São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport Shuttle Services

Step into São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, a bustling hub in Brazil. As you prepare for an exciting venture in this vibrant city, navigating from the airport to your chosen haven may seem overwhelming. Yet, take heart, for a range of shuttle services stands ready to transform your journey into an effortless and pleasant experience. Within this blog post, we’ll unveil the top-tier shuttle services at GRU Airport, enabling you to select the ideal choice for your preferences and budget. Be it buses, trains, or private transfers, join us as we embark on this exploration!

GRU Airport Bus Service

Opt for the GRU Airport Bus Service for a time-efficient and wallet-friendly solution, perfect for travelers with tight schedules. The EMTU bus, departing every 30 minutes from Guarulhos airport to the Tatuapé metro station, grants seamless entry into São Paulo’s subway network.

This shuttle service offers a significant perk—navigating the bustling city streets or unfamiliar terrain is no concern. It’s an economical choice, especially for solo or small-group travelers.

However, note that during peak hours, public transport might be crowded and may not suit those with bulky baggage. Additionally, travel duration is subject to varying traffic conditions. Elevate your São Paulo journey with the GRU Airport Bus Service’s ease and affordability.


Experience convenience with Lirabus, an adept shuttle service bridging São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport and diverse city locales. Their fleet features comfortable, air-conditioned buses offering spacious legroom—ideal for those prioritizing comfort in travel.

Encompassing neighborhoods like Vila Olímpia, Itaim Bibi, and Jardins, the Lirabus route facilitates access to key tourist hotspots, negating public transit complexities and taxi hails.

Lirabus boasts an outstanding attribute: reliability. Departing every 30 minutes from both the airport and strategic city stops, passengers can seamlessly schedule their journeys without hassle.

Besides punctuality and comfort, Lirabus features knowledgeable, affable drivers. Their assistance ensures a smooth ride, addressing queries and concerns throughout the journey. Opt for Lirabus for punctuality, comfort, and local insights—a well-rounded shuttle service.

GRU Suntransfers

For reliable airport shuttles to and from São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, trust GRU Suntransfers. Their modern, comfortable fleet offers both shared and private transfers to diverse city destinations.

A standout feature of this service is its user-friendly online booking system. Secure your transfer ahead of time via their website or mobile app, streamlining airport arrivals and departures.

Drivers are noted for their punctuality, professionalism, and warmth. Count on them for on-time pickups and smooth, secure transit to your destination.

GRU Suntransfers caters to diverse needs, whether solo or group travel. Shared transfers suit budget-conscious travelers desiring both affordability and comfort, while private transfers ensure exclusivity for those valuing privacy. Embrace GRU Suntransfers for seamless, versatile, and comfortable airport transportation.

GRU Airport Train

For expedient access to the Sao Paulo city center from Guarulhos International Airport, opt for the GRU Airport Train—a swift and dependable choice. Tailored for Terminal 2 arrivals, this train service promises efficiency.

Departing hourly from the airport, the train halts at key stations including Engenheiro Goulart, Tatuape, Bras, Luz, and Palmeiras-Barra Funda. The voyage concludes within approximately 35 minutes at downtown Sao Paulo’s Luz Station.

This mode not only excels in speed and punctuality but also in affordability when compared to taxis or private transfers. Tickets can be procured directly at the station or booked online ahead of arrival. Embrace the GRU Airport Train for a seamless, time-efficient, and budget-conscious airport-city link.

Viacao Cometa

Viacao Cometa is another great option for those seeking shuttle services to and from São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport. The company offers comfortable and reliable transportation with a fleet of modern buses.

One great advantage of using Viacao Cometa is the flexibility in their schedules, providing several daily departures from different locations throughout São Paulo city. This means that passengers can easily find a departure time that works best for their itinerary.

Another perk of choosing Viacao Cometa is the affordable pricing options available. Passengers can choose between executive or standard class, with prices varying accordingly. Plus, there are often discounts offered for online bookings or group travel.

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