Attract new customers & earn money renting your storage space

Let customers store their bags while exploring the city

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How it works

List your space

It's free to list & you only need space for a few bags (or more)

Receive bookings

We will do the work to get the customers into your shop

Make money

Each time a customer stores their bags at your location - you get paid

Some of the benefits

Free to join

Its really simple to join and there is no lock in contract

Increased foot traffic

Offer your new customers other products & services


Our app makes is quick & easy to manage bookings

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of us at mind my bag want to ensure the experience for both our customers and partners is amazing. We are committed to offering you a hassle-free service
A partnership with us means that you will have started a new revenue stream. You will get new customers into your shop and get paid each time these customers are dropping off their bags / items. We (mind my bag) will drive a steady stream of customers to you at absolutely no cost. These customers create revenue opportunities and brand awareness. Not to mention, it's free to become a partner and there is no-ongoing commitments!
Its very easy! Simply fill out the form on this page or email We are happy to answer any questions that you might have - please call us at 1800 940 539 or email us at
We provide you with notifications when there is a new booking. This notification includes the date of drop-off and pick-up. We also let you know how many items the customer is bringing to you. Our partners maintain full control of their opening hours and available space at all times. If you want to change something, just let us know by emailing
You will earn money for each customer booking at your location (and extra money if customers choose to purchase something in your store).