Amazing Things to Do in Darwin

Darwin might not be the most well-known city in Australia, but it is positively one of the most fascinating ones. Darwin is located on the coast of the Northern Territory and is also the capital of this region. It is a very large city so you can be guaranteed that there is a lot to do. Also, one peculiar thing about Darwin is that people living there belonged to more than 60 nationalities. This goes to show just how attractive Darwin is to visit and live in. It also demonstrates the fact that Darwin is a very multicultural city with a lot of influences. Anyhow, this all results in a lot of possibilities and opportunities if you ever decide to visit Darwin. If you do not know where to start, here is an overview of the most interesting things to do while you are there!

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Go on a Tour of the Tiwi Islands

The most prominent day trip that you should go on if you are in Darwin is to the Tiwi Islands. You can book a tour from Darwin and choose any moment you see fit. It is a rather long trip to the islands, but once you are there, you will be mesmerized. The starting point of the tour is Cullen Bay. The Tiwi Islands are a group of islands. The main two islands belonging to this group are Bathurst Island and Melville Island. Besides those two, there are 9 smaller islands as well. These smaller islands are inhabited so nature prevails there.

That brings you to the very first reason why you should visit the Tiwi Islands. The nature and scenery there are untouched by humans and thus, you will be blown away by the views. You can also go swimming in the clearest water ever. Once you are done swimming, you can just enjoy one of the many gorgeous beaches that you can find there. Then, you can go fishing or you can just relax, the choice is yours.

However, the second reason to visit the Tiwi Islands is the most pertinent one. This has to do with the fact that there are still indigenous people living on the islands. More concretely, you can have encounters with actual aboriginal tribes when you are there. Even more so, you can take this experience to the next level when you are visiting Bathurst Island. There, you can make art together with Aboriginals, which will result in the experience of a lifetime.

Also useful in this department is that going on a cultural tour will allow you to learn more about the Aboriginal culture. You will also find out about the history of the islands and how life there is. Of course, going on such a tour will not be cheap, but it is worth it, for sure. You will be given an experience in return that is incomparable to any other.

Is it possible for anyone to visit the Tiwi Islands?

All people who wish to set foot on the Tiwi Islands must first obtain a permit from the local Aboriginal community. The tour operator will take care of getting the necessary permits for you. Non-tourist visitors must stay with a local who may apply for necessary permits on their behalf.

Browse Through One of the Many Markets

Secondly, when you say Darwin, you say markets. People from all over Australia know Darwin as the city of markets. Thus, if you are ever in Darwin, you could visit a market each day. And while there are numerous markets spread around the city, some of them are particularly tempting to visit. Examples include Parap Village Market, Nightcliff Market, and Rapid Creek Market. However, the most renowned market by far is the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is especially recommended to visit at night. There you will find dozens of food stalls, bars, and other sales booths. Thus, you can buy local jewelry, clothes, art, etc. What is also great about this market is that you can often enjoy live entertainment there. This can range from musical acts to other types of performances. The food stalls serve food from every culture known to man and thus are worth trying. And while the market can be quite crowded, you also have the option of booking a VIP space. Then, you will be able to enjoy all that the quaint market has to offer without getting lost in the crowd.

The reason why you should visit the Mindil Beach Sunset Market at night is because of the sunset. That is, the market is the perfect place to enjoy it. From there, you have one of the best views in entire Darwin, so you cannot let this opportunity pass you by.

Experience an Adrenaline Rush at Crocosaurus Cove

Now, this next activity is not suited for the faint of heart, just so you know. Namely, Australia is known as a country filled with all these dangerous and frightening animals. One of those animals is the crocodile. The saltwater crocodile to be more exact. And it just happens to be so that the biggest species of saltwater crocodiles live in the area surrounding Darwin. Therefore, having a crocodile experience is a must if you ever decide to visit Darwin.

As far as such experiences are concerned, you have multiple options in Darwin. Some of these options are less daunting than others of course. For instance, if you are someone who scares easily, it would be best to start by visiting a crocodile park. This is some sort of zoo dedicated to crocodiles and crocodiles alone. Here, you can observe crocodiles from a safe distance. This will not result in an immersive experience, but it is still a great activity to partake in.

If you want to go a step further, then you can continue with a crocodile tour. This includes going on a boat trip along the Adelaide River. This river runs through the Northern Territory. When you go on such a trip/cruise, you get the opportunity to observe certain wild animals up close. One of those animals is the crocodile. Sometimes, the cruise organizers even hang out some meat so the crocodiles can jump out of the water to grab it. This always results in a lot of wonder and bewilderment from the audience so you must experience this at least once.

Then, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you should visit Crocosaurus Cove. First and foremost, Crocosaurus Cove has the largest collection of Australian reptiles. This alone is reason enough to go take a look there. Yet, there are other more daring reasons to go there too. Less abstractly, the reason why Crocosaurus Cove is called that way has to do with the crocodile experiences you can book there. This establishment makes it possible for you to go in the water, together with the (saltwater) crocodiles. Of course, you will not be allowed to enter the water without any safety measures. This would be reckless. Instead, you will be lowered into the water while standing inside the “cage of death”. And while the name of this cage does not generate a lot of trust, it is the safest way to interact with crocodiles from close by.

Can humans swim beside crocodiles?

There are just two spots on Earth where you can swim alongside crocodiles in both a safe and unsafe setting. As a tourist attraction in Australia, coming face to face with a saltwater crocodile while safely ensconced in the cage of death is sure to keep visitors entertained for a full 15 minutes.

Go Shopping at the Casuarina Shopping Mall

This next activity might be best suited for when you are experiencing a rainy day in Darwin. In such circumstances, you could easily fill your day by going to the Casuarina shopping mall. This is not just any shopping mall. No, it is the largest shopping mall in the north of Australia. This is especially useful because the city center of Darwin itself does not have a lot of shops. So, if you are in the mood to do some shopping, the Casuarina shopping mall is the way to go, without a doubt.

In this shopping mall, you can find all the most well-known clothing and jewelry brands. For example, you can find stores such as Foot Locker, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Pandora, and “the Body Shop”. However, it does not end there. you can also do grocery shopping while you are there. There is even a Target! Then, when you are done shopping, you can go to the lowest floor. There, you can find a real food hall. This hall houses a lot of delicious food courts. For example, you can find food from KFC, Nando’s, Wendy’s, and so on.

How many shops are there in Casuarina?

This is the largest shopping center in the Northern Territory (NT), including around 165 unique stores in addition to Coles, Kmart, Big W, and Woolworths.

Can I still go to Casuarina?

Casuarina Square is open daily, every day of the week. See our regular business hours below, which also include our business hours for any forthcoming holidays.

Lounge Around the Darwin Esplanade Park

The Darwin Esplanade Park is one of the city’s most gorgeous parks. It is located in the south of Darwin and can give you everything you need for a lazy, relaxing day. This park is always rather crowded because it is loved by both the locals and the tourists. The reason that underlies this is that it is a very cozy spot to lounge around. You can just take a lazy stroll through the park, but there are other activities to do as well. For instance, you could host a picnic or you could play around with a frisbee. You can do so with family, friends, and/or a partner.

How many parks does Darwin have?

The Northern Territory’s sun-baked desert plains, enormous gorges, and crocodile-filled billabongs provide a breathtaking background for any outdoor excursion, and the state’s 16 national parks are among the best in Australia.

Go on a Relaxing Fishing Tour

Another very fun activity that a lot of people in the Northern Territory partake in is fishing. Fishing might just be the most common hobby for all citizens of Darwin. However, if you do not like to go fishing alone, you can always book a fishing tour. You can book such a tour at the harbor in Darwin, but there are many other places in Darwin where you can do so as well.

These fishing tours are very diverse. For instance, you can choose how long you want your fishing trip to last. Whether you want to go fishing for a few hours, half a day, or a full day, that is entirely up to you. At any rate, you will go on the trip with an experienced fisherman. He/she will show you the ropes and will tell you more about the fishing history in Darwin. Consequently, you can learn a bit about the different kinds of fish that reside there. You will also learn more about the most effective methods to catch the biggest fish you can find.

Then, if you become good at it, you can partake in the Million Dollar Fish competition. Then, the city of Darwin organizes a fishing competition and anyone can join. The goal of the competition is to earn a lot of money. You can earn this money by catching fish with tags on them. Each tag has a certain amount of money on it and thus, you should strive to get as many tags as you can. Some of these fish are worth thousands of dollars so this can amount to a lot of money in only a slight matter of time! Anyhow, it does not hurt to try so if you are up for a challenge, you should join the contest!

Is it possible to fish from Darwin?

The Northern Territory has some of Australia’s finest warm-water fishing due to its tropical waters and its beautiful coastline. With all the rivers and billabongs in the area, it’s no wonder that anglers come from far and wide to see Darwin.

Feed the Fish at Aquascene

Aquascene can be found in the center of Darwin, right by Doctor’s Gully. If you visit this tourist attraction, you can directly interact with fish. Concretely, thousands of fish gather there at the shore, waiting to be fed by the public. This includes fish in all shapes and sizes. Even more so, some of the fish are extremely long! The fish have been coming to Aquascene ever since the fifties, so this tourist attraction has been popular for many decades now. Besides fish, other sea creatures come to Aquascene as well, ranging from sea stars to stingrays.

So, you can go to Aquascene and feed these fish yourself if you are up for it. They are most fond of stale pieces of bread so that is something to take into account. Besides feeding the fish, you can also interact with the fish more directly. They are not at all afraid of humans so they tend to come close to the shore. As a consequence, they come so close that you can touch them if you would like. You could even play with them if you want!

Another thing to take into account is the tiding. Depending on this, the best time to feed the fish differs. Hence, it is best to check beforehand when you should go. This way, you avoid going all the way there for nothing. In general, it is best to visit this tourist attraction between December and August. Then, the amount of fish that comes to Aquascene is the largest.

Where in Darwin may fish be fed?

There’s a new spot in Darwin where grownups and kids alike can feed fish together. Fish are fed daily at Cullen Bay Marina, which is beside the large steel crocodile statue. Anne and Graham, the proprietors of the adjoining gift shop, sell fish food for $1 a bag every day between the hours of 9 AM – 4 PM

Take a Stroll in the George Brown Botanic Garden

The George Brown botanic garden actually can better be described as a collection of the most beautiful gardens in the Northern Territory. Taken together, the gardens make up about 42 hectares. As a result, you can easily take a stroll through the gardens for hours at a time. There are gorgeous walking paths wherever you go to make this happen! These will take you to hidden gems, no matter which direction you go in. Yet, you can also choose to explore the stunning gardens by bike if you would prefer so.

While walking through these botanic gardens, you have the chance to observe the different species of plants and trees you can find there. These species come from all parts of the world. The diversity among the species is also out of this world. So, it does not matter which kind of plants you are fond of, chances are high that you will have an amazing time here. Besides plants and trees, the garden offers other things as well. That is to say, the garden is divided into different sections and each section is amazing in its way. For example, one section gives you the feeling as if you were walking through the Amazon. Another section consists of a very wide, open field with a very charming pond in the middle.

All in all, the George Brown botanic garden offers a panorama like no other and you can only experience this by seeing it in person.

Are reservations required to visit George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens?

To ensure that you have a position on one of the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens trips, you should make reservations in advance.

Go Hiking in the Litchfield National Park

This park is technically not located in Darwin, but it is the closest national park in the region. Nevertheless, it only will take you about 1 to 2 hours to get there by car. Then, you will arrive at the Litchfield National Park and you will not know what to do first.

One activity that you can do there is go hiking. The park is filled with tons of stunning hiking trails that will take you to the best places in the entire park. While walking these trails, you can simply enjoy the stunning view that the park has to offer. That is, the park has plentiful fauna and flora. Specially great about the national park though are the multiple waterfalls. The view of these will leave you standing in awe, without a doubt. However, you should take into account that the park is immensely large. As a result, many people spread their visits to the park over multiple days. This way, you can be guaranteed that you can experience it all.

In comparison to some other national parks, you can take a swim in the Litchfield national park. This is for the best since it can get really hot in the park during the summer months. When you need a bit of refreshment, you can simply seek comfort in one of the many natural pools that have formed over the years. Also, please remember to always wear sunscreen, drink a lot of water and cover your head. Otherwise, you might be at risk of developing a heat stroke. Another tip in this department would be to go hiking in the morning rather than in the middle of the day.

Is swimming allowed at Litchfield?

Visitors to Litchfield National Park can take advantage of several scenic, man-made swimming holes. Several fantastic locations exist for a cool swim, including Florence Falls, Buley Rockhole, Wangi Falls, Walker Creek, Cascades, Tjaynera Falls, and Surprise Creek Falls.

Go Kayaking in the Nitmiluk National Park

Another national park that is not that far from Darwin is the Nitmiluk national park. Again, this is quite the drive from Darwin, so it is best to make a day trip out of it. The biggest advantage of the Nitmiluk national park in comparison with the Litchfield national park is that the first one is purer still. To be more concrete, many tourists do not know of Nitmiluk Park’s existence and as a result, it is less crowded. Even more so, this park is equally left untouched by the locals. So, as far as undiscovered pearls go, this park is it.

While this park is also suited for going hiking, another activity is even better to do there. That activity is kayaking. The reason behind this is the so-called “Katherine Gorge”. This is the gigantic canyon that is characteristic of the Nitmiluk national park. Or, more correctly, this is a canyon existing out of 13 different smaller canyons. In that gigantic canyon, there runs a river. Hence, that is why kayaking is the perfect activity to partake in if you decide to visit the park. Kayaking truly is the best way to discover the park and the canyon. The Katherine Gorge is about 7.5 miles long, so you better be prepared to get some exercise in!

If kayaking is not your thing though, you can always opt for a boat trip through the park as well. Similar to what was the case with the Litchfield national park, Nitmiluk Park also has several natural water sources that have formed over the years. Thus, if you want to dive into the water, you absolutely can do so.

Is a Nitmiluk National Park pass required?

Hikers planning to stay the night must first obtain a camping permit from the Nitmiluk Centre’s Park Information Desk. In the Gorge, you can find examples of Jawoyn art at the foot of the sandstone cliffs. The Park is littered with other artifacts and signs of the Jawoyn occupation.

Take a Refreshing Trip to the Darwin Waterfront

It should not come as a surprise that it can get very hot in Australia. Therefore, the same goes for Darwin. That is precisely why it is of utmost importance to seek refreshments every once in a while. Well, the way par excellence to do so is to take a trip to the Darwin Waterfront. This precinct is truly the only place where you will want to be when it is unbearably hot outside.

The Waterfront is especially known for its phenomenal lagoon. The water here looks like it comes from a movie since it is crystal clear. Besides that, the water is the perfect temperature so you can float here for hours. Besides the lagoon, you can swim in a pool at the Waterfront as well.

If this was not yet enough, the Waterfront is also the perfect place if you are looking for a romantic evening. There are multiple restaurants here that serve delicious food. Nonetheless, what takes the cake is the Deckchair Cinema event. This entails that from April to November, you can watch films outside at the Waterfront. So, the Waterfront can be considered Darwin’s very own massive open-air cinema!

Is swimming allowed on Darwin Waterfront?

Swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, relaxing on the sun loungers, playing beach volleyball, tackling the Aqua Park Challenge course, and paddle boarding are just a few of the activities available at Darwin Waterfront (ticketed).

Go to the Darwin Harbour

Darwin is a city with an immensely rich history. Sadly, this history also includes damage from WW II. More concretely, Darwin was destroyed for a big part during the war when Japanese soldiers attacked the city. That is why Darwin is filled with places connected to WO II. One place, in particular, is the harbor. Hence, if you are a history buff and you want to learn more about the history of Darwin in this regard, do not hesitate to visit Darwin Harbor. Here, you can see exactly how Darwin suffered during the war.

For instance, when you arrive at the harbor, you will immediately notice some of the shipwrecks that still lie there. These shipwrecks are a direct result of the Japanese air strikes during the war.

However, if you are looking for an immersive experience, you should get in the water. Then, you can swim through all the old parts of ruined ships. Besides the shipwrecks, you can also find more positive scenes underwater. For example, you will instantly be met with thousands of gorgeous fish that are waiting to swim around you. Not to mention the many corals, riffs, and sea sponges. In other words, you can keep your eyes peeled underwater by Darwin Harbor.

Does Darwin Harbour have crocodiles?

This follows the March capture of a 4.5-meter, 500-pound crocodile in Darwin Harbour. Tom Nichols, a park ranger, has reported finding crocodile nests in some unorthodox locations. These include the area around Durack and the former garbage dump. So far this year, the Northern Territory’s crocodile management team has captured 144 saltwater crocodiles in the Top End.

Go on a Stunning Sunset Cruise

In Darwin, you can find multiple places to watch the sunset. Thus, Darwin and the sunset go hand in hand. Yet, if you do not feel like searching for the best spot, you could always go on a sunset cruise. The sunset in Darwin changes from day to day so you can be guaranteed that you are in for a beautiful surprise.

When you decide to book a sunset cruise, you can enjoy the extraordinary colors of the sunset from the water. The combination of the sunset and the water contributes to an amazing experience that you will not want to miss out on! A sunset cruise generally tends to cost a lot of money, but you can be guaranteed that it will be worth every penny.

What do we get to see at Darwin Harbour Cruises?

On Darwin Harbour Cruises, a guide will discuss Cyclone Tracy and the bombing of Darwin. It is not guaranteed you’ll see crocodiles, dolphins, turtles, or dugongs on your cruise but you will see the sunset over Darwin Harbour and the city skyline come to life as night falls.

Visit the Darwin Aviation Museum

Darwin offers you a varied selection of museums. And while each of them can bring you a lot of knowledge and information, the Darwin Aviation Museum especially is a great choice. That is, this museum displays tons of authentic bombers, airplanes, and other aircraft equipment. All of these devices have played a big part in the military history of Darwin. The best thing about this museum is that it offers free tours every day. If you go on such a tour, a professional guide will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

Do you need a reservation to visit the Darwin Aviation Museum?

Tours of the Darwin Aviation Museum should be scheduled in advance to ensure availability. You may cancel your tour up to 24 hours before departure for a full refund.

Roam the Streets of Darwin

Even though Darwin is a large city, the vibe is reminiscent of a quaint, small town. That is to say, you could roam the streets for hours and each time, you will end up in great places. Moreover, while there are a lot of sociable alleys in Darwin, you should particularly visit the main streets. Examples in this department are Smith Street and the Esplanade. Yet, the most spontaneous street of them all might just be Mitchel Street. Here, you can find nice shops, restaurants, and bars everywhere you go. These are all inspired by multiple multicultural influences. As a consequence, taking a stroll through this street feels like taking a trip around the world. The bars are open until very late so if you are in the mood for going out, you are in the right place here as well.

What makes Darwin Streets different?

It is well known for its cuisine that draws inspiration from a variety of cultures, its outdoor markets, its waterside attractions, and its cozy holiday atmosphere all year round.

Now, if you feel like soaking up some culture and history, you must visit the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. As the name suggests, this establishment combines the concept of a museum and an art gallery. Therefore, this museum offers you the chance to learn more about the history of Darwin in a very accessible way.

To be more concrete, the museum offers you a lot of information about the history of Darwin as a city. Darwin has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Then, Darwin was founded as a settlement. Over the years, Darwin has gone from being very influenced by the European continent to growing as a self-standing city. It is precisely this evolution that is captured in the museum.

The art gallery on the other hand contains art pieces that refer to the history of Darwin too. It focuses mostly on contemporary art, but traditional art has a place as well. For instance, a whole section of the art gallery is dedicated to the Aboriginals. This tribe has a very close connection to Darwin so it is only natural that this part of history is included.

Anyhow, an entrance ticket to this museum/art gallery is entirely free. Thus, you have no reason but to pay a visit!

What is the price of admission to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory?

MAGNT is a free attraction, however, as a nonprofit that operates outside of government oversight, donations are appreciated. If an exhibition has an admission price, it will be clearly stated on its website page along with a link to purchase tickets in advance.

Visit the Indo-Pacific Marine

The Indo-Pacific Marine might not have the most exciting name, but that has to do with the building’s history. That is, this building was primarily intended to serve as a research center. This research center was focused on anything that has to do with marine life. Nowadays, however, the building serves another purpose. Yet, the field is relatively the same.

To be less abstract, the Indo-Pacific Marine building nowadays serves as a gigantic aquarium. Hence, if it is ever raining in Darwin or it is simply too hot outside, you might want to consider the Indo-Pacific Marine. Here, you can observe countless species of fish and other sea creatures. Sometimes, the building also hosts temporary exhibitions. These are always very informative and interesting so you might want to check these out if you have the time.

A fun fact about this building is that most aquariums are designed to be self-sufficient. This means that the fish in the aquarium do not require any specialized filters or food. However, there is one exception to this phenomenon. The aquarium also is home to certain flesh-eating fish. Therefore, these fish need to be fed. Otherwise, there is the risk of these fish eating the other fish and that is something to be avoided at all costs.

What is the status of the Indo-Pacific Marine?

The Indo-Pacific Marine Company has now ceased operations. The website and phone lines are no longer operational.

Enjoy the Culinary Life

As touched upon briefly above, there is a lot of diversity among the people in Darwin. Therefore, this results in a very diverse mix of cultures and nationalities. In Darwin, this has all led to an amazing culinary life. So, Darwin fundamentally offers any cuisine known to man. Consequently, if you are looking for good food, you should go to the city center. There, you will find countless restaurants that can provide you with all the delicious food you want.

Now, while cozy restaurants can be found at each corner in Darwin, there are still some streets to keep in mind in this regard. For instance, Michel Street is a prime example of this department. On this street, you can find restaurants belonging to different cultures. Yet, especially Asian cuisine seems to be represented quite a lot. The same can be said about Smith Street. Thirdly, if you are looking for the best place to get street food in Darwin, you might want to consider the Parap Village Market. This market can be found, as the name suggests, in Parap. In turn, Parap is a quaint suburb located in the north of Darwin.

What food is well-known in Darwin?

Barramundi appears on many menus. Kakadu plum jam tastes great on toast. Quandong peaches are used to make ice cream and stewed fruit. Crocodile flesh is for adventurers. Mud crabs are popular grilled or with chili.

Go Take a Dive at the Mindil Beach

Earlier on in this overview, the Mindil Beach Sunset Market was given a time in the spotlight. Well, right next to this market, there is a stunning beach, called Mindil Beach. Since the city of Darwin is surrounded by water, it should not come as a surprise that there are a lot of beaches there. Yet, you can still make a distinction between the different beaches as far as appearance and coziness go.

Well, the most gorgeous beach by far is Mindil Beach. this beach is very easy to reach if you depart from the city center. Namely, you just need to take the bus and you will arrive in only a slight matter of time. Then, you will be blown away by the beauty and charm that this beach has to offer. The only downside regarding this beach has to do with the jellyfish. That is to say, people are not allowed to go on a swim here between October and May. Particularly, during this period, there is a toxic type of jellyfish that floats in the water. Hence, it is not safe to swim here during these months.

What is the Mindil Beach Sunset Market most renowned for?

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is the beating core of Darwin’s multicultural community. At any given time, the Market is home to well over 200 individual stands, from those selling delicious food to those selling everything from arts and crafts to services.

Visit the Fannie Bay Gaol Museum

Even though there are numerous museums in Darwin, the Fannie Bay Gaol Museum truly stands out. More concretely the building used to serve as a labor prison. This was the case from 1883 to 1979. Nowadays, it serves as a museum that you can visit. Accordingly, you can visit the museum and observe all the cell blocks. They are very much intact still. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the history of the penal system in Darwin. You can also discover all the interesting stories behind the convicted people that served a sentence there back in the day.

Which sights near Fannie Bay Gaol are highly recommended?

Suggested destinations include the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery, Fannie Bay Gaol, East Point Reserve, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, and the Darwin Military Museum.

Attend the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta

Last, but certainly not least, this event is something that you cannot miss out on if you ever decide to visit Darwin. That is, the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta is an annual event. It takes place every year during the summer. It was first organized in 1974 and ever since then, it is a yearly occurrence in Darwin.

The Darwin Lion Beer Can Regatta is many things and revolves around fun. It also revolves around letting your creative side come out. To be more concrete, everything starts with beer cans. The goal of the event is to construct your recycled beer cans in such a way that you construct a little ship. However, you can also use other materials such as bottles or milk cartons. You can do anything you want as long as you end up with a vessel that floats. Then, you and all the other contestants bring your self-constructed little boats onto the water. Then, the only thing left to do is race until a clear winner comes out on top!

Even though the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta is all about this beer can race, you can partake in a lot of other activities as well. Each of these activities revolves around some type of competition. For example, you can participate in beach games. Or you can join a contest to see who builds the best sandcastle. The Regatta even has its version of the Ironman contest! Other activities are not meant to be taken seriously and are more on the ridiculous side of things. An example of such an activity is the annual thong-throwing competition.

Is it possible for people with disabilities to participate in the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta?

Yes. Accepts and helps those who have cognitive, social, or emotional difficulties. (includes those with ABI, dyslexia, dementia, and developmental disabilities like autism and Down syndrome)

Take the Coastal Walk from Nightcliff to Casuarina

Looking for a fun activity to do in Darwin that will also let you take in some breathtaking scenery? Then go outside the city and stroll along the Nightcliff to Casuarina. This is an attractive area of Darwin. It’s very calm and quiet up there. The wide and sandy Casuarina beach is well-known for dog strolling, scenic beauty, and sunset views.

Although the trail starts on Progress Drive, according to AllTrails, the ideal spot to begin is from the Nightcliff Jetty parking lot. When you leave your car here, proceed to Casaurina (to the right if you’re facing the ocean). If you continue on the route, you will pass a river, walk through some mangroves, and arrive at Casuarina Beach.

It’s a fantastic way to spend the morning exploring Darwin. There’s always the option of making the 5-kilometer roundtrip trek from the dock to the Rapid Creek car park.

Is it safe to swim on Casuarina Beach?

On a hot day, the water in the Pacific Ocean around Darwin is alluring, so it’s important to pick a beach that’s been monitored to ensure your safety. In the summer, lifeguards can be seen at Mindil Beach, Casuarina Beach, and Nightcliff Beach.

Go Skydiving

A great activity for adventurers is skydiving in Darwin and landing on the beach below.

Go to Bachelor (a town near Litchfield National Park) and sign up for a tandem jump or a solo excursion if, on the other hand, you want to hang out with a friendly bunch of folks and have a great time. Amazing people work at the Darwin Parachute Club. The only time it’s open is the second weekend of the month, so call ahead to be sure.

Experience the rush of a lifetime while freefalling over Darwin’s beautiful beaches at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Is it necessary to hold your breath when skydiving?

Intentionally holding your breath during a jump is dangerous. Not only would freefall be significantly less enjoyable, but you also want to be sure you’re awake, in excellent body position, and able to follow your skydiving instructor’s instructions.

Take a Scenic Flight

Seeing Darwin from above is the best way to take in the beauty of the city’s landscape. Views of the unique bays, mangroves, city center, and beautiful scenery of this tiny city are spectacular from above.

You can choose between a picturesque flight in a helicopter or a fixed-wing airplane. Regardless of your choice, the scenery will be stunning. There are several flight alternatives, but the ones that fly through Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks are the best.

The flight takes off from Darwin Airport and travels to Kakadu National Park so that guests can enjoy the scenery from above. It’s among Darwin’s finest works.

If you’d rather not spend as much money on a journey to Litchfield from Darwin, this picturesque flight is a great option. Although it is shorter, the views of rivers and waterfalls from above are breathtaking.

For something even better, think about going on a pub crawl in a helicopter. For a small party of libation enthusiasts, this tour is perfect. Just picture yourself flying in on a helicopter to a local watering hole. Neat!

Can kids go on a flight with a view?

Children are welcome to fly, however, they should be at least 5 years old to do so on our recommendation.

Can I take photos while on a beautiful flight?

You are free to capture pictures and videos throughout the entirety of the flight.

Check out the Termite Mounds

The Termite Mounds is a fascinating natural phenomenon located in Darwin’s Litchfield National Park. Incredible termite mounds, some as tall as two meters, spread out across a level plain make for a fascinating sight.

Walk along the boardwalk and gawk at these giant magnetic compasses, their wide sides pointing east-west and their narrow edges pointing north-south. Inside the termite mounds, magnetic termites use thermoregulation to maintain a constant temperature and high relative humidity.

These mounds, along with the larger Cathedral Termite mounds in the area, offer a fascinating view into the lives of these unique organisms and the habitat in which they exist. Just 120 kilometers south of Darwin, a viewing area with accessible boardwalks has been constructed in the northern part of the park. Just off Litchfield Park Road is where you’ll find it. To get close to the larger, four-meter-tall Cathedral Termite mounds and the smaller, two-meter-tall Magnetic Termite mounds, use the boardwalk.

Termite mounds and stunning waterfalls await you on this full-day excursion from Darwin to Litchfield.

What does it mean that termite mounds are magnetic?

Magnetized Termite Mounds are unique to the Northern Territory, from which they get their name. They are wedge-shaped, with the main axis running north to south. As a result, the mounds inexplicably follow the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field.

You can join some activities individually, while others are meant to be joined as a team. At any rate, the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta will deliver you a fun-filled day, for sure. It does not even matter whether you win or lose. All that matters is that you enjoy yourself to the fullest. In the end, you will be rewarded with memories that can last a lifetime and that is a promise! Even more so, the locals of Darwin often like to say that once you partake in this event, you will keep coming back year after year!

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