Newark Liberty International Airport Shuttle Services

Step into the vibrant realm of Newark Liberty International Airport, a global nexus where adventurers, aspirants, and wanderers unite in pursuit of new horizons. Yet, before embarking on your voyage, a vital task beckons your attention: securing transportation. Fortunately, Newark presents a profusion of alternatives for airport shuttle services. Within this narrative, we shall delve into the finest and most steadfast shuttle offerings at EWR. So recline, unwind, and join us on an expedition through Newark, uncovering the realm of optimal airport transit.

EWR SuperShuttle

EWR SuperShuttle stands as a favored and accessible airport shuttle service, functioning non-stop, catering ideally to those with early morning or late-night flights. This provider extends shared ride solutions to and from the airport, meaning you’ll journey with fellow passengers heading in your direction.

EWR SuperShuttle’s chief advantage lies in its affordability, ranking among Newark Liberty International Airport’s most budget-conscious choices. Noteworthy is their door-to-door convenience, ensuring drop-offs at your destination, be it your residence or hotel, saving precious time and minimizing hassles.

However, as a shared service, slight waiting may be involved for shuttle arrivals and drop-offs. EWR SuperShuttle presents a dependable, economical transportation avenue for solo travelers and small groups seeking savings without sacrificing convenience.

ETS Air Shuttle

ETS Air Shuttle presents an affordable and dependable choice for Newark Liberty International Airport travel. With door-to-door convenience, finding a shuttle stop is no concern.

A key advantage of ETS Air Shuttle lies in its diverse vehicle selection. They cater to all group sizes, offering sedans, SUVs, and vans, ensuring accommodation whether solo or with a sizable group.

ETS Air Shuttle further streamlines the experience with its online booking system. Effortlessly reserve through their website and receive email confirmation, facilitating hassle-free planning and secure transportation arrangements.

Professional, courteous drivers enhance the journey, providing assistance with luggage and guaranteeing timely airport arrivals. ETS Air Shuttle promises a seamless, comfortable experience from start to finish.


Amtrak emerges as a noteworthy alternative for those journeying to and from Newark Liberty International Airport. This rail service offers an array of routes interlinking major Northeast cities, including New York City and Philadelphia.

One prominent route, Amtrak Northeast Regional, halts at both Penn Station in NYC and Newark Airport, catering efficiently to commuters between these two pivotal locales.

Additionally, the Amtrak Keystone Service bridges Harrisburg, PA, and NYC via Newark, making it an appealing choice for travelers from central Pennsylvania seeking an alternative entry point to the metropolis.

With its reliable and comfortable mode of transport, Amtrak provides an alluring option for airport travel, particularly for those favoring trains over shuttles or buses. The diverse network of routes across the Northeast region ensures travelers have ample choices for their Newark Liberty International Airport journey.

NJ Transit

NJ Transit stands as a reliable and economical means of journeying from Newark Liberty International Airport to various New Jersey destinations and even into New York City. The convenience is underscored by the airport-adjacent NJ Transit Train Station.

From here, passengers can embark on trains leading to diverse locales such as Trenton, New Brunswick, and as far north as Boston. Frequent routes also extend into Manhattan’s Penn Station, catering to those yearning to explore the vibrant expanse of New York City.

A highlight of NJ Transit is its continuous 24/7 service, ensuring seamless travel regardless of flight timings. Moreover, fares remain competitively priced compared to alternative transport modes.

AirTrain Newark

AirTrain Newark offers a streamlined and rapid connection linking Newark Liberty International Airport to the NJ Transit and Amtrak train stations. Operating 24/7, this service stands as a dependable choice for travelers year-round.

The AirTrain comprises three routes: the red line interlinks all airport terminals with rental car facilities, parking areas, and hotel shuttles; the blue line navigates to P2 and P3 parking garages; and the green line facilitates access to NJ Transit’s rail station and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Line.

Costs for AirTrain Newark differ by destination. For a one-way trip from an airport terminal to NJ Transit or Amtrak, the fare is $5.50 per person, while intra-airport travel remains free.

AirTrain Newark ensures seamless transit between terminal buildings and diverse destinations within the New Jersey-New York metropolitan region connected via trains, including New York Penn Station in Manhattan through Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Line.

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