Best Things to Do in Bude

Best Things to Do in Bude

Now, chances are high that you will never have heard of Bude, England. Yet, this is a true shame. That is to say, it might be small, but it has such a rich history and culture. Not to mention that there are tons of fun activities to partake in if you ever decide to visit Bude. Bude is a small coastal village belonging to the county of Cornwall. Bude is known for its amazing landscape and scenery. So, Bude is a place worth visiting. If you are still not convinced, you probably will be after hearing all the things you can do if you are ever there. Hence, keep reading to find out!

TRAVEL TIP: Bude is a fantastic destination, but you need to be careful with your belongings. For information on luggage storage facilities in the Bude area, visit

Go on a Hidden Gem Tour

Hidden Gem Tour
Hidden Gem Tour

First and foremost, you absolutely must go on a hidden Gem Tour if you are ever in Bude. Namely, this is the best way by far to discover the most beautiful places, buildings, etc. in Bude. If you go on such a tour, you will quickly notice that this is not a regular tour. It is not a tour where you walk past all the prominent squares, buildings, monuments, and so on. Instead, you will not even be accompanied by a guide.

If you go on such a tour, you can download a particular app. This app will serve as your map for the tour. You just have to follow the directions on the app and then, you will pass by all the hidden gems of Bude. Of course, Bude might be considered a hidden gem itself. Regardless, the map on the app will take you to over 100 destinations so this will easily keep you busy for the whole day. However, your activation link for the app lasts about a week. So, you also have the option to spread the tour over multiple days. This will give you the guarantee that you can visit every site and a hidden spot at your own pace. So, you will not have to hurry whatsoever.

This app-based tour is really useful because people tend to look for such hidden gems for days. Or even longer! And yet, they still might be left disappointed at the end of the day.

Another reason why this tour is not like any other tour has to do with another fun aspect. That is to say, this hidden gems tour is linked to a treasure hunt. The app will give you certain clues to find the hidden gems. Then it is envisaged that you work together with your group to solve all these clues. You will not only be rewarded with amazing views and such but there are actual prizes involved as well. In short, this treasure hunt is a remarkably fun way to discover Bude with your friends and/or family.

You can go on the tour on foot, by car, or by bike. The choice is entirely up to you.

Go Biking Through Bude

Biking Through Bude
Biking Through Bude

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Bude is known for its amazing landscape and scenery. It is also not crowded with tourists or anything like that. Instead, Bude is filled with places that are just waiting to be discovered. Well, one of the best ways to do so is by bike. Then, you can bike on one of the many biking trails of Budge. You can also bike along the coast to ensure that you will have the best view the entire time. Besides that, Bude has a lot of remote places plastered everywhere in the coastal town. Hence, you could take this as a challenge to pass each of those places with your bike!

However, since Bude is not that big, you can also choose to expand your biking trip. That is, you could generally use your bike to explore the entire region of Northern Cornwall. Even more so, if you have a lot of time to spare, you could expand your trip to Cornwall as a whole. You will discover amazing places along the way, so this is positively something to take into consideration. One thing that you should take into account though is that Cornwall has a lot of hills. So, only go on a bike trip through Cornwall if you are not afraid to make your legs tired!

You can choose to go biking on your own, but you have other options as well. For instance, you could go on an organized bike tour. Then, you will bike through Bude while being accompanied by a guide. They will make sure that you see every spot that is worth observing. They will also be able to tell you a bit more about the history of certain places that you visit.

Take an Evening Walk Along the Coastline of Bude

Coastline of Bude
Coastline of Bude

While Bude is charming and gorgeous at all times of the day, there is just something about the coastal town at nighttime. Tons of cozy lights adorn the town and that is when Bude is truly at its most beautiful. To be more concrete, Bude looks more welcoming at night. The lights also contribute to the medieval, rustic aesthetic. Therefore, it is necessary to take an evening walk along the coastline of Bude at least once.

By doing so, you can walk in the most gorgeous scenery. You will constantly be able to look over the water and that is an experience that you absolutely cannot miss out on. A bonus in this department is that all the town lights result in a stunning glow over the water. Of course, this has to do with the reflections. Nevertheless, it gives off this magic and fairylike vibe that you simply have to witness in person.

Naturally, you can also go hiking through Bude in broad daylight. A tip in this department would be to walk along the canal of Bude. A second tip is to walk along the South West Coast Path. This path is about 630 miles long and a part of it runs through the coast of Bude. The best part about this path is that it constantly provides you with the most amazing view over the Celtic Sea.

Walk Through the Bude Tunnel

Bude Tunnel
Bude Tunnel

It might be hard to grasp, but one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bude is a tunnel. Indeed, the Bude tunnel attracts a lot of tourists every year. And you might wonder what is so special about a tunnel. Well, the Bude tunnel stands out because it is a magical place, to express lightly. It is 70m long and it connects the Sainsbury’s store to its car park.

The story behind Bude Tunnel is quite hilarious. That is to say, Bude Tunnel was originally listed as a tourist attraction on TripAdvisor as a joke. At first, it was an inside joke between the locals of Bude. They started taking selfies when they were walking through the tunnel and so on. Soon enough, tourists began to come to the Bude Tunnel as well. Concretely, they saw all the selfies and the original post on TripAdvisor. As a consequence, they thought that the Bude Tunnel was a genuine tourist attraction. Well, it was not a tourist attraction originally, but it sure is now.

A few years ago, the town of Bude even decorated the tunnel with a lot of colorful lights. This was in honor of Christmas. It is safe to say that this resulted in a very cute aesthetic. But even without the decorations, the Bude Tunnel is gorgeous as it is. Namely, the architecture of the tunnel is great and that is reason enough to walk through it.

All in all, if you are looking for a fun tourist attraction, you should certainly walk through the Bude Tunnel. It is entirely free of charge and you will have a funny story to tell for years to come! You can even make up your review of the tunnel to participate in the jokes surrounding it. Also, the Bude Tunnel is the perfect place to take pictures with your loved ones. In other words, it is a great place to remember your trip to Bude.

Do you need to book ahead of time to go to Bude Tunnel?

Bude Tunnel is so full that they had to shut down the booking system, which is why it might be hard to find online. You should try to get in at the door because there are sometimes last-minute cancellations.

Partake in Water Sports and Activities

Water Sports and Activities
Water Sports and Activities

You might not associate the Atlantic Ocean with England, but it is the truth. That is, Bude is located right next to the Celtic Sea. In turn, the Celtic Sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, Bude is one of the best coastal towns in England if you want to partake in different kinds of water sports and activities.

One water sport, in particular, that is great to partake in is surfing. When people think of surfing in Cornwall, their mind almost instantly wanders to Newquay, a town not that far from Bude. However, Bude unquestionably is the better option to go surfing. Indeed, Bude has impeccable beaches and these beaches provide the best surfing spots in England. It is also less crowded in Bude and the water is slightly calmer, which is perfect if you are new to surfing.

So, if you ever find yourself in Bude, it would almost be a shame not to go surfing. If you do decide to go surfing in Bude, you will not be disappointed. That is to say, while you are surfing, you have the most amazing view of all the cliffs that Bude is surrounded by. If you are not experienced in surfing though, you can visit one of the multiple surfing schools in Bude. The instructors there will show you the ropes so you can ride the waves of the Celtic Sea in only a slight matter of time.

Besides surfing, Bude is perfect for other water activities as well. These include rowing, kayaking, canoeing, pedal boating, going on boat trips, and so on. Yet, one water activity that should be specifically mentioned is paddle boarding. More concretely, the Bude Canal is the perfect place to go paddle boarding because it is calmer than the Celtic Sea. It also allows you to get some exercise while simultaneously enjoying all the views that Bude has to offer.

Go Swimming in a Natural Pool

Natural Pool
Natural Pool

On a related note, you should also positively visit the natural pool in Bude. That is, the Bude Sea Pool is a natural pool that always attracts a lot of tourists to Bude. Yet, it is not entirely correct to call the Bude Sea Pool a natural pool. Particularly, it would be better to say that the Bude Sea Pool is half a product of nature, and half made by man. At any rate, it would do you good to visit this natural wonder.

The natural pool is located near Summerleaze Beach and has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. The water of the Bude Sea Pool originates from the Celtic Sea. Indeed, the Celtic Sea overflows into the natural pool twice a day. This in itself is a sight to behold and reason enough to go take a look at the Bude Sea Pool.

However, it is especially recommended to visit this pool if you need refreshments. The water is always at the perfect temperature. It might feel rather cold if you first step foot in the water, but once you get used to the feeling, it is perfect and refreshing. If you get tired of swimming, you can go lounging around at the beach as well. Consequently, the Bude Sea Pool is perfect if you and your loved ones are looking for a relaxing day. A trip to this pool is free of charge so that is a nice bonus, for sure.

Go on a Day Trip to Neighboring Towns and Cities

Neighboring Towns and Cities
Neighboring Towns and Cities

There assuredly is a lot to do in Bude. However, the fact remains that this is still a quite small coastal town. This also means that the list of things to do in Bude is not endless. Luckily though, Bude also serves as a great starting point to visit neighboring towns and cities. Some of these have an equally fascinating history as Bude so are worth visiting as well.

For instance, Crackington Haven is only a short drive from Bude. Similar to Bude, Crackington Haven is a picturesque coastal town. And because of the amazing scenery there, it is the perfect place to unwind. You can visit one of the many cozy restaurants or you can visit a bar to get some drinks. Crackington Haven is especially renowned for its many tea rooms so if you are in the mood for authentic English tea, this is something to consider.

Another place not that far from Bude is Morwenstow. You can get there by driving north if you depart from Bude. The great thing about this place is that it has a rich history. As a consequence, you can visit a lot of historic sites, monuments, and tourist attractions if you decide to stop there.

Naturally, there are relaxing opportunities in Morwenstow too. In this regard, it is especially suggested to watch the sunset in Morwenstow. You will be able to see the dropping behind the stunning cliffs. This will provide you with a sight that you will never be able to forget, not that you would ever want to! While you are waiting for the sunset, you might encounter other things as well. That is, there are a lot of seals to be found in Morwenstow. Hence, if you are lucky, you might even be able to see one appear!

Besides Morwenstow and Crackington Haven, there are many other coastal towns and towns in general that are not that far from Bude. These include, inter alia, Launceston, Holsworthy, Boscastle, and Bideford. Each of these has a charm that you cannot deny. So, if you find yourself in Bude with a little extra time on your hands, you might want to consider going on a day trip to one of these towns. You will not regret it in the slightest!

Lounge Around Bude Beach

Bude Beach

As mentioned before, Bude has many amazing beaches that you can enjoy. One beach in particular that you should visit at least once is Bude Beach. Bude Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bude because of its perfect location. To be more concrete, the beach is located just outside the city center of Bude. Hence, you can get there on foot in just a few minutes.

Bude Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in England. Another great aspect of this beach is that it attracts different kinds of people. For example, Bude Beach is a very popular spot among surfers. However, it is just as popular among families that are looking for a nice and relaxing day together. This goes to show just how much Bude Beach has to offer a wide range of people.

Can dogs go to Bude Beach?

Most of Bude’s award-winning beaches are dog-friendly all year round, which is good news. Some beaches have rules about dogs during the summer, but the popular town beach at Summerleaze lets dogs hang out all year long.

Be in Awe By Crooklets Beach

Crooklets Beach
Crooklets Beach

To keep up with the trend of beaches, Crooklets Beach is another beach that you cannot miss out on. This sheltered beach is equally beautiful as Bude Beach but offers a little extra. That is, when the tide is high, something wonderful happens on Crooklets Beach. Then, the beach becomes one with both Summerleaze Beach and Northcott Mouth. The result of this happening is that one big bay is formed. Then, you have an immensely large beach that is there for you to enjoy!

Yet, it bodes well to visit Crooklets Beach with or without this phenomenon. Namely, Crooklets Beach in itself has a lot to offer. For starters, the beach is this gorgeous brownish, almost gold color. That alone attracts a lot of locals and tourists. Yet, it does not stop there. When the tide is low, the beach reveals numerous small rock pools. These are enjoyable for everyone but especially little kids can play around in them for hours at a time.

Another reason why Crooklets Beach is so popular has to do with the entertainment options there. If you get tired of swimming, you can just visit the beach café to enjoy a delicious cocktail. There is also room for games, both for adults and children. The beach especially looks out for children, since there is an entire playground for them to play on. That is precisely why many families like to rent a beach cabin at Crooklets Beach. This way, they can have a lazy beach day while the kids are kept busy too.

Finally, Crooklets Beach is also perfect if you are in the mood to go surfing. This includes both beginning surfers and surfers that have a bit more experience. Yet, especially the experienced surfers seem to enjoy Crooklets Beach. This has to do with the fact that there are a lot of rocks in the water. This means that you need to navigate your surfboard pretty well when the ocean is rather wild. Nevertheless, Crooklets Beach can be calmer during certain times of the day too. Then, it is more than safe for beginning surfers to ride a wave as well.

Is it possible to surf at Crooklets Beach?

Popular among surfers of all skill levels, Crooklets offers a wide range of wave conditions. When the tide is high, a righthander that breaks off Wrangles Rock to the north of the beach may get quite hollow and hold decent-sized waves. As a result of its proximity to the city, Crooklets Beach often experiences high visitor volumes.

Visit St. Olaf’s Church

St. Olaf’s Church

Naturally, there are other things to do in Bude that do not have to do with water. One of those things is paying a visit to St. Olaf’s Church. So, if you are in the mood for a cultural day while you are in Bude, this is something to consider! There is a church in Poughill, which is close to the boundary of Poughill and Bude.

St. Olaf’s Church is an immensely traditional parish church in Bude. Even more so, it dates back to the 13th century, although this is only partly true. The construction of the church took place in stages. The church’s font predates the rest of the structure, making its origins in the 13th century. And yet, the rest of the church wasn’t constructed until much later.

North pillars are from the 14th century, while south pillars were constructed a century later. This demonstrates unequivocally that the stones used to construct the two varieties of pillars are distinct from one another. Northern pillars are constructed from Caen limestone, whereas southern pillars are created from granite. The church’s sturdy front door dates to the 16th century, while its porch was constructed in the 15th. The exquisite sum of the church’s parts is due in large part to the fact that they were constructed at separate times. You can easily see the contrasting parts and while it sounds weird, it all comes together really well.

However stunning the exterior of the church might be, this is all the more true for the interior. The inside of the church is filled with tons of art pieces. For instance, you can find the most creative frescoes and other paintings there that will leave you gawking with your mouth open. Yet, the best thing by far about St. Olaf’s Church is the benches. Poughill in general is known for its gorgeous oak benches. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that you can find these benches in the church too. Even more so, these benches are adorned with all kinds of carvings that you should surely check out.

The final most noteworthy aspect of St. Olaf’s Church is the astonishing tower. The tower has these granite elements that make the church look immensely rustic and authentic.

Visit the Poundstock Guildhouse

Poundstock Gildhouse
Poundstock Guildhouse

This tourist attraction, Poundstock Gildhouse is not exactly located in Bude. Yet, it can be found a few miles from Bude in Poundstock. It will only take you a short drive to get there. Poundstock is such a small village that there is nothing to do there. Yet, Poundstock Gildhouse is an exception to this unwritten rule.

Poundstock Gildhouse can best be described as a churchhouse. It is especially noteworthy because it is one of the few remaining church houses in operation in all of Cornwall. It dates from the 16th century and thus, dates back to the Tudor period. Supposedly, this church was built for festivities back in the day. To support this statement, you can find a kitchen, brewery, and even a bakery inside the building. Many assumed beer was sold from the brewery. This kept the churchhouse afloat. It was kept alive, but that doesn’t imply it’s been kept completely intact. It’s been renovated.

The Poundstock Gildhouse served a lot of different purposes throughout the years. It started as a churchhouse but later turned out to be a haven for poor people. It also used to be a school at a certain moment. Currently, though, it mainly serves as a community building. That is precisely why the decision was made to restore this ancient building. As a consequence, this building can be used for many different community events.

Learn About the History at the Bude Castle

Bude Castle
Bude Castle

If you only get to do one thing while you are in Bude, please let it be going to the Bude Castle. This Victorian castle can be found behind Summerleaze Beach. It is also connected to the root of the Bude Canal. Thus, the location by the water is nothing less than perfect. Naturally, the same goes for the castle itself. The Bude Castle has amazing architectural qualities. It belongs to the revivalist style and appears to be very authentic. Even more so, the castle gives off the vibe of an enormous medieval mansion.

Of course, this does not mean that the castle was built during medieval times. Instead, the castle was built around 1830 by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney. A fun fact about this many is that it is he that invented the steam car in the 19th century.

While a lot can be said about the appearance of the Bude Castle, you should visit this monument because of another reason. That is, visiting this site is one of the most prominent ways to learn more about the history of Bude. Namely, inside the castle, you can find Bude’s Heritage Center. There, you can find a lot of artifacts, memorabilia, objects, etc. that refer to the Bude history. You can also book a tour guide who will be able to tell you everything that you need to know.

Finally, Bude Castle is not only a monument and history museum. No, it can also be used as the most magical venue ever. Indeed, you can rent the castle for personal events. There have even been instances of people hosting their weddings there. But even if you do not hold your wedding at Bude Castle, there are still plentiful reasons to visit this historical monument.

Can people bring their dogs to Bude Castle?

Yes, Bude Castle is an all-year dog-friendly decking.

Enjoy the View of Maer Cliff

Maer Cliff
Maer Cliff

Bude is known for its amazing scenery, that much is clear by now. As regards the scenery, this has a lot to do with the countless awe-inspiring cliffs. That is precisely why you should check out Maer Cliff if you are ever in Bude. Maer Cliff refers to the cliffs that can be found near the beach of Northcott Mouth. As a result, the best way to access Maer Cliff is if you depart from this beach. You can also depart from the city center of Bude, but this walk will take you a while. Also, this is only safe to do when the tide is low, so that is something to remember, for sure.

The best way to experience Maer Cliff is if you are walking the trail of Maer Down. Then, you will be able to observe Maer Cliff in all its glory. To be more concrete, you will be able to perfectly see the muddy cliffs made of limestone. You will also perfectly see how the cliffs disappear into the wild water, which is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Checking out Maer Cliff will learn you a lot about the nature of Bude. That is, if you search thoroughly, you can find fascinating fossil remains there. Most of these fossils date back to the Carboniferous period. Thus, each of these fossils is truly invaluable. This includes plant fossils, but also the remains of fish that existed millions of years ago, and so on. Even more so, there are these so-called fossil hunters from all over the world that travel to Bude. They do so just to observe all the amazing fossils that you can find there. There are fossils washed up on the shore and others that are buried deep within the Maer Cliff strata.

Besides fossils, you can find other gorgeous things near Maer Cliff as well. For example, the wildflowers that you can observe there will leave you standing in awe.

The Maer Cliff itself is made mostly from limestone. Yet, it is also partly made from mudstone. But it does not stop there. The Maer Cliff also contains traces of pitch-black slate. Thus, the Maer Cliff consists of multiple layers, which all add to the beauty of the cliffs. Just as is the case with the fossils that you can find near Maer Cliff, the rocks near the cliffs themselves are ancient. Limestone, mudstone, ironstone, and shale make up the rocks, and they all hail from the Carboniferous epoch.

Walk to the Top of the Compass Point

Compass Point
Compass Point

Now, this astonishing landmark is only a short walk from the town center of Bude. The walk up there is a bit hilly and will take you some effort, but you can be guaranteed that this will be duly worth it. That is, Compass Point is an octagonal building in a very remote location. It used to be a coastguard lookout tower. Nowadays though, it is mainly visited by tourists to get a great view of the landscape. To be more concrete, you can look over the Celtic Sea and Summerleaze Beach. That is because Compass Point can be found on top of a cliff.

The tower is made of limestone and was built around 1840. The tower was built and commissioned by the Acland family. George Wightwick was the architect responsible for it all. Back in 1840 however, the coastguard lookout tower had another location. Ultimately, it has to be moved due to erosion. Now, it is located on the south side of the Bude Canal.

While walking to Compass Point, you might get tired along the way. Luckily for you, you can find several benches and stops on the side of the path. Here, you will not only be able to relax but also allows you to enjoy the landscape a little bit more.

Another common term used to refer to Compass Point is “the Storm Tower”. This refers to the unruly ocean that surrounds the tower. In this sense, the name of the tower is quite ironic. That is to say, there is a lot of commotion surrounding the tower over the last few years. This commotion has to do with the erosion that steadily affects the cliffs of Compass Point. This erosion already caused the Storm Tower to be moved once in the 19th century. Now, chances are high that this will need to be done again. Some people even have started a crowdfunding campaign to save the tower. That is to say, if it does not get moved soon, people might never be able to visit this iconic monument ever again.

Hence, if you are ever in Bude, do not hesitate to go check out Compass Point. You will be rewarded with the most amazing experience ever!

Go on a Trip to Crackington Haven

Crackington Haven
Crackington Haven

Last, but certainly not least, you should take a trip to Crackington Haven if you have some free time while visiting Bude. This place is small but unbelievably cute and quaint. It is located near the coast, but it also displays a fine piece of the countryside. It is precise because of this combination that Crackington Haven has been declared an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. Namely, on the one hand, you can enjoy the countryside and walk past the countless lovely cottages and farms. On the other hand, the coastline of Crackington Haven is equally enjoyable. The beaches are amazing and the cliffs and rock formations offer you astonishing views.

More importantly, though, you should visit Crackington Haven for a peaceful day filled with nature. You can go hiking through the hills. Or you can walk through all the gorgeous flowers of plants. If you get the chance, you could even take some take to observe the countless birds and wildlife that reside there. Examples include sea lions, kestrels, and basking sharks. All in all, Crackington Haven has everything to offer if you ever need a place to clear your head.

Besides nature, there are other reasons to visit this picturesque place as well. For instance, Crackington Haven has a lot of Christian and Anglican influences. As a result, there are a couple of churches that are worth visiting if you are ever there. The same goes for other historical buildings that display great architecture and even greater history. Indeed, Crackington Have has a very rich history. As the name of this place suggests, it used to be a small haven. This haven was used in the 19th century to export slate and import coal and chalkstone. Even more so, it was originally the goal to transform Crackington Haven into one of the largest havens in England. The authorities even wanted to rename the place Port Victoria. Nonetheless, this never became reality and that is just as well! Otherwise, Crackington Haven would have certainly lost some of its small-town charms.

In other words, Crackington Haven is one of the most authentic places to visit near Bude. Better yet, it is one of the oldest and most picturesque places in Cornwall. Therefore, you cannot leave Bude without visiting this neighboring place. It is only a short drive away!

Is it nice to go to Crackington Haven?

Crackington Haven is a beautiful shingle cove in a small coastal village. When the tide is out, it has golden sand and rock pools. It used to be a small port for coal, slate, and limestone, but it never grew. As a result, it has stayed a quiet place.

Summerleaze Beach

Summerleaze Beach
Summerleaze Beach

The fact that Summerleaze Beach shares its vast inlet with Bude harbor and the opening lock to the Bude Canal makes it, unlike any other English beach. The beachfront terraces of the sea pool overlook a wide stretch of golden sand that is framed by cliffs made of sandstone and dotted with beach huts.
Although Summerleaze’s westward orientation provides some shelter from the wind, the beach is nonetheless exposed to the Atlantic Ocean’s full fury.

Surfers can hit the harbour’s hollow left and high right waves when the tide is out, while families can enjoy the beach when it’s low. From Summerleaze’s waterfront location in Bude, you can easily walk to the town’s greatest restaurants, shops, and surf schools.

Do they allow BBQs on Summerleaze Beach?

You can only use a barbecue on the beach. Summerleaze Beach and Crooklets Beach both have fire-proof bins for disposable BBQs. Please be careful and always wet the sand until it feels cool to the touch before you leave.

Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool
Bude Sea Pool

Tucked into the sandstone and shale beds at the foot of the cliffs on the north side of Summerleaze beach is a tidal pool that fills and empties with the tides. At high tide, seawater flows into the natural depression in the granite that serves as the Bude Sea Pool.

The area behind the fortifications wasn’t developed as a place to relax until the 1930s, when a sluice gate was put in place and sunbathing terraces were constructed, replete with beach huts. During the Great Recession, Cornwall council considered closing the Sea Pool, but a non-profit group has since taken over management of the facility to guarantee that it stays open and safe for tourists.

When visiting Bude Sea Pool, is there a fee?

Bude Sea Pool is open to everyone and there is no fee to get in. Friends of Bude Sea Pool doesn’t get any money from the government to keep it open and safe for everyone. Instead, it depends on the help of Friends, Donors, local Business Sponsors, and Visitor Giving Partners.

South West Coast Trail

South West Coast Trail
South West Coast Trail

The shoreline in Bude is perfect for strolls, but surfers and beachcombers will also enjoy it. Behind the beach is where you’ll find Bude’s grassy clifftops and the national trail Southwest Coast Trail. From Minehead in Devon to Poole in Dorset, the path covers a total distance of 630 miles over the length of the South West Peninsula of England. Bude has a fairly slightly steep walk, and the canal tow is a nice place to take a stroll with kids if you plan on sticking around.

The High Cliff near Crackington Haven is the tallest in the south of England, measuring 224 meters in height. Arthurian legend abounds in the nearby town of Tintagel, which also features the ruins of a castle built as a Roman fort in the 13th century.

Where does the South West Coast Path begin and where does it end?

South West Coast Path starts at Minehead, which is in Somerset, and goes along the coast of Exmoor, North Devon, and then Cornwall. It goes all the way around the coast of Cornwall, across the mouth of the River Tamar, and into Devon.

Widemouth Bay Beach

Widemouth Bay Beach
Widemouth Bay Beach

Another beautiful surf beach with low, overgrown hills, Widemouth Bay is only three miles south of Bude. The 1.5-mile-long beach is split in two by a rocky protrusion. The waves at Widemouth Bay’s sandy shores are reliable and not too intimidating for novice surfers. At higher tides, reef summits might be reachable by those who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Beyond Widemouth Bay, in the resort area, you can find several surf schools offering both long-term and drop-in programs.

Is the beach at Widemouth Bay sandy?

It is a huge stretch of sand with many rock pools to explore. Even though Widemouth Bay looks like one big beach, it’s two separate beaches. Black Rock, at the southern end, has a private parking lot and is dog-friendly all year. At the southern end, Black Rock is dog-friendly all year.

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