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Flinders Street Station Luggage Storage Guide

If you are looking for trip back in time, then Flinders Street Station is the place to visit in Melbourne. Flinders Street Station is the oldest train station in Australia and is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Melbourne.

The station stands out dramatically from the rest of the Melbourne city skyline. It is extremely recognisable with its incredible green copper dome. Flinders Street Station’s arched entrance and clocks are iconic and part of the reason the building was listed on the Victoria Heritage Register in 1982.

Flinders Street Station isn’t just about history and culture. You can use the statin as a base for your adventures in and out of Melbourne. From luggage storage to great cafes, you can meet all your needs when passing through Flinders Street Station.

History of Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station has been the heart of the Australian city of Melbourne since 1854. While it was originally just a place to catch a train or the point where you arrived in the city, Flinders Street Station has become an icon thanks to a variety of reasons.

Originally named Melbourne Terminus, Flinders Street Station was the first-ever train station built in Australia. It was officially opened on September 12, 1854. On that day, the first train journey occurred Down Under as a steam train travelled from Flinders Street Station to Sandridge (modern-day Port Melbourne). Of course, when Flinders Street Station opened it had few of the modern amenities, we have today such as luggage storage and cafes. The original station was mostly made up of sheds made from lumber. How far it has come.

The station has some fascinating features you wouldn’t expect at a train station, including a 402-metre running track located on the roof. There is also an old abandoned gymnasium and ballroom found in areas of the station off-limits to passengers. You will also find the longest platform in Australia at 708 metres. Found at platform 1, the area received most of Melbourne’s milk deliveries from Gippsland until 1986.

Today’s station is far different than the one that originally stood on the corner of Flinders and Swanston. Over 110,000 daily commuters pass through Flinders Street Station and around 1,500 trains arrive and leave each day.

What to do nearby

Flinders Street Station is the busiest train station in the world. Remarkably it surpasses major train stations in London, Paris, and Germany. With so many travellers moving through Flinders Street Station, the area around it offers plenty of activities and things to do. If you don’t want to just sit around the outside of the station or soak up the culture under its famous clocks, then use the station’s luggage storage and head out onto the street.

  • There is plenty of places nearby to grab something to eat and drin k. If you are waiting for your next train, then don’t waste time and head out for a bite to eat and a drink. There are a variety of cafes around the station from doughnut shops to pubs. There are also a few parks near Flinders Street Station allowing you to stretch your legs on a sunny Melbourne day.
  • Yarra Park and Carlton Gardens are nearby. The latter has a Historic Victoria-era museum allowing culture vultures to get in touch with Melbourne’s history.
  • Federation Square is also nearby and can be reached in as few as three minutes. Fed Square is one of Melbourne’s most popular destinations day or night. It is home to world-class art museums and galleries providing enthralling exhibitions. You will also find a variety of food and drink options. In addition, some of Melbourne’s biggest cultural events are held in Fed Square each year. 
  • Across Princess Bridge is The Australian Arts Centre and National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) .
  • Opposite Flinders Street Station is South Bank , an upmarket eclectic shopping complex with high-end restaurants, art and shopping as well as a food court.
  • A five minute walk further down the Yarra from South Bank is Melbourne’s Crown Casino where you can catch a fire show along the water on the hour at night time.

To fully enjoy the art and culture that Melbourne has to offer, and to enter ACMI and NGV you must not have any large baggage with you. mind my bag luggage storage is located near Flinders Street Station to help you avoid disappointment or large luggage storage fees.

Lockers & Luggage Storage

Luggage storage can be found at Flinders Street Station which allows you to stow your bags before you explore the streets of Melbourne. Storing your luggage at Flinders Street Station is a no-hassle way to drop off your bags and visit the major tourist attractions found around the city. Luggage storage at Flinders Street Station is easy as you can simply just book online, drop off your bags, and enjoy the rest of your day in Melbourne.


Not only can you hop aboard a train at Flinders Street Station, but you can ride the Melbourne Metro to get around the city. If you plan to ride the metro, you will need a myki to journey around the city. You can buy and top up a myki card at a local convenient store or metro premium shops.

There are more than 800 retailers that sell and top up myki cards around Melbourne. The myki allows you to tap on the sensors at the turnstiles when entering and exiting the metro. A myki card costs $6 for adults and $3 for children.

Depending on the type of train you take, metropolitan or regional, the fares change based on your destination. PTV confirmed that all fares will remain the same in 2021 as in the previous year.


Public Transport Victoria will unveil a new timetable in 2021 for Flinders Street Station. The timetable will be released on January 31, 2021. PTV is upgrading the busiest metropolitan and regional train lines to improve the way passengers move in, around, and out of Melbourne. You will find 450 new train services each week in 2021. Part of the changes that will be made include providing longer times at stations allowing passengers to board and disembark trains.

Travel Services

Not only is Flinders Street Station the central heart of Melbourne CBD’s public transport system it is also at the centre of Melbourne’s cultural offerings. With several tram lines leading toward Flinders Street Station, it is very easy to get to this station and use it as your central navigation point to get around Melbourne and a great spot to keep your stuff in a luggage storage locker. Even if you are not catching a train, it would be a shame to miss the stunning architecture and grand presence that the station has in the city. The train station has multiple entrances and has large signs throughout directing you to your platform. Inside the train station are many food options, including stalls to buy hot food on the actual platforms themselves, so if you miss your train at least you know you can eat. Storing your bag at a luggage storage location in Flinders Street Station will make your trip around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs very easy to navigate.


Flinders Street Station is located on the corner of Flinders Street, Swanston Street and Queen Street in Melbourne CBD.

Fun facts

According to legend, Flinders Train Station is haunted. Commuters have claimed to see a man standing on platform 10 holding a fishing rod and reel. The man is disoriented and looks out at the Yarra River before disappearing.

The ghost of platform 10 has been named George and it is believed the ghost has been at the station since it was constructed. Some commuters and ghost believers claim the apparition to be George Mansfield, who was dragged from the Yarra River after a boating accident on October 21, 1902. Mansfield was later identified as Ernest Leahy.

Flinders Street Station is home to a collection of 11 illustrious clocks and also the longest, and oldest, railway platform in Australia. The train station also contains a ballroom, daycare and rooftop playground all of which are not currently in use.

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