Antalya Airport Shuttle Services

Experience the allure of Antalya, a captivating gem adorning the Turkish Riviera and a flourishing tourist haven. As you embark on your journey to this coastal paradise, ensuring seamless airport transportation becomes paramount. Delve into this guide, an invaluable resource illuminating the array of shuttle services gracing Antalya Airport. From the renowned HAVAS Airport Shuttle to the convenience of Suntransfers, navigate through our insights to unearth the optimal transport solution. Your expedition to Antalya begins here, with a gateway to hassle-free travels that allow you to revel in every moment of this enchanting destination.

Side Shuttle Transfer

Experience a seamless journey with Side Shuttle Transfer, the premier shuttle service of choice at Antalya Airport. Catering to the vibrant resort town of Side on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, they specialize in providing passengers with a reliable, stress-free transfer. With a versatile fleet of vehicles tailored to diverse group sizes and preferences, including private options, every traveler finds a suitable choice. All vehicles boast spacious interiors and refreshing air-conditioning for an enjoyable ride. What sets Side Shuttle Transfer apart is their unwavering commitment to round-the-clock, year-round service, ensuring a convenient passage no matter your flight schedule. Your comfortable and hassle-free transfer experience begins here.

Antobus Public Bus

Discover an affordable travel solution catering to budget-conscious explorers in Antalya: the Antobus Public Bus. Seamlessly operational from dawn to dusk, this service efficiently links the airport with premier city locations such as Lara Beach, Kaleici (Old Town), and Konyaalti Beach. Offering a frugal alternative to pricier shuttles, Antobus stands as a beacon of budget-friendly transportation. Situated outside both terminals of Antalya Airport, conveniently access the bus to embark on your city voyage. With its pristine, air-conditioned confines, this mode of travel offers respite from the scorching summer sun, while its capacious storage effortlessly accommodates baggage, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Antray Tram

For an economical and convenient journey from Antalya Airport to the city center, the Antray Tram presents an ideal solution. With an extensive network of 11 strategically placed stops throughout the city, accessing your destination becomes remarkably hassle-free. During peak hours, the tram operates at a 10-minute frequency, while off-peak times see a 20-minute interval, minimizing waiting periods. The Antray Tram is affordable, with a mere few lira covering the cost of a one-way ticket, making it an optimal option for budget-savvy travelers seeking a seamless transportation experience.

HAVAS Airport Shuttle

Discover the utmost convenience and comfort with HAVAS Airport Shuttle, the premier choice for transportation at Antalya Airport. As a government-owned service, HAVAS provides seamless travel to and from Antalya’s city-center hotels and resorts. With round-the-clock availability, travelers can rely on this air-conditioned shuttle offering ample luggage space and complimentary Wi-Fi. Professional drivers ensure punctuality and a hassle-free journey, while the affordable pricing sets HAVAS apart from private transfer alternatives. Whether arriving at dawn or dusk, experience top-tier service that combines convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness for an unparalleled travel experience.


Discover stress-free airport transportation with Shuttlefare – a prominent name in the airport shuttle services sector. Catering to Antalya Airport, they excel in providing both economical shared and private rides. The user-friendly website ensures effortless online booking, while their expansive network extends across 100+ countries, offering unwavering support not only in Antalya but also during global travels. With an array of vehicle choices spanning sedans, minivans, and buses, Shuttlefare accommodates diverse budgets and group sizes. For an extra touch of convenience, their meet-and-greet service guarantees a personalized welcome by your designated driver, holding a placard with your name, right at the arrivals area.


Experience hassle-free and dependable airport transportation with Suntransfers, your trusted shuttle service provider. With over a decade of dedicated service, Suntransfers ensures a secure and comfortable journey from Antalya airport to your destination. The streamlined booking process is designed for your convenience – simply input your details like pick-up location, date, and passenger count, and receive an instant transparent quote. No hidden fees. Their skilled drivers adeptly navigate traffic, guaranteeing swift transfers. Arriving passengers are warmly greeted by professional drivers holding a personalized sign, adding to the ease of your travel experience. Choose Suntransfers for a reliable and seamless start to your journey.


Discover a reliable and comfortable airport shuttle experience in Antalya with Shuttledirect. With over 15 years of trusted service, this reputable transfer company has earned acclaim among tourists for its exceptional offerings. Shuttledirect stands out with its combination of affordability and quality, allowing you to secure competitive rates without compromising on comfort. By booking online prior to your Antalya Airport arrival, you effortlessly eliminate post-landing hassles. Count on their well-maintained, secure vehicles for a safe journey to your chosen destination, and enjoy the option of private transfers for added privacy. Shuttledirect also ensures punctual airport returns, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience.

Antalya Shuttle Board

Discover a pocket-friendly and dependable transportation option at Antalya Airport with Antalya Shuttle Board. This round-the-clock shuttle service offers a convenient solution for reaching various Antalya destinations from the airport. Equipped with well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicles and skilled drivers, the service runs on a fixed hourly schedule, connecting the international terminal to prominent spots like Lara, Kundu, and Konyaalti. Unlike many counterparts, this service requires no prior booking; passengers can simply pay upon arrival. With its affordable rates and stress-free travel, Antalya Shuttle Board stands out as a cost-effective alternative, ensuring savings and comfort without the complexities of taxi negotiations or navigation.

Antray Tram

Discover an economical and convenient transport option from Antalya Airport to the heart of the city – the Antray Tram. With its 11 strategically placed stops, navigating through Antalya becomes effortless. Boasting a mere 10-minute frequency during peak hours and a 20-minute interval during off-peak times, waiting time is remarkably brief. The Antray Tram presents not only efficiency but also affordability, with a pocket-friendly one-way fare of just a few lira. For budget-conscious travelers seeking seamless connectivity, this light rail system emerges as a standout choice.

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