west of downtown Dallas. It includes ancient Greek and Roman antiquities, medieval and Renaissance paintings, Asian artwork and sculpture from all periods, American imagery from colonial times to modernism, and contemporary artworks from various countries.

THE FORT WORTH MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND HISTORY: This museum features science and history displays and hands-on activities for youngsters. Several permanent exhibits change seasonally or feature temporary shows during special events like festivals or fairs.

Playgrounds, Parks & Zoos

The Addison Community Park and Turtle Creek Park have zoos with exotic bird collections. This region has various parks with sports fields and other attractions for guests.


Addison has many restaurants, including the upmarket Cut, which serves Asian fusion food. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Jack in the Box burgers are open 24/7.


Athens is a city with a rich history. It’s home to the College of Athens, one of the world’s oldest institutions of higher learning. The city also has a theater that hosts plays and musical performances throughout the year.

Exploring Athens can be done by foot or car; it’s only about six miles from downtown Fort Worth. The Grapevine is a fun way to get around town, but it can be crowded with tourists on weekends. If you prefer to stay local, you can take Fort Worth Transit buses or ride horses along the Tarrant County Trailway. Athens has plenty of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Some of the places to visit and fun activities include:

BOTANIC GARDEN: Fort Worth Botanic Garden features approximately two miles of trails for walking and biking. This garden offers educational opportunities for children through its Discovery Center, which features touch-and-feel activities and presentations.

GREEK FESTIVAL: The Greek Festival takes place every year in September. This festival highlights Greek food, music, dance, and fashion. It’s a terrific way to learn about this culture while enjoying good food and entertainment with family and friends.

MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (MOFA): This museum features more than 3,000 objects worldwide. The MOFA has been called one of the finest museums in Texas because of its unique collection and a wide variety of exhibits.

ATHENS FARMERS MARKET: Every Saturday morning, locals gather at this event to buy fresh produce from local farms and vendors and enjoy live music. The market opens at 8 a.m., but vendors set up their stalls as early as 6:30 a.m., so you can pick up some breakfast before heading downtown for shopping or dinner at one of many restaurants nearby!

PARKS: If you want to enjoy your Athens stay, head down to Denton County Park in Denton, where there are lots of things for kids to do, including swimming and fishing (if you’re lucky). There are also hiking trails leading into nearby rolling hills covered with wildflowers during springtime. You can even go swimming in Lake Lewisville if you have time before or after exploring Denton County Park!

MUSEUMS: Athens has two museums worth visiting: The Tarrant County Museum of Science and History and the Texas Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Both museums offer exhibits on local history, classic cars, and other past-century artifacts. If you’re an art enthusiast, many galleries in Athens feature paintings by local artists and regional artists featured in national exhibitions across the country.

ART GALLERIES: If you love art, Athens has plenty of galleries that feature locally made items such as jewelry and pottery from small businesses around town or those created by artists who live in Athens or nearby cities like Grapevine or Keller.


The Corsicana area is a great place to visit, especially with the upcoming Fort Worth Festival of Lights. The town itself has lots of history and a lot of exciting things to see. There are also some great restaurants in the area that you can check out while you’re there.

The best way to get around Corsicana is by car or by bus. If you’re planning on driving your vehicle, don’t forget to check out the nearby Tarrant County Courthouse before leaving town!

If you’ve never been to Corsicana before, one of the first things you’ll want to do when you arrive will be to see all its fun activities! You can find many different fun activity options in Corsicana throughout the year. Some examples include:

VISITING LOCAL ART GALLERIES: One of the best ways to spend time in Corsicana is by visiting some of its local art galleries! There are several different options for art galleries in Corsicana. Still, they’re all within walking distance, so you can easily walk between them when you’re looking for a new place to visit next!

VISITING LOCAL PARKS: There are plenty of parks in Corsicana that offer plenty of outdoor activities for families, including fishing, boating, hiking, and more! Some of the gardens to visit in Corsicana include Tanglewood Park and Atwood Park. These parks offer many opportunities for families to enjoy themselves together and get some exercise as well!

CHECK OUT LOCAL FESTIVALS: The Fort Worth Festival of Lights is coming soon! If you want to enjoy some outdoor activities with your family during this time, this would be perfect! It’s not just about watching fireworks, but other events like car shows and concerts around town.

VISITING LOCAL MUSEUMS AND HISTORICAL SITES: You can see several local museums and historical sites in this area, including the Stockyards Museum, which gives visitors an inside look at what it was like working in the Stockyards during its heyday, as well as other smaller museums such as the Carrollton Historic District Museum and The Gates Mansion Museum, which tells stories about famous people from Corsicana’s past like George Washington Wells and William Tarrant Gates III who were born here.

TAKING PART IN RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES SUCH AS GOLFING OR FISHING: You can have fun on our beautiful courses with views of Lake Texoma and Fort Worth from every hole! However, if you’re looking for something more active, head to our park district or try your hand at bowling or laser tag.

What is Corsicana known for?

The world-famous fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana is a well-known phenomenon throughout the Lone Star State.

Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail was a cattle trail that ran from Fort Worth, Texas, to Abilene, Kansas. It was established in 1864 after several previous tracks had been taken up and abandoned. The course began at the railhead of the Kansas Pacific Railroad at Fort Worth and ended at the railhead of the Union Pacific Railroad near Abilene. The track was named for Jesse Chisholm, who helped build it.

The Chisholm Trail is long gone, but its legacy lives on in Texas and Oklahoma. In Texas, it’s known as the “Cowboy Trail” or “Texas Trail.” It’s still used today by ranchers and farmers who use their tractors to haul cattle across it to market. And even though it’s no longer a working cow pasture, many Texans like to visit historic sites along its route in honor of those who came before them.

In Oklahoma, there are several historical sites along its route as well. These include Fort Arbuckle (where buffalo hunters would begin their hunt), Fort Cobb (which used to house Native Americans), and several others worth visiting if you’re ever in this area.

6. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park is located in the scenic west Texas plains, near the town of Glen Rose. The park gets its name from a large rock formation that looks like the top of a dinosaur’s head from a distance. Because of its spectacular natural beauty and rare geological features, the park has been designated as a state park.

The park has numerous hiking trails accessible by foot, bicycle, or horseback rider. There are also several picnic areas where visitors can sit and enjoy a meal or snacks with friends or family. The park also features an amphitheater that overlooks the Dinosaur Valley area and accommodates more than 300 people.

Dinosaur Valley State Park also features an 18-hole golf course built on top of an old limestone quarry. This course offers views of the natural landscape and some challenging holes that test your ability to hit the ball straight into the distance.

Some of the activities to do in Dinosaur Valley Park include:

HIKING TRAILS: Hiking trails in Dinosaur Valley State Park range from strolls to more challenging hikes through steep terrain and rugged countryside. Visitors will find miles of shaded paths through thickets of prickly pear cactus or pecan trees that line streams with crystal clear water. A few trails lead up to scenic overlook points where visitors can take panoramic views of surrounding hilltops and valleys below them.

PICNIC AREAS: Dinosaur Valley State Park has several picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a meal or snacks with friends or family. The park also offers a playground for children and a volleyball court for adults to play on during the year’s warmer months. The park staff maintains the picnic areas well, but they do not have any facilities such as restrooms or showers.

CAMPING SITES: The park also offers camping opportunities for those who want to spend time away from their homes but still have access to water and restrooms during their stay.

GOLF COURSE: The golf course at Dinosaur Valley State Park was built on top of an old limestone quarry. This course offers views of the natural landscape and some challenging holes that test your ability to hit the ball straight into the distance.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Dinosaur Valley State Park offers horseback riding opportunities on their 18-hole championship golf course, which was built on top of an old limestone quarry. Visitors who want to ride horses can take advantage of this facility during regular business hours; however, most people visit Dinosaur Valley State Park during the summer months when there is little activity at this facility.

SWIMMING: Swimsuits are required for swimming at Dinosaur Valley State Park because of its proximity to Lake Meredith, which is part of an interconnected system of lakes and reservoirs in Texas known as Lake Meredith State Park. Other activities include fishing, boating, canoeing on the lake’s waters, and hiking along its shoreline trails.

Does Dinosaur Valley State Park require me to make a reservation?

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation in Dinosaur Valley State Park in advance, whether you plan to camp or visit during the day. Booking passes in advance, either online or at the help desk is highly recommended.


In the past, Granbury was known as the “Queen City of the Texas Panhandle,” but today, it’s more commonly referred to as the “Queen City of West Texas.” The town is home to incredible museums and art galleries, including the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the Amon Carter Museum. It also has several unique attractions that make it a great place to visit.

Granbury is home to two significant waterfalls. The first falls on Clear Creek just north of town, while the second falls on Spring Creek just outside. Both waterfalls can be accessed by hiking trails that run through both cities.

There are several places within Granbury where you can go on horseback or a jeep tour through the countryside. One such place is the Cowboy Trail Ranch which offers guided tours around its property and off-road driving opportunities for those who want an adventure!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with kids, look no further than Granbury’s playgrounds! There are three playgrounds in town with different themes, one based on Star Wars and another based on Jurassic Park.

Is it worthwhile visiting Granbury?

Granbury has a wide range of attractions, from the 1886 Granbury Opera House and a small doll museum to the historic Hood County Jail Museum and Jesse James’ cemetery.

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing exotic animals. The IEAS is located in North Texas, just outside of Fort Worth.

The IEAS’ mission is to provide a haven for all wild and domestic animals. They do this through their facilities and programs.

The IEAS has three main areas: the veterinary clinic, the education center, and the wildlife park.

The veterinary clinic provides care for over 100 animals each day. They have an on-site dentist, optometrist, licensed veterinarian, certified nursing staff, and other support personnel. The animal care staff includes veterinarians, technicians, assistants, kennel assistants, and animal technicians who provide vital services to keep these animals healthy during their stay at IEAS.

The educational center offers educational programs for children ages 4 – 18 years old about animals in general as well as about specific species that can be found in North Texas, such as giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and more! Members of the public are welcome to attend these programs, which are free of charge!

The wildlife park is home to various exotic animals, including tigers and lions! The park offers educational programs and opportunities for visitors to interact with these fantastic animals up close! Visitors can learn about their diet, behaviors, and habitats through interactive exhibits where they can feed or even pet them if inclined! Visitors also have access to an outdoor habitat where they can watch some of their favorite species from behind railings or gates while being safe.

The IEAS offers several fun activities for visitors who want to learn more about exotic animals and how they are cared for at the sanctuary:

  • Visit the Monkey Island exhibit, where you can see how monkeys are cared for in naturalistic settings with no cages or pens between them.
  • Visit the Reptile Walk area, where you can observe snakes up close as they slither through their habitat while keeping other reptiles that live there.
  • Please tour the barnacle exhibit, where you will see barnacles feed on algae off rocks in their habitat.
  • Have your picture taken with a baby sea turtle or caiman at their photo station;
  • Check out their gift shop, where they sell items like stuffed animals made by hand by volunteers from local schools.

Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray State Park is one of Texas’s most popular state parks. It is located in Parker County, Texas, and has 12,496 acres. The park was established as a state park in 1941. The park offers many fun activities, including swimming, boating, fishing, and camping.

The lake has several areas to fish, including the main lake and Shaw’s Bend, where there are bass, bream, and catfish. A floating dock can also be rented for fishing or other activities on the lake, such as floating down the river or canoeing down the Guadalupe River.

There are also hiking trails at Lake Murray State Park that will take you on scenic hikes through the woods or along creeks with beautiful views of Lake Murray. Some of these trails are relatively easy while others are more difficult, so it is up to you whether you want a more leisurely hike or one that is more challenging with steep hills and rocky terrain!

If you’re looking for something fun during your trip to Lake Murray State Park, try hiking or biking around this area.

Does going to Lake Murray State Park cost money?

A swimming beach and picnic area are available for daytime use. We are unaware of any other access to the state park that requires payment other than the one leading to these campgrounds. To enter these campgrounds, each car must pay $5.


Waco is a city in McLennan County, Texas. It is the county seat of McLennan County and the principal city of the Waco Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of McLennan County. The population of 138,486, according to the 2020 census. This makes it the 22nd most populated city in the state of Texas.

Waco is situated along the Brazos River and Interstate 35, about 40 miles upstream from its confluence with the Brazos River. The Waco area has a lot to offer. You can do many fun activities on your trip from Fort Worth.

Waco is an exciting town with a unique history. It was once known for being the home of the Branch Davidian cult, but now it’s more of a tourist destination than anything else.

Waco is an exciting town with a unique history. It was once known for being the home of the Branch Davidian cult, but now it’s more of a tourist destination than anything else.

Visiting Museums

There are many museums in Waco, including:

AMON CARTER MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART: The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is located in Downtown Waco. This museum has a collection of over 4,000 works of art from the 19th century to the present day. There are also many interactive exhibits where you can learn more about the making of history and the stories behind the pieces.

BAYLOR UNIVERSITY MUSEUM: The Baylor University Museum is another excellent place to visit if you’re looking for something different than what’s available at other museums in Waco. It’s located on campus and has one of the largest collections of Native American artifacts ever found in Texas.

MOPAC ARTS CENTER: The Mopac Arts Center is another fun place to visit if you’re looking for something different than what’s available at other museums in Waco. It’s located in a former cinema and has many activities for kids including summer camps, music concerts, plays and more!

WACO MAMMOTH SITE NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK: The Waco Mammoth Site National Historic Landmark is located on the banks of the Brazos River. It is a prehistoric site occupied by Native Americans as far back as 12,000 years ago. It is also believed to be where a giant herd of mammoths lived during their migrations from Asia. The site was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961 because it contains remains of some of these animals, discovered by Charles Holcomb Anderson and George Putnam in 1891.

MUSEUM OF TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY: The Museum of Texas Tech University is located on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The museum is dedicated to the history and artifacts from all over Texas and includes displays from the Plains Indians and early pioneers who settled in this area.

Visiting Zoos

Waco Zoo and Aquarium are one of the most popular attractions in this area. The zoo has over 1,200 animals worldwide, including elephants, giraffes, and tigers. Visitors can also participate in fun activities such as animal shows and train rides. The aquarium has over 1,500 fish and other sea creatures such as sharks and rays. There’s also an outdoor petting zoo where visitors can interact with farm animals like goats and sheep.

Going Swimming

When visiting Waco, check out the city’s public pool at Water Works Park on Lake Brazos just south of downtown Waco. This heated pool has two diving boards and a water slide that runs down into the pool from the diving board at one end of the pool. There’s also a children’s wading pool if you want to take your kids swimming during your trip from Fort Worth!

Boat Riding

Another fun thing in Waco is going on a boat ride along the Brazos River! Many companies offer boat rides along this river with varying types of boats ranging from motorized kayaks to paddle boats. You can even go out on a cruise boat if you want!

Lake Tawakoni State Park

Lake Tawakoni State Park is located in the Texas Hill Country, just north of Fort Worth. It is the largest state park in Texas and features over 400 miles of shoreline on Lake Tawakoni, a reservoir formed by the Tawakoni Dam. The park provides an excellent opportunity for bird-watching, boating, and fishing. The park also has 24 miles of hiking trails with various terrain and scenery – including wooded areas, cliffs, waterfalls, and streams.

Lake Tawakoni State Park offers a variety of fun activities to suit every age and ability level. You can enjoy these activities with family or friends anytime during the day or evening under the sun or moonlight. Here are some suggestions:

BOATING: This popular activity includes renting boats from several different boat rental companies in the area or even renting paddleboats for kids. Boats can be launched from a pier at one end of the lake, allowing for close encounters with wildlife like alligators, turtles, and fish! Several marinas provide more amenities such as showers, restrooms, and snacks.

FISHING is allowed on Lake Tawakoni State Park, but only in designated areas. The most popular fish around Lake Tawakoni State Park are largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. Other species include catfish, walleye, and muskie. All fishing licenses are required before you can fish here, so purchase one before your trip!

HIKING: Hiking trails wind their way through the park offering peaceful strolls among nature’s beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in Texas! These trails range from easy walking paths to challenging hikes.

Camping at Lake Tawakoni State Park is a perfect way to spend a day with your family. The park has over 300 campsites for tents and RVs. There are also several cabins available for rent in the area.

PICNIC: Lake Tawakoni State Park offers picnic areas with grills, fire rings, picnic tables, and pavilions that can accommodate large groups of people. There are also plenty of open spaces around Lake Tawakoni State Park where you can spread a blanket and enjoy a meal while listening to nature’s sounds. If you have children who want to play games, there is plenty of room inside the park to run freely without disturbing anyone else’s experience.

Is it possible to swim at Lake Tawakoni?

More than 30 fishing tournaments are held at Lake Tawakoni every year. It is also a 376-acre state park with more than five miles of shoreline and a lot of other things to do, like fishing, boating, biking, geocaching, hiking, and birding. People can splash around in a safe cove.

Arbuckle Wilderness Park

Arbuckle Wilderness Park is a 200-acre park in the Texas Hill Country. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Fort Worth.

The park has various outdoor activities to choose from hiking, biking, camping, and more. There’s also a beautiful lake that you can paddle around on.

If you’re looking for something different than just hiking or biking, there are plenty of other fun activities to do at Arbuckle Wilderness Park. Here are some of the activities and fun things to try in Arbuckle Wilderness Park.

What kinds of animals can you find in the Arbuckle Wilderness?

Animals of all shapes and sizes—from camels to llamas to deer to buffalo to yaks to zebras—will approach your automobile for a closer look or a feast. There are a variety of animals, birds, reptiles, and even a petting zoo to see at Arbuckle Wilderness, which is both a drive-through park and a walk-through park.

Horseback Riding

Arbuckle Wilderness Park has horseback riding as one of its main attractions. It’s a great way to get out into the Texas Hill Country and explore the area. The horses are friendly so you won’t have any problems with them. There are several different trails that you can ride on, including the newly-renovated Buffalo Trail and the Arbuckle Trail.


If you’re looking for something more relaxing than hiking or biking, Arbuckle Wilderness Park also has boat rentals available at the park’s picnic grounds. You can rent kayaks or canoes from them, allowing you to explore some of the lakes in the area.


Hiking is another great option for enjoying this beautiful area. There are multiple trails throughout Arbuckle Wilderness Park, including:

THE BUFFALO TRAIL: This trail is about 3 miles long and takes about an hour to complete. It has beautiful views of Lake Arrowhead and offers excellent birding opportunities!

THE ARBUCKLE TRAIL: This trail is about 4 miles long and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.


Try kayaking if you’re looking for something more challenging than horseback riding! Several lakes have been turned into small rivers by nature. You can rent a kayak and paddle around the lake or river on your own or with friends and family. If you want an even more exciting experience, go deep-water kayaking, where you can get up close and personal with some of nature’s most breathtaking views!

Drive Up the Road for a Day in Dallas

We included Dallas, Fort Worth’s larger brother, even though you’ve undoubtedly been there before. It would take weeks of day excursions to see everything in Dallas. A lengthy weekend lets you visit more of the city without rearranging your schedule.

Visit Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum. Even though they’re about a terrible part of local history, the museum’s moving exhibitions are engaging. Meadows Museum and DMA are fantastic for art aficionados. Beautiful parks and walking routes include one that passes bronze cow statues in Pioneer Plaza and leads to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River.

Historic City of Denton

Denton serves as a junction for I-35W between Fort Worth and Oklahoma and Kansas. Breakfast in Fort Worth will help you avoid the morning rush on I-35W. Then, leave at 9:30 in the morning to explore Denton. In downtown Denton is Courthouse-on-the-Square. 1896 courthouse on Denton Square. The museum focuses on the different immigrant communities that have called Denton home since its founding.

After visiting downtown and replenishing at a Hickory Street restaurant, you can hike at Clear Creek Heritage Center or Ray Roberts Lake State Park. Both parks contain wooded trails, but Ray Roberts has a lakeside beach and wild deer if you don’t mind the extra drive.

Windmill Farm at Tolar

The Windmill Farm is a unique day trip option just over an hour’s drive from Fort Worth. It is on Highway 377, just outside of Tolar. The farm is easy to get to from the highway, and it’s free to go there, but donations are welcome. After you give money, get a brochure and follow the park road.

At the Windmill Farm, about 30 old windmills that were found on farms and ranches in the area have been fixed up. Each one has a different story to tell and has been fixed up to look like it did when it left the factory. Most of the time, you can go to the farm whenever it’s light out. Most of the windmills can be seen from the road, but the best part of a trip to the park is getting close to them.

Fort Worth is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with a historic downtown area and countless museums, art galleries, and shops. There’s much to see and do here, but where should you start? No matter where you want to explore (or even if you just want to get away from it all), we’ve got you covered in this article on where to plan day trips from Fort Worth.

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