Fun Things You Can Do in Tamworth

Tamworth is just one of the many great and fun vacation destination spots you might want to consider visiting. With so many entertainment options, Tamworth ensures you’ll never be bored.

Tamworth combines outdoor adventure, historical heritage, elegance, local culture, sports action, and entertainment. There are also its pleasant villages combined with its stunning cities, which are a treat to explore.

Tamworth, 420 km north of Sydney, is recognized as the Country Music Capital of Australia. Its annual music festival and awards are famous around the world, attracting many tourists.

The region’s strong affinity to country music is evident upon arriving via the Big Golden Guitar. Almost every distinctive site and activity in Tamworth remind you of its importance in music, and it has united many people globally through music.

Tamworth was the first settlement to have electric streetlights. It’s also a major horse breeding center, bringing thousands of visitors for dressage, rodeos, cattle markets, and horse jumping.

Tamworth has a rich culture, exciting activities, picturesque sites, and more. First-time visitors may not know what to do, where to go, or where to start.

That said, here’s a comprehensive guide about all the things you can do in Tamworth, from food and drinks to sightseeing and more!

The charm of Tamworth mainly lies in the diversity of its landscapes, its uniquely endearing spots, and its memorable activities. For this reason, we’ve rounded up some of the best activities that tourists like you might enjoy while spending a vacation in Tamworth. Whether you’re with your friends, family, significant other, or children, this cozy little region surely has a spot for you!

TRAVEL TIPS: Tamworth is a wonderful location, but you should take steps to safeguard your belongings. provides information about Tamworth‘s various luggage storage choices.

Indulge in Tamworth’s Cuisine

When on a vacation or trip, the first thing you should immediately try out is their food and drinks or cuisine. Food is the best way to start or end trips, and after all, it’s also one of the best ways you can get to know more about an area’s culture or heritage. It tells a lot about the people, their livelihood, and their preferences as well.

Now, there are plenty of places in Tamworth that you can always drop by to grab a delightful bite or two. Here are only some of them.

The Glasshouse Restaurant at Goonoo Goonoo Station

If you’re in Tamworth, the Glasshouse Restaurant is something you don’t want to miss. The restaurant is seated atop the station, letting you take in the breathtaking view of the Liverpool Range and the hills as you indulge in your meal. It only has been recently completed in 2016 and is renowned for its state-of-the-art architecture and location. It’s also adorned with full glass walls to make way for the satisfying landscape, as well as stone wall features and subtle downlights.

Its menu also only offers local, fresh produce with prawn mousse, garlic, butter-poached calamari, and wattleseed cream, among others. Many recommend its signature Macadamia and saltbush-crusted lamb fillet or its twice-cooked corn-fed chicken supreme paired with chicken broth and artichoke puree.

Papa Luigi’s

If you crave the taste of familiarity, head over to Papa Luigi’s for some good ol’ pizza. However, Papa Luigi’s isn’t like any other restaurant. This restaurant offers the taste and culture of Italy to your table. The restaurant has red and white checkered tablecloths, murals, wood furnishings, and wood-fired pizza, desserts, pasta, and great wine.

Papa Luigi is noted for its homemade lasagne, homemade meatballs, and authentic wood-fired pizza foundation produced with the finest ingredients.

Dragon Palace Chinese

The Dragon Palace Chinese offers you one of the best dining experiences in the whole of New England. Located on Peel Street, this lush restaurant exudes Malaysian and Chinese fare with a unique flair. Wall paintings, elaborately carved walls, adorned pillars, and floral chairs will enchant you at Dragon Palace Chinese.

You’ll also enjoy unique foods like black bean sauce, sweet corn soup, and crab meat. Mains include the restaurant’s deep-fried duck with mixed veggies and steaming rice. Sizzling Mongolian beef and Chinese BBQ pork with bean sprouts and noodles are also good options. You can finish your heart meal off with some sweet fried ice cream topped with luscious chocolate.

The Garden Shea Cafe

For a more garden-inspired vibe, go to the Garden Shea Cafe located on Goonoo Goonoo Road. This is ideal if you want to relax with some coffee or salads.

Garden Shea Cafe is unique for its hints of eccentricity and quirk in its interior. With the Complete Garden Center’s fanciful and swoon-worthy feelings, the breathtaking view further entices guests to recline and enjoy light chats while surrounded by colorful cushions, black iron furniture, greenery, and a unique blend of ornaments. It’s undeniably a great place to get brunch or have a late dinner. Otherwise, you can opt for overnight breakfast jars with Greek yogurt, coconut, granola, nuts, seeds, or apricots, among others.

Smoked salmon bagel with dill crème fraîche and Garden Shea salad. Garden Shea Cafe is a romantic spot in Tamworth.

Gregory’s Restaurant

Gregory’s restaurant is well-known to locals and tourists alike. Like Garden Shea, it’s on Goonoo Goonoo Road and has seasonal modern Australian food. It sports a modern and stylish decor which many travelers love, as it exudes a more homey vibe than most. For the menu, you can consider trying the restaurant’s Oysters Gregory, which is made up of Oysters with lobster, mozzarella cheese, and mornay sauce toppings. There are also lamb cutlets with a parmesan crust and herb, baked potato, and seasonal greens. You can visit the restaurant seven days a week till 9 pm.

The Workshop Kitchen

Of course, you don’t want to miss the Workshop Kitchen. Situated within the recently renovated Powerhouse Hotel in Tamworth, the Workshop Kitchen is a place frequented by most locals and travelers who are interested in the region’s dining scene.

It’s kept for special occasions because of its exquisite interior and rich, neutral color palettes. Not to mention its magnificent open kitchen that spotlights all the industrious chefs who prepare your cuisine — a unique feature that lets you watch cooks in their element.

Given that it’s designed by the well-acclaimed hospitality designer Paul Kelly Design, it’s no wonder why the Workshop Kitchen is one of Tamworth’s pride. It’s even recognized as the region’s pinnacle of hospitality. The restaurant is also the only one in town that serves breakfast, brunch, and dinner till late, even on holidays. Whatever you’re doing in Tamworth, the Workshop Kitchen is available to serve you its best meals.

You can try its comprehensive wine list, which received a 2-Glass rating in 2021, or its Truffled Mushroom Omelette with confit garlic and sautéed mushrooms. Otherwise, you can always start simple and try its tantalizing local steaks to get a glimpse of the Tamworth culture.

Tamworth’s wax museum features some of the region’s most famous stars. Slim Dusty, a renowned country music star at the time, is often associated with Tamworth.

The same may be said of Chad Morgan, Buddy Williams, Smoky Dawson, Beccy Cole, Frank Ifield, Lee Kernaghan, Jimmy Little, Reg Lindsay, and Slim’s sister Heather, who’s married to Reg Lindsay.

Since 1988, the Gallery of Stars museum has shown a lineup of realistic-looking wax models. Slim Dusty opened the museum in Tamworth’s tourism center.

The style of the wax models is akin to that of the famous Madame Tussauds. Here, each country star model wears their original and iconic outfits. Some interesting pieces about their achievements and history hint at how they lived.

Family and couples should visit the Gallery of Stars. The experience is entertaining and teaches you about Tamworth’s history and culture, especially the music scene. Given that it’s considered the Country Music Capital, it would be interesting to discover which stars made Tamworth a household name and how they impacted the music industry.

Some of North America’s top artists are also from Tamworth. These folks were attracted to the region’s country music festival and its heritage, then became popular stars with appealing Aussie vocals and string guitars.

Kenny Rogers, Brian May of Queen, Dolly Parton, and Eagles members were all breakthrough artists.

How long would it take to explore the Stars Wax Museum?

Guests at Stars Wax Museum are on their own to navigate the attraction. Your tour should take you around 60–90 minutes to finish.

Know about Tamworth’s History in the Tamworth Powerstation Museum

This town simply doesn’t run out of charming attractions. If you want to understand more about Tamworth’s history outside of country music, visit the Tamworth Powerstation Museum.

The thing is that Tamworth is well-known for many things, and it isn’t just its reputation as a country music capital that encourages people to visit. The town is known for what happened on the eve of November 9, 1888. On this memorable day, the mayor of Tamworth, Elizabeth Piper, initiated the groundbreaking change in the town’s history that had significantly altered the region’s after-dark landscape.

The small town of Tamworth was the first-ever place – in Australia – that had experienced streets lit brightly by electric power. They were pioneers of the new illumination, which was an efficient alternative to the expensive gas lights they had used for years.

Tamworth was praised for the history-changing idea, and Melbourne soon followed. Sydney adopted the same technique ten years later, and the transformation was complete.

This period spanned 22 km of streets, and the Tamworth Powerstation Museum remembers the city’s energy history. The museum opened in 1988 to celebrate 100 years since the event happened. Moreover, it’s also situated along Peel street, specifically inside the electrical showroom built in 1907 on the 188 power station site.

You can visit the Powerstation Museum alone or with family for a more personal experience. However, there’s also an option to join a tour with the help of knowledgeable volunteer tour guides. The latter option can offer more insight into the exhibits as you’re enlightened with additional information about Tamworth’s history.

In the museum, you’ll be seeing how electricity has developed in Tamworth through pictorial presentations. There are also collections of appliances used during the 20th century, especially those used for cooking, heating, cleaning, entertainment, cooling, and more. Of course, you will also stumble upon a huge collection of Australia’s electric lights.

Two John Fowler steam engines, the only operable ones left in the world, are on display at the Powerstation museum. An 1888 Crompton Pattern Dynamo replica marked the start of electric street lighting in Tamworth and Australia.

Visit the Massive Equine and Livestock Center

It would be a shame to miss Tamworth’s largest equestrian and cattle hub in the Southern Hemisphere. The Australian Equine and Livestock Center at 502 Goonoo Road is huge and hosts several major events.

This world-class complex, the largest of its kind on the continent, costs a lot to design, plan, and build. The center’s first stage opened in 2008 and has since held show jumping, rodeos, cattle sales, and dressage.

The Australian Equine and Livestock Center’s outskirts location couldn’t be better. 40 percent of New South Wales’ horse population is within 130km of the city. This makes it more convenient to dedicate the center to major events related to horse shows, among others.

Besides these events, the center also hosts plenty of other events, such as its four-day yearly National Thunder Motorcycle Rally held in October 2021. The event spanned a long weekend during October, which showcased music, good food, and rip-roaring bike displays.

They usually launch major events in the massive indoor sandy arena, which measures up to 80 by 40 meters long. The arena follows a tiered type of seating which is large enough to accommodate around 3500 audiences of onlookers. Adjacent to the centerpiece is a smaller indoor space that can serve as supplementary horse stabling. The center is home to approximately 478 stables which you can find at least six blocks from the arena.

The Equine and Livestock Center is more than a tourist attraction; it also boosts the region’s economy. Annually, it hosts around 7,000 participants, 16,000 cattle, and 9,000 horses. During major events, the center gets almost 120,000 visitors per night, which is huge.

Take a Leisurely Stroll along Peel River

Tamworth’s Peel River is great for a family stroll. This is fantastic if you want to spend an afternoon or morning walking in Tamworth, which has numerous walkable sites for health and enjoyment.

Residents prefer traveling through Bicentennial Park’s playground, which follows the Peel River embankment. Spend time with your kids in the playground before taking a walk. Otherwise, it’s also a great idea to have fun picnics there.

The Peel river has a gently undulating and fully sealed bank trail that loops and bends for over 6km. This is also a common area shared by most cyclists and joggers since the path is just perfect for a ride or a stroll.

As you go along the river, you pass by a picture-perfect cricket oval with big trees and a picket fence. You might also consider going down to the Pioneers parade while you’re on the stroll. Here, you’ll see a lineup of Australia’s legends in country music immortalized through brown busts. Some of them are Chad Morgan, Tex Morton, and Reg Lindsay.

What kinds of fish live in the Peel River?

Eel-tailed catfish (endangered), silver perch (endangered), Murray cod (endangered), and golden perch (popular recreational angling species) have all been spotted in the Peel River.

See the Panoramic Grain Silos

In Tamworth, lengthy journeys are equally as pleasurable as visiting attractions. There’s always something intriguing to see in Tamworth. The resort has stunning landscapes and surreal perspectives.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on petrol to reach the fringes’ small villages, magnificent landscapes, and breathtaking views. Some tourist sites you see as you turn will impress you.

A great idea would be to head over to the small town of Barraba. Along the Nandewar Ranges’ Manilla Road, you will see three-grain silos towering over a massive landscape. Brisbane Street artist Fintan Magee used these silos as a canvas to paint stunning murals of a water diviner. Tourists and locals regularly stop to admire the mural’s craftsmanship and inventiveness.

These silos are part of 28 in Australia that started a silo art craze.

Deep-dive into the Country’s Music Roots by Exploring the National Guitar Museum

While in Tamworth, you must experience the city’s most famous export: country music. If the Big Golden Guitar at the tourist information center is any indication, the National Guitar Museum will attract your inner cowboy.

For music aficionados, this is a fun experience because you’ll see a range of instruments that have contributed to the town’s music scene. But even if you’re not, it’s still worth a visit simply because of the massive memorabilia collections.

The museum opened not long ago in 2020, so it’s fairly new for tourists and travelers alike. From the wax museum, you may walk to see over 45 unsigned and autographed guitars of all sizes and forms.

Some of the first guitars held by breakout artists and icons are on display. Tommy Emmanuel’s first Maton, Paul Stanley’s signed Washburton, and Smoky’s Riffle are on exhibit. They also showcase unique Aussie stringed items like Arnott’s three-string guitar and one adorned with an Aboriginal-inspired artwork.

One of the museum’s spotlight exhibits is its boomerang-shaped guitar which existed in the 1970s. Its strange shape shows how diverse and unique music was back then.

Even Keith Urban, one of Australia’s breakthrough artists, has signed one of his guitars on display at the museum alongside Troy Cassar-Daley signing his too. He states how Tamworth feels like a hug in his signature.

The majority of the guitars on display at the National Guitar Museum were gifted to the museum by musicians or their families. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame downtown to learn more about Tamworth’s music history.

Celebrate the Country Music Festival

The Country Music Festival in Tamworth is an annual event that draws visitors from all over the world. COVID caused several cancellations and prevented this from happening last year, but it’s happening this year. Over 700 performers performed during the 10-day Country Music Festival in January.

For what it’s worth, the festival isn’t only a celebration of music but is also a great way to bring people together. It’s also a life-changing experience that travelers should try once in a while. During the celebration, organizers will welcome nearly 50 000 pilgrims. People from over the continent can fly, train, or drive to the 2800 festival activities.

There’s also the Toyota-sponsored festival. Here, the Country Music Awards of Australia and the Golden Guitar Awards reward musicians for their musical achievements. The awards event airs on ABC, where 5000 people watch each time.

There’s no missing the colorful Cavalcade as well, which is a typical scene during the entire festival. Peel Street’s Cavalcade returned with family entertainment and ancillary events. As a music festival, over 600 street performers will have you dancing all day.

Spending time getting lost in all the great artworks at the local gallery is worth a try whether or not you have an eye for art. For over a century, Tamworth has been home to some of the most well-acclaimed art in its leading regional gallery.

The Tamworth Regional Gallery displays a wide range of collections and exhibitions. For instance, it has over 100 art reference books and artwork initially gifted by Australian collector and artist John Salvana in 1919. Now, it has significantly grown to showcase dynamic touring exhibitions without ever taking the spotlight away from its local artists. It has grown to be diverse and accommodating to changes in art trends without dimming its own culture.

The gallery is currently located in a brand new, state-of-the-art building just next to the town library. Here, they often host artist talks, workshops, public programs, and lectures which is great if you want to involve yourself more in Tamworth’s culture or if you’re simply looking to spend a productive day.

In the past year, the gallery has also displayed some of the Australian film Dressmaker’s original costumes in its touring exhibitions. The Tamworth gallery has also been housing mesmerizing photographic video work from the Haunting exhibition by Vic McEwan, among many others. It continuously holds memorable exhibits annually, which makes the art scene alive and more engaging for everyone.

Do you need to make a reservation to go to the Tamworth Regional Gallery?

Booking in advance is required for the workshop you wish to attend; however, there is no cost to enter the Tamworth Regional Gallery.

Spend a Lovely Time Gazing Out at Oxley Park Scenery

Make memories gazing out at the scenic view of the historic Oxley Park. If you want to get the whole picture of Tamworth from a vantage point, take a quick drive by a sealed road directly to Oxley Park and brace yourself for a pleasant surprise.

It’s preferable if you go exactly during sunset. Since it is summer, going out in the morning or at midday will only make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable, in contrast to going out in the evening when the sun will have set. This is a great date idea if you’re out in Tamworth with your lover, especially since you get a full bird’s eye view of the charming town. They also usually switch the streetlights on for the evening, making the entire vibe of the park feel more romantic and cozy.

Other people also prefer to go bushwalking, especially fitness enthusiasts, as they go on a long-winding trail for a run or a stroll. Oxley Park is also a good destination if you want to have a picnic with close family or friends since the place just feels refreshing and casual – great if you have been on a long day out and want to have a chill downtime. You don’t need to prepare anything since there are already tables and even toilets present on site.

The famous vantage point was given its name by a famous explorer and surveyor from the 19th century: John Oxley.

Go Shopping

Just like any other trip anywhere, one of the best ways to treasure a well-spent vacation is to buy memorabilia and souvenirs. And for this reason, going shopping in Tamworth is a must-do for tourists.

But more than just the prospect of buying fancy gifts or mementos, going on some shopping in Tamworth is therapy for those who especially like to stroll and discover unique spots in the area. Here, you can find plenty of shops in various styles and sizes. Along the way, you might even stumble across restaurants, cafes, galleries, and museums.

Peel Street road has a variety of mainstream store lineups alongside cute boutiques and gift shops that you’ll enjoy. The Lemon House, for instance, is well-known for its furniture and homewares, while the Magic Pudding provides an ideal combination of cuisine, presents, and homewares.

If you’re feeling tired from all that shopping, stop by Ruby’s Cafe for a coffee fix or Sonny’s Bakery for a delicious pastry.

Immerse in the History of the Nundle Woollen Mill

The gold-rush village of Nundle calls you to do one thing, and that is to visit the multi-award recipient Woollen Mill. This Mill is notable in the town’s history as the machinery’s wool processing spans back over a century.

Many visitors to Tamworth often pass by Nundle and never skip out on the chance of visiting the famous Mill. For this reason, the Nundle Woollen shop’s already high demand and popularity amongst shoppers simply skyrockets when you consider that it is the sole retailer of such a large variety of high-quality woolen goods.

In the afternoons, the store’s current proprietors offer guided tours to curious customers who want to learn more about the Mill’s past and how things work there. The mill’s century-old European-built machinery processes the world-famous Merino fleeces after they have undergone a careful process of preparation. If you’re on for a tour, they will usually demonstrate how the machinery works. You’ll be able to observe the precise workings of its many pieces as they process their famed wool over and over again in a palette of more than 39 shades.

It’s worth noting that even though the wool machinery and the reconnection to its heritage are old-world, the Nundle Woollen Mill has only been open for 22 years, starting in 2001. Mill may be a relatively new addition to the community, but its allure cannot be denied, as many residents attest. Up until now, the Nundle Woollen Mill is the only long-standing traditional spinning mill on the entire continent.

Relieve the Summer Heat at Gunnedah Memorial Swimming Pool

Because summer is about enjoying the weather, why not spend a family day at the pool? This swimming pool complex is located in the middle of Gunnedah. In the 1950s, it was founded as a memorial to the war dead, with construction paid for entirely by voluntary contributions.

The entrance of the pavilion houses the war memorial so people who visit can continue to pay tribute to those who were active during the war.

Within the area of trees and lawns is a brand new 50-meter outdoor swimming pool that comes with Fina-compliant lanes for visitors who want to do their regular fitness laps. The complex also has a 25-meter indoor heated pool for visitors who like to dip in during the cold season. To make it family-friendly, the complex is built with water and a dry playground for kids.

In 2018, it reopened to the public after receiving multi-million dollar renovations that included a new pavilion, modern amenities, and additional cafes and kiosks to entice every Gunnedah citizen to take part in recreational activities.

Learn to Ride the Skateboard at Tamworth Regional Skatepark

Located at the end of Peel Street, the Tamworth Regional Skatepark has state-of-the-art facilities where skaters and newbies can practice their skateboarding skills on a learn-to-ride space for beginners and more advanced courses for experts.

The skatepark has adequate lighting for night skates and BBQ stands for those who get hungry after skating. If you don’t know how to skate, a wide picnic area is available for kids to run and adults to rest.

Experience Nature at Mount Mutton Walking Trail

Want to take a break from the busy life in the cities? Head on to the corner of Queen and Hill Streets to experience nature at Mount Mutton Walking Trail.

The wide and marked trail takes only 30-45 minutes and starts at Alma Park. You will be able to enjoy the lush bushland as you cross Thunderbolt. As you ascend, you will be able to get a glimpse of everything that surrounds Mount Mutton and parts of the town center.

Tamworth Marsupial Park

In the hills above Tamworth is a wildlife sanctuary where you may interact with the native flora and creatures of New South Wales.

In the 14-hectare Tamworth Marsupial Park, guests of all ages can feed and handle kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and Indian peacocks.

The park features a huge adventure playground with separate areas for younger and older children, as well as walking pathways through beautiful bushland.

Cockatoos, corellas, and galahs are native to Australia and will approach you for pats and friendly talk, endearing themselves to many tourists in the process.

From here, you can go to the Oxley Lookout to the west or the top of Flagstaff Mountain to the east via the Kamilaroi Walking Track.

Does the Tamworth Marsupial Park offer restrooms that are suitable for those using wheelchairs?

While a wheelchair could have trouble getting to some locations in the Tamworth Marsupial Park, the vast majority of the grounds are accessible.

Tamworth Regional Playground

For parents in regional Australia, the vast Tamworth Regional Playground is the sole attraction of its extent.

This park features a fitness trail, splash pad, cafe with free Wi-Fi, junior and senior play zone, flying fox, bike track, an embankment slide, enormous swing, and sand play area, all of which are open to the public at no cost.

The record-breaking “Skywalk” is a highlight, with its nine-plus meter height, four towers, and three gigantic slides (the biggest of which is 13 meters in length).

How old do you have to be to play at Tamworth Regional Playground?

People have been going to the Tamworth Regional Playground for a while, and kids of all ages can be seen there. Some are 16 years old, and there are no age limits or anything.

Big Golden Guitar

Traveling across Australia, you will inevitably stumble upon the occasional “huge object.” Since the 1960s, more than 150 such buildings have been built specifically as tourist attractions, and each one has its unique history to share.

The Golden Guitar Awards were enlarged to life-size and displayed in Tamworth for the 1988 Country Music Festival.

It is a 12-meter-tall, 4-meter-wide monument that can be found on Goonoo Goonoo Road in front of the Big Golden Guitar Tourist Information Centre.

Enjoy the on-site cafe and gift store after touring the Australia National Guitar Museum and the Gallery of Stars Wax Museum.

Where is the nearest town to the Big Golden Guitar?

Located on the New England Highway near the city’s southern entrance, the Big Golden Guitar serves as the Tamworth Visitor Information Centre.

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park, situated on the eastern bank of the Peel River and overlooking Tamworth’s Central Business District, was the site of a multimillion-dollar regional playground that opened to the public in 2015. It is expected that by the time this article is published in 2020, several outdoor monuments celebrating the genre’s most prominent musicians will have been completed and placed in the park, where they will serve as a live stage during the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The park features two ponds where ducks can swim, grassy spaces, twisting walks, views of Flagstaff Mountain to the east, and plenty of trees where bats can emerge from their roosts at night.

Tamworth Botanical Gardens

The town’s botanical gardens are located in Victoria Park and, in the mid-1990s, spread into neighboring Oxley Park.

A group of volunteers keeps this nearly 30-acre attraction at its best. It features a Japanese garden, water gardens, beds planted with arid-climate species native to the area, a New Zealand garden, a bush chapel, and plenty of open grassy space.

Indoor shows are also available, and they include horticultural displays and Aboriginal artifacts.

Do dogs get to come into the Tamworth Botanical Gardens?

Tamworth Botanical Gardens allow dogs within the parking area, but not in the garden section, leashed dogs are welcome.

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