Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Shuttle Services

Discovering efficient transportation from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to your destination is now effortless with the comprehensive range of options provided by the Airport Shuttle Services. This guide highlights the convenience of trains, long-distance buses, metro systems, and city buses, ensuring seamless navigation through Hangzhou. Whether you’re an independent traveler or exploring with companions, there’s an ideal choice for all preferences. Join us in exploring the optimal avenues for traversing this vibrant city, allowing you to fully relish your Hangzhou experience.

Hangzhou City-Bus

Discover the charm of Hangzhou with the convenient and affordable Hangzhou City-Bus network, a perfect choice for traveling to and from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Offering a comprehensive web of routes, these buses provide a comfortable and air-conditioned ride with ample luggage space. Embrace the ease of ticket purchase through various options, including cash, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. Beyond the practicality, bus travel offers a unique chance to soak in picturesque vistas while immersing yourself in local Hangzhou life, enhancing your journey with an authentic cultural touch. Unveil the city’s wonders at your own pace, making every moment memorable.

Hangzhou Metro

Discover the seamless charm of Hangzhou through its efficient metro network—a traveler’s delight. With over 10 lines encompassing key city sectors, the Hangzhou Metro epitomizes swiftness and ease for residents and visitors alike. Its connectivity extends even to Xiaoshan International Airport, where a shuttle service transports you to a Line 2 station, linking you to downtown in under an hour. Embrace the metropolis’s vitality by exploring renowned sites like West Lake and Lingyin Temple, effortlessly reachable from various stations. Unveil the city’s pulse as you navigate its veins on the metro—a gateway to both convenience and captivating exploration.

Hangzhou Long-Distance Bus

Discover a convenient route to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport through the Hangzhou Long-Distance Bus service. Seamlessly connecting the airport with key cities and towns in Zhejiang province and beyond, this mode of transportation offers spacious, air-conditioned comfort for an enjoyable journey. With frequent departures throughout the day, travelers can tailor their plans to their schedules. Not only is this option economical, but it also provides the chance to traverse scenic routes. To enhance the experience, secure your spot by booking tickets online or via a travel agency in advance, ensuring a hassle-free adventure to your destination.

Hangzhou Train

Discover seamless travel options at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport with their exceptional shuttle services, including an excellent train connection to the city center. Linked conveniently to Hangzhou’s main railway station, situated within walking distance of the renowned West Lake, a prime tourist attraction, this airport ensures both convenience and exploration. From the railway station, the extensive high-speed train network effortlessly extends your journey to major destinations across China, all at affordable rates. With trains departing frequently, travelers can opt for either express trains, offering speed at a slightly higher cost, or local trains for a budget-friendly choice. Enjoy a 30-minute scenic route from the airport to the railway station, unlocking a world of travel possibilities.

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