Great Things to Do in Ghent

Ghent is a rather small city in Belgium, which is a rather small country, to begin with. Therefore, when people think about going on a city trip in Europe, Ghent usually is not the first place that they think of. However, this is truly a shame since there are so many things that the beautiful city of Ghent has to offer you. Ghent goes hand in hand with culture, extraordinary scenery, a lot of fun activities, welcoming locals, interesting museums, great architectural buildings, numerous bars and restaurants, and so much more. Yet, if you do not know where to start, now follows an elaborate overview of the most pertinent things to do in Ghent. So, keep reading to find out!

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Visit the Gravensteen

First and foremost, you cannot visit Ghent without visiting the “Gravensteen”. This is an old fortress that dates back to the 12th century. Even though it may be old, it is still very much kept intact. As a result, if you want to get a feel of how people used to live back then, the “Gravensteen” would be a great place to start.

When you decide to visit the “Gravensteen”, you can walk through the halls of this fortress. You can do so with or without a guide. You can also follow the audio tour if you are looking for something in between. Within the fortress, a museum is included where you can learn a lot about the political and military history of Ghent. For example, there is an entire room filled with the most prominent torture devices of that era. Not to mention that there is an authentic oubliette in the castle that you can look into while you are there.

Every once in a while, a group of performers uses the “Gravensteen” to perform a medieval roleplay for the public. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. That is, the performers are always dressed in traditional costumes that people used to wear in the 12th century. They also tend to speak in the dialect that was common back in the day.

Is it worth going to Gravensteen Castle?

Seeing Gravensteen Castle should be at the top of your to-do list while in Ghent, Belgium. It’s a fortress from the Middle Ages perched on the riverbank on the outskirts of the city proper.

Lounge around the Graslei/Korenlei

Secondly, if you are in Ghent, you must lounge around the “Graslei” and/or the “Korenlei”. These are two medieval streets on each side of the “Leie”, which is a river that runs through Ghent. The great thing about these two streets is that they offer you a lot of sources of entertainment and relaxation.

For instance, they are both lined with cozy restaurants and bars. So, if you get tired of walking around, you can just pick out the bar/restaurant that appeals to you and enjoy it!

However, you do not necessarily have to spend money to enjoy the “Graslei” or the “Korenlei”. Especially when it is warm, tons of locals and tourists sit on the edge of both streets to enjoy the water. Hence, it is a great place to meet up with friends and/or family and to spend some quality time. If you would like, you could even bring some drinks and food for extra coziness.

All in all, the most prominent reason to visit these two streets is because of the view. Especially at nighttime, the water looks amazing and you really can experience first-hand how charming and picturesque Ghent is.

Eat an Authentic Neuzeke

In the heart of the city center, you can find the “Groentenmarkt”. This is a historical, small marketplace with a true charm to it. It used to be a place where people were executed in Ghent, but this negative connotation is entirely gone. Nowadays, it is better known as the home of the two best “neuzekes”-vendors in Ghent.

Basically, “neuzekes” are a delicacy in Ghent. They are also called “cuberdons”, but the locals in Ghent call them “neuzekes”. That has to do with their particular shape. That is, with a lot of imagination, they have the shape of a nose. “neuzekes” refers to the Flemish word for “small noses” and that is precisely why this is the common term in Ghent.

“Neuzekes” are small, purple pieces of candy. and they are immensely popular. They are popular among locals, but they are also especially well-liked among tourists. Thus, the people from Ghent are very proud of this delicacy because of its delicious taste. Concretely, they taste sugar, raspberries, and other types of red fruit. This combination of flavors is exactly why everyone that visits Ghent, should buy authentic “Neuzekes”.

Another reason why you should try the “neuzekes” while you are in Ghent has to do with the two vendors of this candy. They each have their food stall filled with “neuzekes” on the “Groentenmarkt”. However, since they are each other’s competition in the field, they have a very immense rivalry going on. So, if you visit the “Groentenmarkt” to try a “neuzeke”, you will immediately notice this rivalry. They are constantly trying to steal each other’s customers. Sometimes, they even get into a verbal fight right in the middle of the marketplace. Of course, this is a spectacle that you need to see at least once in your life.

Go on a Boat Trip Through Ghent

As far as a boat trip is concerned, you have various options. One option would be to go on a boat trip, organized by the city of Ghent. Then, the boat will take you along all the historical landmarks via the “Leie”. A professional guide will accompany you so you can learn all about Ghent’s history.

The second option would be to rent a boat yourself, depending on how many people are in your group. Then, you can choose where in Ghent you will navigate. This could be in the city center, but could also be “Portus Ganda”, the “Snepkaai”, or other places outside the center.

The third option would be to rent a float with your friends. Accordingly, you can experience Ghent in a very original and fun way. These floats are driven by an electric motor, so you can easily cover a big part of Ghent without a lot of effort. The best part about this third option is that simultaneously allows you to have a picnic on the float!

A little tip in this department would be to go when it is dark outside. Ghent is beautiful throughout the entire day, but it is especially beautiful when it is dark. Then, the city is filled with lights, which gives off a remarkably sociable, romantic vibe.

Can we purchase tickets and show up for any tour in Ghent, and what time does each trip depart?

Smaller groups can buy tickets at the counter anytime in Ghent. When filled, boats leave. Normal travel takes 40 minutes. If you want to stay together as a large group, make a reservation in the morning.

Rent a Kayak

On a related note, you absolutely must rent a kayak if you are ever in Ghent. Since the “Leie” runs through a very big part of Ghent, there are a lot of opportunities to do so. There are also a lot of kayaking companies in various parts of Ghent, so you can kayak wherever you see fit.

Again, this is a very fun, untraditional way to discover everything that Ghent has to offer. That is, it allows you to browse through Ghent from another perspective than you normally would. At the same time, it allows you to get your exercise in so that is positively a bonus in this aspect.

Go to the “Citadelpark”

Just outside the city center, you can find the “Citadelpark”. This is, by far, the most gorgeous park in Ghent. You could stroll around there for hours without getting tired of it. It is also the perfect place to hold a picnic with a partner, friends, or family because of the scenery. Nevertheless, there are other activities you can do there as well, such as playing with a frisbee, for example.

As a cherry on top, you can find a botanical garden in the middle of the park. This garden is linked to the University of Ghent and as a result, you can learn a lot there. The garden houses more than 10.000 different plant species so there is a lot to enjoy and learn about there!

Go Shopping

Now, Ghent is a city filled with a lot of cultures but has more to offer as well. For instance, it is also the perfect city if you are looking to go shopping. In this aspect, there are two streets to keep in mind: the “Veldstraat” and the “Langemunt”. These two streets are lined with numerous shops so there is something there for everyone.

Less abstractly, you can find very popular stores such as “Primark”, “H&M”, “Bershka”, or “Zara” there. However, there are also a lot of down-to-earth boutiques and jewelry stores. There, you will not find the biggest, most luxurious brands, but they are very valuable nonetheless. At any rate, you can easily fill a whole day strolling through these two shopping streets.

Visit the SMAK

There are multiple museums in Ghent, but the SMAK museum is truly among the best ones. This museum is all about contemporary art. This includes art genres such as pop art, minimal art, conceptual art, Cobra art, or arte povera. The museum tends to include both national and international artists so it is diverse.

The SMAK museum has a fixed collection, but also offers temporary exhibitions as well. Every three months, the museum brings in new art for the people in Ghent (and tourists) to enjoy.

Again, you can visit the museum alone or with a guide.

Do I have to make a reservation in SMAK?

You need not reserve tickets in advance for single visits in SMAK. At the museum’s front desk, tickets are also available for purchase.

Visit the Dr. Guislain Museum

Keeping up with the trend of museums, you must also absolutely visit the Dr. Guislain Museum while you are in Ghent. This museum offers countless workshops, events, and exhibitions, but it is especially the fixed collection that is worth visiting. It gives you a glimpse into the history of psychiatric healthcare in Ghent. It especially allows you to experience the 19th-century treatment methods of Dr. Guislain, after whom the museum was named.

When walking through the museum, you can look at all the primitive, slightly barbaric tools and equipment from that time. The museum also contains various types of art dedicated to mental healthcare. Most importantly, there are countless learning opportunities to learn more about the mental healthcare history of the building. You can even book a guide who will tell you everything you want and need to know.

Stroll Through the Graffiti Street

If you are looking for art in a less traditional setting than a museum, the graffiti street in Ghent might be what you need. This street is called the “Werregarenstraatje”, but everyone in Ghent calls it Graffiti street. That is because this is the street, par excellence, where young and old artists gather to make street art.

This street attracts so many artists that it changes in appearance every week. The only unwritten rule that applies here is that you can only make art over somebody else’s art if you think that you can do better. All in all, if you are in the neighborhood, you should walk through this street and immerse yourself in all the art!

Swim at the Blaarmeersen

The “Blaarmeersen” is a recreation park outside the city center in Ghent. There you can partake in a lot of activities such as skating, tennis, doing an altitude trail, kayaking, etc. However, it is especially recommended to visit when it is a really hot summer day. Concretely, in the middle of the park, there is a small beach where you can go swimming. There is even a waterslide, so it is also perfect for little kids.

When you are done swimming, you can just relax at the beach or you can host a picnic with all of your friends.

When is it okay to swim in Blaarmeersen?

If the flag is green in Blaarmeersen, then swimming is permitted. This occurs between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM on the following dates and times at the beginning and end of the season: Every day throughout July and August from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Go to the St. Pieters Abbey

Then, a trip to St. Pieters Abbey is recommended for two reasons.

Firstly, the abbey itself is worth visiting, for sure. It dates back to the 7th century, but the current buildings date back to the 17th century. So, the authentic vibe of this abbey is reason enough to visit it. However, the abbey has other things to offer as well. Namely, you can walk through the halls and enjoy the culture. But you could also just as easily visit one of the many temporary exhibitions that are held there. These exhibitions attract people from all over the world so they are definitely worth your money.

The second reason why you should visit this abbey in the middle of Ghent has to do with the abbey’s garden. There, you can find a very impressive vineyard. There, you can simply get lost for hours. Besides the vineyard, you can find numerous gorgeous trees and other plants there. Also, there are ruins there than can tell you a lot about the history of Ghent.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lazy day in Ghent, you can just visit the garden. However, Ghent is a real student city so you will immediately notice that a lot of students come there to chill. Nevertheless, you can easily still find a spot to lounge around yourself because the garden is just that big.

See a Soccer Match at the Ghelamco Arena

If you are a sports fan, you should visit the Ghelamco Arena while you are in Ghent. This is the home to K.A.A. Gent, which is one of the most popular soccer clubs in Belgium. K.A.A. Gent plays in the first division of the national league and thus, the club has a lot of supporters. These supporters all gather in the Ghelamco Arena to cheer on their favorite team. So, you should go see a match if you get the chance, to immerse yourself in all the entertainment and ambiance.

Even if you are not a big sports fan, you still might benefit from visiting the Ghelamco Arena. That is to say, the sports venue was recently renovated. Since then, the venue has gotten bigger, more imposing, and more extravagant. So, the architecture of the venue alone attracts a lot of people.

Is it possible to schedule a stadium tour at the Ghelamco Arena?

The Ghelamco arena is open to visitors, but only for organized tours. You can contact KAA Gent via their website or by using the stadionbezoeken form to learn more. This was previously reserved for reserved groups only.

Visit the Sint-Jacobs Church

Ghent has a lot of Christian influences. As a result, there are a lot of abbeys, convents, and churches to be found in Ghent. One church, in particular, that is worth visiting is the Sint-Jacobs church. This church is not only nice to look at, but has an extremely rich history as well. Indeed, back in the day, the church used to be made entirely from wood. Now, this is no longer the case, but the church still attracts a lot of tourists and locals.

The church has elements from the roman and baroque styles. This combination of styles is truly what makes the church so gorgeous. Besides the exterior, a lot can be said about the church’s events as well. For instance, the church is a meeting place for locals and other people that want to go to Santiago de Compostella on pilgrimage.

After visiting the church, you can stroll around the square nearby the church. There, you can find a lot of sociable bars where you can enjoy a drink or two. Some days, you can also visit a big jumble sale on that square, which is always enjoyable.

Party at the Gentse Feesten

Every year at the end of July, the city of Ghent organizes the “Gentse Feesten”. Fundamentally, this means a big party everywhere in Ghent for 10 days long!

Every day, the city of Ghent invites a lot of musicians and performers to bring entertainment to anyone who wants it. You can also find tens of food stalls from different cultures. Besides food stalls, there are a lot of stalls that serve drinks and cocktails as well. Finally, each year, pop-up clubs see the light of day during the “Gentse Feesten” too.

During the “Gentse Feesen”, there is ambiance throughout all parts of Ghent. However, the most pertinent places are the “Korenmarkt”, the “Baudelopark”, the “Sint-Baafsplein”, and the “Schapenstal”. At around 2-3 o’clock at night, the music stops everywhere, except for the neighborhood around the Sint-Jacobs church. There, deejays light up the party until the wee hours of the morning.

Roam the Medieval Streets

Ghent is known as a city filled with innovation, open-minded people, and modernism. Yet, this stark contrasts with the city’s aesthetic when it comes to streets, buildings, and monuments. Indeed, Ghent has an almost medieval aesthetic and that has a lot to do with the street plan in Ghent.

Ghent is filled with very authentic, gorgeous streets. There, you can walk around for hours and be impressed with how beautiful everything is. You do not even need to walk in a certain direction because you will find these streets wherever in Ghent you go. However, even though these gorgeous streets are omnipresent, there are still some streets that stand out above the rest. Examples include “Oudburg”, the “Ajuinlei”, the “Donkersteeg”, the “Universiteitsstraat”, the “Kalandenberg”, and the “Brusselsepoortstraat”.

Enjoy the Countless Restaurants and Bars

Moreover, Ghent is a true culinary hotspot. So, if you love to eat and drink, Ghent is the place for you. When walking around Ghent, you will also quickly notice that the city has been influenced by many different influences and cultures over the years. The culinary scene in Ghent is very multicultural and this all adds to the charm!

While you can easily walk around Ghent and just stumble upon a cozy restaurant or a trendy bar, some streets are known to be great in that department. Examples are the “Korenmarkt”, the “Korenlei”, the “Donkersteeg,” and “Oudburg”.

Certain restaurants in particular offer great food within a very original concept. For instance, “Amadeus” is a restaurant in the center of Ghent that offers a limitless amount of spareribs. This also comes with a baked potato with a delicious butter sauce that is simply to die for. “Pampas” is another restaurant in the heart of Ghent that is the place to be for all the meat lovers out there. Namely, there you can eat an unlimited amount of different kinds of meat. “Ellis Burgers” is at the Korenmarkt and serves cool burgers and tasty fries. This restaurant regularly offers great deals and discounts so that is something to take into account as well. Finally, “Kastart” is a restaurant that is all about insane amounts of spaghetti. Especially the signature sauce there will leave you wanting more!

As far as bars are concerned, the “Hot Club” should be on your list, for sure. There, you can lazily sip from your drink while listening to live music. This bar especially focuses on jazz music so this contributes to the easy-going vibe there. It is located right by the “Groentenmarkt”. Another very cozy bar is “Ventura”. This bar is located on the “Vrijdagsmarkt”, together with numerous other bars and restaurants. But you have to be lucky since “Ventura” is always full of people. Especially students like to enjoy the vibe and drinks there.

A tip in this department is to order the kombucha there, you will not regret it. Then, you absolutely must visit “Limonada” as well. This cocktail bar is on a side street near the center of the city. This cocktail bar offers the most original, vibrant, and colorful cocktails ever. The owners also like to serve each cocktail in a signature glass so this is a bar worth visiting at least once!

Now, if you are not in the mood to drink something at ease, but would rather enjoy the nightlife, Ghent is perfect for you as well. First and foremost, you should visit the “Overpoortstraat”, which students simply refer to as “Overpoort”. This is a street close to the “Citadelpark” and is the place par excellence, where students like to go out. It’s mostly just a street with dance cafés and clubs along it.

Each club has its respective music genre so there is music for everyone to enjoy! All in all, if you are in the mood to go dancing, the “Overpoort” is the place to be. Yet, if you are more into the alternative, R&B scene, then you must go to the “Charlatan”. this club is located right next to the Sint-Jacobs church. This club has different theme nights every week and often invites the most trendy deejays and performers. Students like to come here as well, but other people are regulars in the “Charlatan”.

Partake in the Activities in the Dok Noord Shopping Mall

While the city center of Ghent generally attracts the most tourists, there are other regions in Ghent that are promising as well. One of these places is in the area around the Dok Noord shopping center. Over the last years, the city of Ghent has invested a lot of time, effort, and money into making this neighborhood more attractive and trendy. And it shows!

The Dok Noord Shopping mall especially has a lot to offer. In the first instance, you can go there to get some shopping and to go get groceries. However, the shopping mall is a building consisting of many floors and each floor has something for you to enjoy. For example, you can go karting there, you can go mini golfing, you can go bowling, and so on. The building is also home to “Jumpsky,” a trampoline park where you can easily spend an entire afternoon without getting bored. There is a bar called “O’Learys” on the top floor of the building. In this bar, you can get something to eat or to drink. Yet, you can also go pooling there and it does not stop there! The bar also has an entire space dedicated to arcade games. You can even enjoy karaoke there if you book a booth!

Enjoy the Patersholfeesten

Every year in August, there is a big local community fair in the neighborhood of “Patershol”. “Patershol” is the oldest district in Ghent, This fair lasts a couple of days and many locals go every day because it is just so fun. The community in that neighborhood is very close, but they are simultaneously very fond of tourists as well. Hence, everyone is welcome here so you absolutely must go to this fair if you can.

Since “Paterhol” is the oldest district in Ghent, you can enjoy the authentic buildings and streets while you are there. You can also enjoy the many performances, musical acts, exhibitions, and street animation. And the best part is that you can do so while sipping on a phenomenal drink or eating some delicious food.

Which alleyways and lanes in Patershol are the most atmospheric?

Patershol is a pleasant city since it is compact and recently refurbished; a stroll through its quaint alleys may be completed in under an hour.

Enjoy the Gentse Winterfeesten

If you happen to be visiting Ghent during the winter, then you must visit the “Gentse Winterfeesten”. You can also find a carnival there, so this all adds to a very pleasant night. Even more so, during this time, you can find an enormous Ferris wheel in the middle of Ghent, which is perfect for a romantic night out!

To finish your night right when you are at the “Gentse Winterfeesten”, you must visit one of the stalls for a cup of schnapps. Or if that is not your cup of tea, other stalls offer delicious mulled wine!

Adore the “Lam Gods” Painting

If you have ever heard of the painting, “Lam Gods”, you probably already know that there is a lot of mystery surrounding this piece of art. It was painted by the Van Eyck brothers in the early 15th century and has been influential. Oil paint was used on 18 oak panels. The biblical picture is shown in Ghent’s Sint-Baafs cathedral.

The reason why you need to take a look at the painting in the cathedral is that the history behind this painting is insane, to say the least. In fact, in the 1200s, two of the oak panels were taken away. Later, one of the panels was returned, but the one that says “de rechtvaardige rechters” is still gone. Because of the mystery surrounding this painting, it is a great past-time for many locals to come up with conspiracy theories. So, if you’re ever in Ghent, you should go to the cathedral, look at the panels, and make your ideas.

Take a Picture on the Sint-Michiels Bridge

There are so many beautiful places in Ghent that make the perfect backdrop for photos. The same goes for scenery that is perfect for taking a picture of. Yet, one place in particular that you must go to if you are looking for the perfect picture is the Sint-Michiels bridge. Especially at nighttime, this is one of the most beautiful places in Ghent.

So, you should stand in the middle of the bridge and take a picture with your loved ones. This will not only deliver you the perfect picture with the most phenomenal background, but it will also serve as a reminder of your time in Ghent. Also, while you are standing in the middle of the bridge, you can just take a moment for yourself and look over the city center of Ghent. You can be sure that when you get to the top, the view will take your breath away.

Visit the Belfort Tower

Right in the heart of the city center of Ghent, you will find the Belfort tower. It is located in the middle of three towers, between the Sint-Baafs cathedral and the St. Niklaas church. Since it was built in the 14th century, the “Belfort” has stood straight, and on top of the tower, you can see a very strong dragon. This dragon might be Ghent’s most important symbol, which is why the Belfort tower is so important to the people of Ghent. The Belfort tower is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, which shows how important the tower is to history.

If you want, you can climb the stairs of the tower to the top. There, you can not only enjoy the gorgeous view of the city of Ghent, but you can also behold the majestic whistleblower inside the tower. If you are not that fond of stairs or you have difficulties with walking, then there is also an elevator on the first floor that can take you to the top.

Every Sunday morning from 11 A.M. until noon, there is a performance right in front of the Belfort tower for everyone in Ghent to enjoy. So, if you get the chance, you need to attend such a performance. You will not regret it and that is a guarantee!

Attend the Annual Festival of Lights

Similar to the “Gentse Winterfeesten”, the annual Festival of Lights takes place during the winter. During this festival, as the name suggests, Ghent is full of the most beautiful lights. But that is not nearly all. No, each year, the city of Ghent finds the most talented international and national artists to make stunning art pieces. All of these impressive works of art are made from different kinds of lights. Because of this, people from all over the country come to Ghent to enjoy the lights and art. However, tourists tend to massively attend the Festival of Lights as well.

Besides adoring the countless art pieces made from light, there are other things to do as well during this light festival. Namely, the city of Ghent always invests in food stalls and bars. During the festival, these are set up along the path you need to walk. So, if walking makes you hungry or thirsty, Ghent has thought about that.

Browse Through the Many Libraries

This might not seem like the most riveting to do when you are on a city trip, but it is a very interesting activity nonetheless. More specifically, if you are ever in Ghent and have some free time, you should look through the many libraries that are there. For instance, the “Krook” is the city library. It is located right next to the shopping mall nearby the “Zuidpark”.

At this library, you can find books in different languages and even more different genres. The building’s design is also very interesting, and it was recently redone. Besides the “Krook”, you could also visit one of the many university campuses. Each of these campuses has its library. So, depending on your interests, you could go to the campus that is most suitable for you. Nevertheless, the faculty of law and criminology has one of the best libraries of them all so that is something to take into account, for sure.

Visit the “Huis van Alijn”

Last, but certainly not least, you should certainly pay a visit to the “Huis van Alijn”. When people visit Ghent, they often have not heard from this place, which is a true shame.

This building is located in the “Patershol” Neighborhood, right in the heart of it. The best way to describe the “Huis van Alijn” is as both a museum and the oldest place of worship in Ghent. Back in the day, this building was a place where sick and old people went to get care.

Nowadays, the “Huis van Alijn” mainly functions as a museum. Yet, it is not a traditional museum like the other museums in Ghent. That is because the main goal of the museum is to show the public how the people in Ghent used to live in the 20th century. Hence, it shows the ins and outs of regular life in Ghent back in the day.

Besides the museum, the courtyard of the “Huis van Alijn” is worth visiting as well. There, you can enjoy the view of the stunning garden while sipping on a drink in the traditional people’s bar.


Named for the busy market that has been held there on Fridays since the 12th century, Vrijdagmarkt is one of Ghent’s most significant squares. With so many lovely old guild houses and a few stunning art nouveau structures, this region is a delight to simply meander around. At the center is a superb statue of Jacob van Artevelde, an important Flemish statesman.

The weekly market is always a terrific time, with its many unique vendors selling anything from fresh food to handcrafted crafts. Vrijdagmarkt has plenty of places to eat and drink, so you may visit any time of day.

For all its similarities, the Dulle Griet is the most emotionally resonant. This bar has a wide selection of Belgian beers—roughly 350—and a welcoming, eclectic atmosphere.

What restaurants exist in the vicinity of Vrijdagmarkt?

Restaurants that are close to the Vrijdagmarkt include: (0.03 km) Barraza, (0.15 km) Restaurant Valentijn, (0.15 km) ‘t Klaverblad, (0.14 km) BOON, and (0.11 km) ‘t Galgenhuisje

Kouter Flower Market

On any given day, a stroll along the Kouter flower market is a lovely way to pass the time, but on Sunday mornings, the market becomes one of the best places to see (and smell!) in all of Ghent. The stands that line the route are stuffed to the brim with all manner of plants, flowers, and trees.

An occasional fanfare is played by a brass band from the bandstand, and a wide variety of excellent restaurants and cafes are available. Ghent locals frequently visit “The Blue Kiosk” (De Blauwe Kiosk) on the Kouter for a glass of white wine and a plate of oysters. An artifact from the city’s original newspaper stands.

An outdoor seafood bar, this is the last of the original 38 kiosks built in 1885.
Fans of live performances will enjoy The Kouter. In addition to the ever-present little orchestra serenading your beautiful flower market stroll, you may visit the renowned concert venue De Handelsbeurs and the 19th-century Opera Gent building.

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