Best Things to Do in Noosa

If you are looking for a beach holiday in Australia, then Noosa should top your list. Located in Queensland on the east coast of Australia, Noosa is a popular tourist destination and famous for its exquisite beaches. You can enjoy a lively social scene, spend the day relaxing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, go hiking, or visit one of the many wineries. Go through this article to learn more about things to do in Noosa.

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Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park is a beautiful place to visit. It is located in the southeast of Queensland, Australia, and has an area of about 40 square kilometers.

Noosa National Park has a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. There are many beaches to visit and hiking trails to explore. The park also has many caves worth exploring for those who love nature and adventure.

The best time to visit Noosa National Park is spring when there are more flowers than usual. This is also the best time to see animals such as koalas, wombats, echidnas, and platypuses as they come out from their dens at night so that you can get some great photos!

The park’s southern mangroves are home to crocodiles, snakes, parrots, and cockatoos. Sealife Wharf visitors can witness these animals feed daily from 10 am-1 pm (weather permitting).

Noosa National Park is home to some great beaches too! One beach, in particular, is Tea Tree Bay which was voted one of Australia’s best beaches! The beach also has some great walking tracks along its dunes, where you can also view some impressive cliffs and rock formations.

There are many fun activities to do in the park, including:

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Horse Riding
  • Fishing

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your trip to Noosa National Park:

  • If you want to swim in the ocean, visit during low tide. The ocean will be calmer and more inviting then. If you want to see whales or dolphins, visit during high tide to get a better view of them swimming around in the water.
  • During the summer months, it gets really hot in Noosa National Park. Bring lots of water with you, so you don’t get dehydrated while exploring this beautiful area. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen because it can get very hot outside during these summer months!
  • If you love camping out under the stars, try going at night! The night sky is magnificent, so pack a blanket or sleeping bag just in case.
How long does the Noosa National Park hike last?

Class 3 rapids are found in the 2.4 kilometers between Boiling Point and Hell’s Gates. Dolphin Point is paved and completely free of obstacles, with steep inclines of up to 1:10 (5.7 degrees).

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a beautiful white sand beach accessible by car or bus along the Sunshine Coast Highway. On a beach holiday, the beach has everything you could want, including tidal pools, rock pools, shallow water, and even some sharks!

There are lots of fun activities to do on the Sunshine Coast. From surfing to kayaking and fishing, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. If you want something more relaxing, there are plenty of places to relax with a book or kick back on the sand. You can even take an ATV ride around the area or learn how to surf at one of Noosa’s surfing centers.

One of the best things about Noosa is its very family-friendly place. If you’re planning on bringing your kids along, check out the Kids’ Playground at Rainbow Beach. This playground has plenty of space for them to run around and have fun without worrying about getting into trouble.

Here are some of our favorite activities:

  • Rent a kayak and paddle around Rainbow Beach.
  • Go sandboarding at the beach.
  • Visit the Noosa Brewery, and get a free beer tasting! (You can also purchase a bottle.)
  • Take a scenic drive down the Sunshine Coast Hwy to Gatton and explore Pinnacles National Park.

Other fun activities to do include hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You can also take one of our guided tours around town or onto the Noosa National Park if you want to get a different perspective on Noosa.

Is it worthwhile to go to Rainbow Beach?

You can drive down the beach shorelines at Rainbow Beach, which are dotted with gorgeous dunes painted in every color of the rainbow. Colorful sands of various hues can be seen at Rainbow Beach, earning it its name.

Coolum National Park

Mt Coolum National Park is one of the most popular attractions on the Sunshine Coast. The park has a long history of exploration and development, with Aboriginal people, Europeans, and miners contributing to its development.

Mt Coolum is located just north of Noosa, Queensland, and is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some adventure and fun activities in Noosa.

Mt Coolum National Park offers visitors plenty of opportunities to see amazing views, go bushwalking, or take a bike ride around the stunning national park landscape. The park has several walking trails that will take you through lush rainforest areas and open grasslands where you can see kangaroos grazing or even watch out for snakes in the grasslands!

The park offers plenty of activities for visitors to do, including:

  • MOUNTAIN BIKING: Mt Coolum is renowned for being Australia’s only downhill mountain bike destination. The park has several trails perfect for experienced riders who want to enjoy serious riding action! There are also beginner trails available if you’re more interested in having fun than trying to get good at something!
  • Mt Coolum has various walking routes that lead you through lovely rainforest sections and wide grasslands where you can see kangaroos grazing or snakes in the plains! Several different walking trails at Mt Coolum National Park include the Coolum Walkway Trail. This 1.5km long trail takes you up to the top of Mt Coolum. It’s a fairly easy walk with no steep climbs or descents, but it has some inclines, so stay hydrated! This walk offers great views over Noosa, the surrounding countryside, Palm Cove, and Hervey Bay.
  • HORSE RIDING: Mt Coolum’s varied topography, high altitude, and cold climate make it one of Australia’s best horse riding spots. You can hire horses from several places around town or ride your bike if you wish. You can book yourself onto a guided tour or hire your horse and take them out yourself! If you want something more adventurous than just trotting along paths, why not go abseiling down one of the many waterfalls?
  • PICNIC SPOTS: Mt Coolum is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy peace. You may picnic in the park or catch up with friends over a drink. The park also has campgrounds for those who prefer camping over staying in hotels or motels nearby.

Coolum Village is situated off the main road into Mt Coolum National Park. There are cafes and restaurants here, so get a bite before climbing one of Queensland’s numerous trails.

Great Beach Drive

The Great Beach Drive is a beautiful drive that starts in Noosa Village, runs along the beach, and ends at Noosa Heads. Along the way are many great places to stop and do fun activities along the way.

The Great Beach Drive is a prominent road in Australia recognized for its stunning beauty, vast open spaces, and relaxed attitude. You can take shots at Karekare Lookout, Clifton Lookout, and Paradise Point along this scenic trip. You can stop at visitor information centers along the road for additional Noosa information or to buy local goods.

The Great Beach Drive can be a full-day trip, or you can break it up into smaller sections by taking a different route each time you visit. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day trip or an adventure-filled weekend, this drive will suit your needs perfectly!

The 30km Great Beach Drive takes roughly two hours to complete if you stop at all the recommended spots. The picturesque drive offers photo opportunities and time to enjoy the scenery.

The Great Beach Drive has several eateries with wonderful cuisine and drinks at cheap costs.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a great place to escape the mundane and enjoy some nature. The island is home to one of the world’s largest dunes, accessible via a series of boardwalks. The best way to experience Fraser Island is by camping on the island, which can be done at several campsites located along the Great Sandy Straits. Alternatively, you can rent an air-conditioned cabin or stay in one of many hotels located on the island.

The best time of year to visit Fraser Island is between October and April when it’s cooler and less humid than in the summer months (May – September). During these months, you’ll find that most activities are possible without any problems (e.g., hiking through the dunes). Late spring/early summer is another wonderful time, with temps around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fraser Island has various activities that you can do while on your stay at the island; here are some of them:

  • DIVING: If you want to experience diving in its natural environment, then Fraser Island is the best place you can go to! There are many dive sites located on the island that offer a great experience for beginners as well as experienced divers. You can also explore caves and other hidden secrets of this stunning island!
  • SURFING: Surfing enthusiasts will love Fraser Island because it has some of the best waves in Australia! From October through April, waves are high due to the southwest monsoon season (between October and April). Bring your equipment to avoid complications renting or buying one locally.
  • GO FISHING FOR BARRAMUNDI: Fraser Island’s fish population makes it a great site to catch barramundi. Barramundi is a nice freshwater fish found in this area. If you have good knowledge about how to catch these fish, then this will be an enjoyable experience for sure!
  • SNORKELING: There are many types of snorkels available on Fraser Island, depending on your preferences and budget. You can either choose to go snorkeling with just your mask or buy a full set of equipment before getting into the water! Fraser Island is worth checking out if you want an exciting experience while snorkeling!
  • CAMPING: Fraser Island has many accommodation options, from basic campsites to luxurious resorts. If you want to spend your time in comfort and luxury, these resorts will offer everything for you! They provide swimming pools and exercise centers for visitors to Fraser Island.
  • GO BUSHWALKING/HIKING: This may sound like a nature-lovers pastime, but it may be one of your favorites on Fraser Island. The island includes many hiking paths through woodlands and meadows with wildflowers, birds, and animals. There’s nothing quite like exploring these trails on foot and getting lost in nature.

Noosa Everglades Tour

The Noosa Everglades Tour is a fun activity in Noosa. This tour will take you to the beautiful and amazing Noosa Everglades, one of Australia’s best places to visit. The Noosa Everglades is an ecological reserve for conserving wildlife and plants. The area is also home to some cemeteries, where many people are buried.

The first thing you will notice while on this tour is how green it is. The natural vegetation in this park is very beautiful and lush. Many trees here make the area feel like a forest or jungle. This park will also see many animals such as kangaroos and koalas roaming freely.

There are many activities that you can do while visiting this area as well. For example, you can go on horseback riding tours through the park or fishing trips with local guides who know all about the area’s history and natural resources. There are also many other activities such as swimming under waterfalls, bird watching, canoeing, or kayaking trips on rivers.

You will see several sights along this drive, including:

  • The Noosa River Mouth, which is where water flows out of the river into Moreton Bay
  • Palm Cove, is a small village with some amazing beaches
  • Mission Beach has some great restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Green Mountain Drive takes you up into Deception Bay National Park – there are plenty of hiking trails here too!

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is a great place to visit in Noosa, Australia. It has large dunes and a beautiful lagoon you can swim in. The lagoon is home to many different types of fish and birds, as well as dolphins who come to this area to feed on the fish. In addition to being an attractive destination for visitors, it is also a popular destination for locals who enjoy walking along the beach or participating in water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding.

If you want to see the best of Noosa Main Beach, you should visit during the summer when it is not too crowded, and there are clear skies with little rain. Although some attractions are nearby, they aren’t necessarily worth visiting as they aren’t very interesting or exciting. Examples: The Queensland Museum, which houses exhibitions on local history, natural history, and aboriginal history; and The Noosa Showground, which hosts shows, concerts, and other events throughout the year.

You can take a bus from Noosa Main Beach directly into town, where there are many other attractions worth visiting, such as Old Bus Depot Parklands (which includes an aviary), Pioneer Valley Picnic Area, and Founders Memorial Park.

There are also many other activities on offer at Noosa Main Beach, including the following:

  • SURFING: Noosa Main Beach’s stunning beach and regular waves make surfing a popular activity. You can find qualified surf instructors who will teach you how to surf safely anytime or at night. If you want to learn more about surfing, visit our surfing page, which includes how much equipment costs and what kind of experience your instructor needs to teach you securely.
  • SNORKELING: If you’ve never attempted snorkeling before, Noosa Main Beach is a good place to do so on vacation. Spring is the greatest time to snorkel here since fish, eels, and turtles are plentiful.
  • KAYAKING: Kayaking is another activity you can do at Noosa Main Beach. It isn’t usually recommended for first-time kayakers as it can be difficult if you haven’t practiced before or your skill level isn’t advanced enough. You can hire a kayak from a company that offers this service at Noosa Main Beach or your hotel if they provide it (most of them do).
  • SWIMMING: The water at Noosa Main Beach is clear and beautiful, which makes it a great place for swimming. The water temperature is always warm, so you don’t need special swimming gear to enjoy the beach. If you want to swim fast, head to the beach break, where powerful waves can be challenging even for experienced surfers.
  • SKATEBOARDING: There are two skateparks located on Noosa Main Beach. One is located at Pools 4 All in Yandina, which offers beginner to advanced-level skateboarders a place to practice their skills and improve their performance. The other is a smaller skatepark in front of the Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) building. Volunteers built by Surf Lifesaving Australia wanted to build a skatepark for local kids to use during their free time at Noosa Main Beach while waiting for the waves.
  • FISHING: Fishing is a great way to experience Noosa Main Beach, but it can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. If you want to fish at Noosa Main Beach, you must be prepared. There are many fishing spots around Noosa Main Beach where you can go fishing for various types of fish such as barramundi, bream, flathead, silver perch, and many more. If you want to try your hand at catching a big one, then you should head out to Currumbin Creek, where it is possible to catch bream up to 10kgs in size!

Double Island Point

You can’t miss out on Double Island Point, where the sand meets the sea. This is a great place to spend a day with your family and friends, watching and interacting with marine life in the bay. There are plenty of things to do at this destination, whether you want to relax, play games, or even surf!

Double Island Point is a great place for families because it’s safe for kids of all ages. Kids will love exploring the area and seeing all of its amazing features. They’ll also love being able to run around without having to worry about getting hurt.

As you walk along the sand, you will be greeted by many species of birds and other wildlife that call this place home. Plenty of adventure activities are available for those who want to get out of their comfort zone!

There are plenty of different activities that you can do at Double Island Point:

  • GO SURFING: There are two beaches where people go surfing; one beach is north of Double Island Point, while another is south of it. Both beaches have good waves and are easily accessible by car or public transport (bus).
  • GO FISHING: The nearby fishing pier has been used by locals since 1974, so there are no problems finding fish here! You can either buy some bait from one of the shops nearby or catch them yourself by hooking them up with a rod or line.
  • SKATEBOARDING: Skateboarding is one of the most popular activities on the beach. When you’re ready to go, head down to the sand and pick up your board or take one out of storage in the parking lot. Once you’ve got your gear, head onto the beach and get rolling! You’ll have an amazing time cruising down the coast while exploring all of its natural beauty with friends or family members. This activity will give everyone a chance to get some fresh air while enjoying nature fun!
  • KAYAKING: If you prefer water sports over land-based ones, then kayaking is another great activity that you can do at Double Island Point! It’s easy to rent kayaks from nearby stores or even hire them if you don’t have one. Once you have your kayak, you can explore its amazing features, including caves and cliffs along the way!
  • SWIMMING: Triple Island Point is a beautiful place to swim in Noosa’s coastal waters. This area is home to the Triple Island Point Lighthouse, which offers some amazing views of the surrounding area and provides some great photo opportunities! If you don’t want to swim in open water, there are plenty of beautiful secluded beaches where you can go swimming without having others watching your every move.
Are there places to stay at Double Island Point?

Holiday homes and flats & apartments are common places to stay at Double Island Point Conservation Park, and they start at a low price of AU$141 per night. Regardless of your preferred vacation style, you may choose a place to stay that suits your needs and the needs of your party.

Noosa Botanic Gardens

Noosa Botanic Gardens, Australia, is a tourist destination with an open-air museum to the beauty of nature. The beautiful garden was established in 1890 and covered an area of 8 hectares. The Botanic Gardens are situated on Noosa River banks at South Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. It features many plants worldwide, including trees, shrubs, palms, and herbaceous plants.

The Botanic Gardens also has a research station where scientists work with Australian plants to preserve them for future generations. There are also some gardens within this park where you can see many different types of flowers and plants growing together harmoniously.

There are plenty of activities to do at the Noosa Botanic Gardens, including:

  • WALKING TRAIL: There are two walking trails – one which takes you up to the top of Mount Cootha (1km) and another that takes you along a boardwalk through the rainforest around Shoal Point (1km).
  • PICNIC AREA: There is also an outdoor picnic area where you can enjoy lunch or dinner beside the river while taking in all the beautiful views.
  • INDOOR PLAYGROUND: There is also an indoor playground where children can enjoy games such as trampolines and slides.

The most popular areas are:

  • PALM GROVE WALK: This walk includes five palm trees, including Bunya Pines (also known as Australian Bunya), which can grow up to 15 meters tall if left unchecked! The Bunya Pines have been planted throughout this walk so that you will find them at all levels; they also provide shade during summer when it gets hot outside!
  • THE CHILDREN’S GARDEN: This area has lots of fun activities for kids, including slides, swings, and climbing frames to keep them entertained while waiting for their parents at one end or another!
  • ABORIGINAL ROCK ART WALK: This walk takes you through the Aboriginal Rock Art Gallery, with many examples of rock art dating back thousands of years. Plenty of artifacts are displayed, including shells, spears, and boomerangs.
  • PALM GULLY TRAIL: This is a relatively new addition to Noosa Botanic Gardens, which includes a walking track that leads from one end of the gardens into a beautiful gully area with beautiful views over Noosa Bay!

The best time to visit Noosa Botanic Gardens is during the warmer months when the weather is more pleasant. In winter, the gardens can be very cold, so it is best to avoid visiting if you are unprepared.

Eumundi Markets

Eumundi Markets is a shopping center located in the town of Eumundi, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. The market is a major attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Eumundi Markets was originally the site of an Aboriginal settlement, with indigenous people trading and meeting friends and relatives who would visit from surrounding areas. The markets are now a popular destination for locals and tourists who enjoy the wide range of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other services.

The main attraction at Eumundi Markets is the fruit & vegetable market which has been running since 1947. The market sells fresh produce at very low prices compared to supermarkets. The market also sells flowers, clothing, shoes, crafts, etc.

Many other shops also sell jewelry, clothes, etc., but these are more costly than items sold at Eumundi Markets.

The markets are open except on Christmas Day, so you can visit any time you like!

The markets are held throughout the year but are particularly popular during the warmer months. In winter, there will be a constant flow of people shopping for their Christmas decorations, and summer brings plenty of fresh produce.

When do the Eumundi Markets take place?

Wednesday and Saturday are open. Step into a group of talented locals who work together to share their talents with the world. The Original Eumundi Markets is Australia’s biggest and best place to buy art and crafts.


Kondalilla Falls is a waterfall in Noosa National Park that flows over rocks. It has been called the “finest natural spectacle” in Queensland. The falls are located just off the Great Northern Highway, but they are not as easy to see as most other falls in the area, partly because of their location and partly because there is no parking available.

The Kondalilla Falls are often visited by tourists who want to see this hidden gem of nature. There are several ways to get to the falls from Noosa National Park; however, finding parking or even where to start your journey can be tricky. There is also no public transport available for visitors who do not have a car or don’t want to drive out there!

The best way to see Kondalilla Falls is from one of two walking trails that take visitors through an old-growth forest with abundant native animals and flowers. These trails wind past waterfalls and pools along their path before reaching the waterfall itself, where you can relax on your private beach while listening to the beautiful sound of rushing water.

Here are some fun activities that you can do at Kondalilla Falls:

  • Canoeing down the river and enjoy your time by taking a dip in the water and splashing it on yourself.
  • You are hiking up the mountain to see some amazing views of Noosa, where you can see beautiful valleys and lush greenery around you.
  • Strolling along the river banks, or even swimming if you want to be adventurous!
Is it possible to swim in Kondalilla Falls?

The pool is deep enough for serious swimming and long enough to swim lengths, with water flowing into it from a tiny waterfall. Majestic trees, natural plants, and flat rocks surround this idyllic swimming spot.

Noosa Farmer’s Market

Noosa Farmer’s Market is a weekly outdoor market held on the foreshore of Noosaville in Queensland, Australia. The market is one of the largest in Australia and takes place every Tuesday from 9 am to 2 pm. There are around 100 stalls selling various fresh local produce, including vegetables, fruits, and pastries. It’s also an ideal spot for shopping for local arts and crafts or souvenirs.

The Noosa Farmer’s Market is also a great place to visit if you’re looking for some fun activities to do while you’re there. There are plenty of activities such as fruit picking, food tasting, and live music around the market area.

There are so many things to see at Noosa Farmer’s Market that it can be hard to know where to start! Here are just some highlights:

  • FRUIT PICKING: Grab yourself a bagful of delicious local produce straight from the trees! You can also buy freshly picked seasonal fruits directly from the stall owners themselves – what better way to celebrate summer?
  • FOOD TASTING: Don’t forget your appetite! Sample some tasty locally-grown delights at this outdoor market with its mouthwatering selection of fresh produce! From fresh pieces of bread and pastries to ice creams, you’re sure to find something you love!
  • A TASTE OF NOOSA: If you happen to be visiting Noosa during the school holidays, don’t miss out on these fun events! The Farmer’s Market is held on weekends from April to October, offering foodies an opportunity to enjoy some delicious local produce while learning about the local community’s agricultural industry.
  • KIDS ENTERTAINMENT: There are plenty of fun activities for children, including face painting and balloon modeling, in the bakery area. There are always plenty of stalls selling arts and crafts materials, so if you need some inspiration for your next craft project, you should stop by this market.

Laguna Lookout

Laguna Lookout is a great place for adventure, relaxation, and fun. The lookout gives you an amazing view of the Noosa River and the ocean. It is also good to have photos taken with the sunset in the background. It’s an easy drive from Noosa, and you can see the entire coastline as you drive along.

Laguna Lookout, also known as Cooee Lookout, is located in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It sits 12841 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest points on the Sunshine Coast. The lookout point offers breathtaking views of Noosa, Woombye, and Tewantin beaches, and Moreton Bay.

The sunsets at Laguna Lookout are spectacular during the summer when no clouds are in the sky. Even though it’s not far from Noosa Beach, it still feels like you’re in another world because there aren’t any other houses nearby.

When does Noosa Farmers Market take place?

Every Sunday, a bustle of activity takes place among the fragrant gum trees.

Day Trip to Maleny & Montville

A day trip to Maleny & Montville is a great idea if you want something different from what Noosa offers. This is a small town where you can find many interesting things to do and see. The best thing about this day trip is that it is easy to get there by car and doesn’t have a long travel time.

This day trip will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Noosa, so if you want to enjoy the nature of this area, then this tour is perfect for you.

Fun Activities to Do:

If you want to have fun while traveling on a day trip, then here are some activities that we recommend:

  • VISIT THE MALENY WINERY (2 KM FROM MALENY): A winery where that produces wine from local grapes. You can taste their wines or buy them at very affordable rates.
  • VISIT THE MALENY AIRFIELD (1 KM FROM MALENY): If you like aviation history, this place will be perfect because many planes have been built here over time. It also has some exhibitions on display; you can even try flying a plane.
  • GO FISHING IN THE NOOSA RIVER: This is one of the most popular activities in Noosa, and it’s easy to do when you visit here because there are many fishing spots around town. You can fish for barramundi, bream, or trout with your equipment, making it even more fun!
  • VISIT NOOSA NATIONAL PARK: The park is located just outside town and features many different wildlife species such as wombats, koalas, and birds. You can also go hiking through the park if you want to experience nature at its best!
  • GO KAYAKING ON THE TORRENS RIVER AT TORRENS GORGE (20 KM FROM MALENY): This is one of the most popular things to do in Noosa because it takes only a few minutes to get there, and it’s really fun! There are kayaks available for rent, and they will take you down the river with some beautiful rock formations. The water is crystal clear, so it’s a great place for everyone who enjoys nature and fresh air!

Maleny is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful scenery and is well known for its wineries and restaurants. There are many family activities, including a giant swing ride for kids and a spa complex if you want to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

Montville is home to one of Australia’s oldest wineries and has plenty of accommodation options for visitors looking for somewhere quiet. The town has been named one of the best places to live in Australia, so there’s plenty more to explore here if you’re looking for somewhere quieter than Noosa’s beaches and city center.

Noosa Skydive

If you’re looking to get your blood pumping and check something off your bucket list, skydiving in Noosa is a fantastic choice. Upon landing at Coolum Beach, you will be treated to a wonderful view of the Sunshine Coast and its beautiful coastline.

Tea Tree Bay

One of the most popular Sunshine Coast beaches is Tea Tree Bay, located within Noosa National Park. Incredible beauty and seclusion from the rest of Noosa can be found on this beach. Even though it’s a must-see, getting there will take you roughly 30 minutes of walking.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach is an absolute must for every vacationer in the Noosa area. Sunshine Beach, formerly known as Golden Beach, is a famous vacation spot known for its golden sands, waves, and upscale shops, cafes, and restaurants. Participate in the local café scene and eat at one of the many tables spread out around the spacious deck. Finding food and fruit grown in the area is as simple as visiting a bakery, deli, or convenience shop.

Relax with your mates at a beach bar with a tall cocktail or ice-cold beer when the tide goes out. Relax with a wide umbrella, a copy of your favorite magazine, and an organic coffee brewed on the spot while you enjoy a wonderful espresso. Relax with a beach picnic and some vitamin D. The unoccupied expanses of beach in front of the Surf Club are patrolled all year, making them ideal for surfing.

Is Sunshine Beach pleasant?

Sunshine Beach is an idyllic coastal suburb with a pristine beach on one side and the lush wilderness of Noosa National Park on the other. This picturesque beach town is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

This town is famous for being one of the most beautiful places in Australia. From its characteristic palm trees to its sweeping views and pristine beaches, there’s no lack of things to do in this town. From horse riding on the beach to whale watching, there’s plenty to appeal to people of all interests. If you’re looking for a more relaxing day out, one option is to onboard the glass-bottom boat and gaze at the reef below. There’s something for everyone here, but don’t forget your camera.

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