Kempegowda International Airport Shuttle Services

Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, India, stands as a bustling hub for travelers across the nation and beyond. To cater to the needs of this ever-moving crowd, the airport has introduced a comprehensive shuttle service network. These services are designed to be the cornerstone of hassle-free transportation, efficiently connecting the airport with key destinations in the city and its surroundings. By focusing on reliability, affordability, and punctuality, these shuttle services have become an indispensable part of the travel experience at Kempegowda International Airport. This introduction highlights their pivotal role in ensuring comfortable and convenient journeys for passengers, making it an essential component of the airport’s services.


Welcome to the seamless world of Flybus, your premier airport transfer service offered by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) at Kempegowda International Airport. With Flybus, your journey from the airport to prominent Karnataka cities like Mysuru, Manipal, and Madikeri becomes an effortless experience. Our fleet boasts comfortable, meticulously maintained vehicles, complete with Wi-Fi and charging ports, ensuring you stay connected throughout your ride. With strategically located pick-up and drop-off points in each city, Flybus is designed to synchronize effortlessly with your flight schedule, bridging the gap between arrivals and departures. Our transparent pricing, tailored to distance and destination, ensures a cost-effective travel option for all. Flybus – where convenience meets affordability for your Karnataka airport transfers.

BMTC Vayu Vajra

The Vayu Vajra, a well-regarded airport shuttle service under the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), stands as an indispensable transportation solution for travelers arriving at or departing from Kempegowda International Airport. These spacious and comfortable buses offer an economical means of commuting, catering to passengers’ needs with convenience. With a comprehensive network, Vayu Vajra extends its services to key locations in Bengaluru, encompassing major bus terminals, railway stations, and residential hubs. Operating tirelessly around the clock, this service ensures a reliable and frequent connection. Notably, fares are structured based on distance zones, providing passengers with flexible pricing options to suit their journey length.

Bengaluru Airport Shuttles

Bengaluru Airport Shuttles is your dedicated solution for seamless airport transfers in the vibrant city of Bengaluru. Serving Kempegowda International Airport and various destinations across the city, we offer a range of shuttle options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer the cost-saving convenience of shared shuttles or the privacy of a private transfer, we have you covered.

Our extensive network includes pick-up and drop-off points at major hotels, business hubs, and residential areas, ensuring you reach your destination effortlessly. Our schedules are meticulously crafted to align with flight timings, making your journey hassle-free. With competitive pricing that considers shuttle type, distance, and optional extras, Bengaluru Airport Shuttles is your trusted partner for stress-free airport transfers in Bengaluru.


Sixt, a renowned name in the world of auto rentals, extends its exceptional services to travelers at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. Their shuttle service is the epitome of reliability and comfort, catering to the needs of both solo adventurers and group travelers alike. These modern shuttles come equipped with top-notch amenities and are piloted by highly trained professionals, committed to ensuring passenger safety and satisfaction. With strategically located pick-up and drop-off points across Bengaluru and its surroundings, Sixt makes traveling to and from the airport a breeze. Their schedules are meticulously synchronized with flight times, guaranteeing on-time transfers. Plus, Sixt offers competitive pricing tailored to distance, group size, and optional services, making it the discerning choice for hassle-free airport transportation.

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