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Day Trips from Hobart

Hobart has gone from sleepy Tasmanian town to thriving tourist destination. The town on the Australian island is ideal for foodies looking for something different than the big city fare of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Tasmania’s location makes it a remote part of the world with Antartica laying not too far away to the south and Melbourne to the north. The Tasmanian capital is situated on the Derwent River, a gorgeous backdrop to the laid-back community that call Hobart home. Hobart and surrounding areas are full of creative types with many who have traded in the big city for a piece of small-town Aussie life. The standard of living around Hobart is high and that is one of the reasons travellers head to the island’s capital city. But it isn’t just the laid-back atmosphere that people love about Hobart. Outdoor lovers have some of the most beautiful natural landscapes at their doorstep. Within a short distance of Hobart, you will find an array of day trips that deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. You won’t regret booking a holiday in Hobart, especially with these day trips all within a short distance of the Tassie town.

Tahune Airwalk and Hastings Cave

Located in the Huon Valley around 90 minutes from Hobart, you will find the Tahune Airwalk. Following the Huon River southwest from Hobart through Geeveston, you will meandre through quaint Tasmanian towns. If you thought the pace of life was slow in Hobart, then you will find that these little towns are even slower. You may even stop off to buy some locally sourced goods while exploring the Tasmanian countryside. The Tahune Airwalk is a 650 metre steel canopy walkway. It stands high above the Huon River providing breath-taking views of the Huon Valley below. The airwalk can be completed in around an hour and individuals should be of average fitness or better to attempt it. Once you complete the Tahune Airwalk, try the Swinging Bridges Walk. It takes you across the Picton and Huon Rivers. The bridges, which sway back and forth as you walk across them, are 60 metres in length. The Swinging Bridges Walk will take you an hour to complete. If you still have energy, you can explore the Huon Pine Walk, which takes you through the lush Huon Forest. It is a 20-minute walk and perfect to finish off your day of exploring.

There is still more adventure to discover at the Tahune Airwalk. Kayaking and rafting are available and offer you a wet and wild adventure. After finishing up at the Tahune Airwalk, jump in the car and drive 90 minutes south to relax at Hastings Cave. A tour of the cave will teach you about the amazing local wildlife that calls the area home. There are also thermal springs located at the caves. After walking the Tahune Airwalk and its trails, you can take a dip in the 28-degree springs to relax and recover you muscles.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a wonderful day trip from Hobart destination. It is so lovely that you may even want to spend more than a day on the scenic island. Foodies will rejoice when arriving at Bruny for its gourmet food. Yes, the islanders have made Bruny a top choice for anyone seeking handmade food and drink produced at the highest standards.

Foods such as honey, fruit, cheese, and chocolate are all produced by artesian makers on the island. But the true treat lies in the craft beers, gin, and wines that are made. Yes, anyone seeking a magical gastronomic experience should visit the island, which is reachable from a ferry that runs from Kettering. The town is around 30 minutes from Hobart. If you leave Hobart just after breakfast, you can be on Bruny Island snacking on shucked oysters and other locally sourced foods by lunch.

Bruny Island isn’t just about the food, although that is the top reason to visit. There are a variety of nature walks to discover. Neck Lookout is a great climb and once to the top, you will be rewarded with incredible views of the island. You may even run into a penguin or two. Cape Bruny Lighthouse is another top tourist attraction as it sits atop cliffs facing the south side of the island. You will certainly encounter the island’s wildlife on an exploration.

Tasman Peninsula

You will find the Port Arthur Historic Site just 90 minutes from Hobart on the Tasman Peninsula. It is one of the island’s most famous tourist attractions and a must-see for anyone visiting Hobart. Tasmania was once a holding place for prisoners and Port Arthur was the entry point. The site offers up plenty of great history on the island. It has a variety of well-preserved buildings that tell a story of the early years of Tasmania.

Although the history of the area was rather bleak, the preserved buildings and grounds look far brighter today. You can explore the area which is more like a historical park. There are guided tours available to learn more on your visit.

After learning about Tassie’s history, explore the Tasman Peninsula to explore its natural scenery. Must-see wonders include the Tasman Arch, Devils Kitchen, Remarkable Cave, and Tasman Blowhole. These coastal features are all easy to reach on a daytrip from Hobart. The Unzoo is also located on the Tasman Peninsula and you will find it to be an incredible wildlife experience with no fences, allowing the animals to roam freely.

Mount Field National Park

Just beyond the Derwent Valley, you will find Mount Field National Park, some 90 minutes from Hobart. Mount Field is ideal for a full-day out and families can keep the kids busy throughout their stay. The park offers you the chance to see a large number of animals unique to the island.

Russell Falls is the main attraction and is easily accessible from the carpark. The walk to the falls takes just 10 minutes over moderate terrain. The multi-tiered waterfall is perfect for a family selfie. Walking trails are available offering hours of hiking. You can hike the trails to Horseshoe and Lady Barron Falls which take around two hours to complete. The walks will take you through lush forests with huge swamp gum trees.

As you explore deeper into the park you will discover Seagers Lookout, Lake Dobson, and Lake Fenton. The views on offer, deep inside Mount Field National Park, are tremendous. The park’s size makes it great for a full day of adventure.


Richmond is just 18 kilometres away from Hobart. You don’t have to dedicate a full day to visiting the town, but why wouldn’t you? Richmond is arguably the island’s most historical town. It rivals Hobart as a major tourist destination, so visiting the town just a few kilometres away on a day trip from Hobart makes perfect sense.

The small town is full of history and its architecture takes you on a trip back in time. Richmond has over 50 historic buildings with many of those dating back to the 1820s. Richmond is ideal for an education on Tasmania’s rich history. The town’s museums offer up even more information about the region while grabbing a bite to eat at a local cafe provides you the chance to speak with locals.

Like Hobart, Richmond is thriving in the foodie sector. Locally sourced foods are sold at the shops and cafes in town and the area around Richmond is one of Australia’s fastest-growing wine regions. Richmond is linked with Hobart and Port Arthur as important convict trail towns. It is an incredible place and easy to reach for an afternoon day trip from Hobart.

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington looks down over the town of Hobart. It is difficult to miss the mountain as it rises up from the Tasmania soil. If you are looking for one of the best views of the area, then hike up to the top of Mount Wellington for glorious sights of the region.

At the top of the mountain you will find an observation deck. On a clear day, the observation deck provides amazing panoramic views. You can snap awe-inspiring photos of Hobart and post them to your Instagram to make followers green with envy. There are hiking trails down the mountain from the summit. A variety of environments can be explored as you trek back into town. You will find alpine terrain and rainforest landscapes that are perfect for hiking.

Public transport runs from Hobart to Mount Wellington and it takes just 20 minutes to make the trip. Instead of taking a car or bus, you can always begin your hike in Hobart city centre and trek to the top of Mount Wellington and back.

Hobart is one of the world’s top 10 spots to visit, according to Lonely Planet. It is a beautiful piece of earth on Australia’s most fascinating island. Whether you want to learn more about Tasmania’s history, sample great artesian food and drink, or just need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, day trips from Hobart can deliver everything you want and more while on holiday.