Best Day Trips from New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that’s known for its culture, cuisine, music, and nightlife. It’s also known for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. If you want to experience all that this fantastic city has to offer but don’t have time to stay long term then there are plenty of day trips from New Orleans that can help you get a taste of what the area has to offer.

One of the best things about New Orleans is its diversity of attractions. Whether you want to go gator-spotting in the swamps or enjoy a sunny day on the beach, you can find something to suit every taste. The city is renowned for its diverse culture, including music, art, and culture.

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Abita Brewery

If you’re in the mood for some craft beer, take a day trip to Abita Brewery. About 30 miles north of New Orleans, this craft brewery is one of America’s largest, producing more beer than many of the big brands combined. The brewery tour will take you through the beer-making process and include four different tastings of their beer. Tour groups are kept small, so you’ll have a more personal experience.

After tasting the beers, stop at the brewery’s restaurant, the Abita Brewpub, located in the original brewery building. This restaurant features a beautiful view of the Tammany Trace hiking trail, as well as a look at the brewery’s original 15-barrel brew house. For dinner, try one of the many delicious dishes at the brewery’s restaurant, where the beers are served in the original barrels.

While you’re at the Abita Brewery, take some time to explore the town of Houma, located on the Mississippi River. You’ll find plenty of delicious food and unique souvenirs in this town. You can even kayak on the bayou and check out the Abita Mystery House, which features a bizarre room experience. You’ll also want to stop by the nearby De Soto National Forest, named for 16th-century Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, to enjoy the beauty of a pine forest.

Abita Mystery House

For an easy day trip from New Orleans, you can visit the Abita Mystery House, an eccentric museum located in a 19th-century gas station. Animated displays and Louisiana-themed sculptures fill this eerie place. A 100-year-old Creole cottage and a haunted plantation add to the atmosphere of this museum. The house is open every day, except Monday, and admission costs $3. The museum is located about an hour’s drive from downtown New Orleans on LA-59.

The Abita Mystery House and UCM Museum is a unique roadside attraction in the southeastern part of Louisiana. Housed in a former gas station, the museum showcases thousands of strange and wacky items. Among its residents is Buford the Bassigator and Darrell the Dogigator. Covington is also home to one of the oldest sightseeing carriage companies in the U.S., with tours lasting either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. During a tour, you can enjoy the town’s rich history with a knowledgeable guide.

On one of the most popular day trips from New Orleans, you can explore the Abita Mystery House and a local brewery. Abita is the state’s oldest brewery, and it is popular with beer enthusiasts.

You can also take the bike path along the Tammany Trace, a 28-mile stretch of dirt roads that stretches through the city. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, drive a little further north and visit St. Francisville, a small town with an unpretentious vibe set in a lush forest.

Lake Pontchartrain

A day trip from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain will allow you to experience the natural beauty of Louisiana’s largest inland body of water.

This lake is connected to the Gulf of Mexico via rivers and bayous. Though the lake is considered a lake, it is an estuary or the tidal mouth of a river. The Causeway Bridge spans Lake Pontchartrain for 23 miles, and driving across it takes about 50 minutes. While you’re in the area, you’ll find many different activities and attractions that are sure to appeal to the whole family.

The north shore of Lake Pontchartrain is a sleepy New Orleans neighborhood that is less busy than Crescent City. Local attractions here include the Abita Brewery and the mysterious Abita Mystery House. You’ll also find lakefront cabins in Fontainebleau State Park. The Pontchartrain Causeway, one of the world’s largest bridges, crosses the lake for easy access.

A day trip from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain can also include a stop at Abita Springs, which is known for its infamous Abita Brewery. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the breweries and try some of their delicious beer. You can even take the kids on a tour and buy Abita-made sodas to take home with them. Afterward, you can ride your bicycle along the Tammany Trace, a repurposed railroad line.

Blue Bayou Water Park

If you are in the mood for an amusement park or a relaxing day trip, consider taking a day trip from New Orleans to Blue Bayou Water Park.

The park has nearly 20 attractions, including epic giant slides and a lazy river. The park is also a great place for families with kids to enjoy a day of splashing around.

Located just an hour and a half from the city, this water park offers a fun mix of rides and attractions. The African American Museum, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, and the Old State Capitol make for great stops. And if you have kids, there’s no better place to cool off than at Blue Bayou Water Park.

Whether you want to cool off from the summer heat with a refreshing dip or a fun ride and slide, Louisiana is home to many exciting water parks. You can find a great day trip from New Orleans to Blue Bayou Water Park at this water park, which offers both thrilling slides and calm, relaxing rides. There’s also an area for the younger set, as well. It’s worth a visit for families who’ve never been to Louisiana.

While the water park offers an adventure for the entire family, families can visit the Baton Rouge Zoo and the Hilltop Arboretum. A visit to the Baton Rouge Zoo is a unique way to connect with nature, and the park also has scenic views. And if water slides and gators aren’t your things, you can always rent a motorized boat to take a tour of the swamps.

Day trips from New Orleans to Blue Bayou will allow you to explore more of the city. The city’s thriving culinary scene makes it an attractive option for foodies. And if you love beer, you’ll be happy to hear that Abita Brewing is the state’s oldest brewery. You can also visit the Abita Mystery House, a converted gas station turned wacky art museum.

The park is a perfect place to spend a day, especially for families. It’s also a great place to get close to the alligators, and you can even go kayaking with a guide.

Local guides know the best spots to see them and how to stay safe. This will keep the kids busy and happy for hours. Once you’ve had enough excitement at the water park, head back to the city to see the sights.

Grand Isle State Park

A day trip from New Orleans to Grand Isle State Park is a great way to get to know the Gulf Coast and experience some great coastal fishing, bird watching, or water sports.

The island of Grand Isle is a popular fishing destination and a great place to relax and watch the sunset. It is also a popular beach destination, which is why the drive from New Orleans to Grand Isle is so pleasant. The park protects the eastern half of the island, which includes a fishing pier, hiking trails, and beach campgrounds. In the spring, thousands of birds migrate to Grand Isle, where you can enjoy a swim or a picnic. You can even rent kayaks and explore the area’s natural beauty.

The barrier island that makes up Grand Isle is a great place for families or couples looking for a day trip from the city. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the barrier island. In 2010, volunteers worked to restore the beach and protect the area’s biodiversity. Afterward, they planted mangrove trees and opened the park to the public again. The park has a variety of activities to offer, from swimming and surfing to fishing and birding.

The park is located on the eastern end of Grand Isle and has views of the nearby Grand Terre island, which was once home to the legendary pirate Jean Lafitte. A 400-foot public fishing pier and fish cleaning station are available nearby.

The park can accommodate up to 100 people, and there are two bathrooms, a dump station, and other amenities. While you are on the island, you can watch a spectacular sunset and a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to hiking, you can explore the area’s natural attractions, such as the De Soto National Forest. This area is known for its tall pine trees, and the trails are not difficult to navigate. The Black Creek Hiking Trail can be reached from Black Creek Trailhead and Big-Creek Landing. While it is not a challenging hike, it is long and scenic. The Black Creek Hiking Trail is the easiest to access from the Black Creek Trailhead.

St. Bernard Parish

If you’re visiting New Orleans, you might be looking for a day trip that’s not far away. Located just five miles outside of the city limits, St. Bernard is rich in history, including the Battle of New Orleans.

From the bustling metropolis of New Orleans, day trips from Saint Bernard Parish offer a taste of Louisiana’s beauty, culture, and local seafood. You can enjoy oyster chargrill at one of the many seafood markets, or take a tour of the historic Fort St. Bernard. Afterward, try out the arthouse movie theaters and consignment shops in the region. A deep dive into local history will also keep you entertained.

You can also take a horseback tour in the area. There are 250 acres of riding trails to explore. You can also find a petting zoo and lawn games. If you’re planning to bring your children, consider spending the day at Splendor Farms. It’s one of the most popular day trips from New Orleans. In addition to horseback riding, you can also enjoy a relaxing day at the hotel.


If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway that’s not too far from the Big Easy, day trips from New Orleans to Lafayette can be a great option.

Lafayette is just two hours away from New Orleans, and it’s the heart of the Acadiana region. It’s a great place to explore the history and culture of Louisiana. There are many things to do in Lafayette, including eating authentic Creole food and taking in a show at the Lafayette Theatre.

While visiting Lafayette, don’t miss the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park. This is home to an informative museum about the Acadians’ expulsion from Canada. You can also visit the Alexandre Mouton House, also known as the Lafayette Museum. Built in the 1800s, this museum contains artifacts from that period. While visiting Lafayette, you can sample some of the area’s best seafood and try out its many restaurants.

If you’re visiting Lafayette from New Orleans, don’t forget to sample the local cuisine and culture. The drive from New Orleans to Lafayette is filled with picturesque landscapes and historic homes. If you don’t want to drive for hours on end, you can rent a car in Lafayette and return in a day. While the drive to Lafayette is a bit long, it’s well worth the trip. You’ll be happy you made the trip!

Atchafalaya National Heritage Area

For nature lovers, a day trip to Atchafalaya National Swamp is a must. This two-hour drive out west from New Orleans is a perfect getaway. Explore the swamp’s submerged trees, explore its natural beauty, and spot alligators and snakes. There are even guided kayak tours that you can take if you’re a real birdwatcher.

The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area is located about two hours out of New Orleans, in Plaquemines Parish. This area is a diverse cultural place, with influences from Native Americans, the French, and the Europeans. Visitors will find a variety of activities to enjoy here, from fishing to canoeing. Besides being a popular destination for outdoor activities, Atchafalaya is culturally rich, with African, Caribbean, and European cultures present.

Atchafalaya is home to some of the state’s last remaining wetlands. While visiting the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, you should also check out St Francisville, a bohemian town set among forests and hills. It has plenty to offer visitors, from historical buildings to antique and art shops to hiking trails. And don’t miss the Breaux Bridge! Once you’re there, you’ll be able to experience Louisiana’s unique culture in a completely different way.

Another attraction in Atchafalaya is the Joyce Wildlife Management Area. You can take boardwalk tours through the swamp, where signs explain the local wildlife. You can also visit the Abita Springs Mystery House in the vicinity. This is a place famous for its agriculture, and kangaroos and giraffes are among the animals you can see there. In addition to swamp tours, the area also hosts several educational venues.

Steamboat Natchez

If you want to experience authentic New Orleans cuisine and relax on the Mississippi River, then you should book a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez. This authentic steamboat has been paddling the river for decades and is one of only five remaining steamboats in the United States. You can also enjoy live music and lunch on board. While on board, you’ll get a fascinating overview of New Orleans’ history.

If you’re in the mood for an unforgettable day trip, take a steamboat ride down the mighty Mississippi. The Steamboat Natchez is the only real steamboat that still runs and offers a beautiful, scenic cruise on the river. There are several options to choose from, with a variety of experiences available to meet the needs of all visitors. It also features a full wine and beer list, as well as seasonal festive cocktails.

You can enjoy live jazz and other performances onboard. You can also enjoy craft cocktails and traditional New Orleans cuisine while onboard. Bookings can be made as late as 24 hours before departure. Make sure to check the ticket cancellation policy before departing to avoid disappointment. If you’re traveling with a group, a Steamboat Natchez cruise is an ideal way to experience the city with friends and family.

After a full day of sightseeing, take a Steamboat Natchez Cruise. The steamboat will take you to historic landmarks along the lower Mississippi River, while the steam calliope will entertain you during the two-hour cruise. Afterward, you can explore New Orleans on your own or return to your cruise ship.

A steamboat tour is an unforgettable way to see New Orleans from a different perspective.

Whitney Plantation

One of the most popular day trips from New Orleans is to Whitney Plantation. Located near Wallace, Louisiana, Whitney Plantation is not easily accessible by public transportation.

For those who want to visit the plantation and museum in one day, popular tour companies offer both options, including combined plantation tours. Whitney Plantation tickets can be purchased at the plantation or online. This tour focuses on the history of slavery in the southern United States and highlights the perspectives of enslaved people.

Located in the heart of the Louisiana swamp, the plantation is home to several historic homes and beautiful gardens.

The estate’s main house, called the Big House, is one of the best-preserved plantation houses in the United States. It has been featured in several movies from the era. The Big House tour includes stops at Oak Alley Plantation, Laura Plantation, and the swamplands.

Baton Rouge

If you’ve never visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you’re in for a treat. The city is steeped in history, with a mix of southern charm and Creole culture. With two state capital buildings, Baton Rouge offers equal parts tradition and cutting-edge modernity.

This historic and culturally rich city is the capital of the state and offers delicious southern cuisine, interesting museums, and fun amusement parks. You can explore the city’s numerous attractions, including the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and the American Civil War Memorial. For something more relaxed, you can visit the Louisiana State University Hilltop Arboretum.

Visitors can enjoy Louisiana’s famous food, which includes catfish, oysters, and collard greens. Other fun things to do in Baton Rouge include the state capitol, which includes the state’s oldest art museum, Brec’s Plate and Pie, and Louisiana State University’s Hilltop Arboretum.

A day trip from New Orleans to Baton Rouge takes just an hour or so and will allow you to see the state’s most iconic sights. The city is home to the state capitol, the nation’s tallest, and many other southern attractions. Check out the Louisiana Art and Science Museum or visit the Baton Rouge African American Museum to learn about the colorful history of the African-Americans in Louisiana. A visit to the USS KIDD, a WWII naval destroyer, and the Louisiana Zoo is also worth considering.

Plaquemines Parish

A Day trip from New Orleans to Plaquemines Parish is a great way to explore Louisiana’s coast. With hundreds of miles of coastline and nearly 80 freshwater lakes, Plaquemines Parish is a world-class fishing destination.

In winter, you can visit one of the area’s many lakes and enjoy bird watching, angling, and other recreational activities.

The area is also home to the Mississippi River and wetlands, making it a world-class fishing destination. There are plenty of attractions and activities to keep you entertained in Plaquemines. Plus, it’s near Mobile, Alabama.

One of the best things about Plaquemines Parish is its pristine nature. This area is also home to the largest free-range preserve in the United States, the Global Wildlife Center. You can even catch a show or two at the state capital, Baton Rouge. The wetlands and wildlife are protected and provide the perfect location for a romantic day out. Visiting Plaquemines Parish can be a memorable experience for all ages.

Atchafalaya National Park

If you’re looking for a great New Orleans day trip, look no further than the Atchafalaya National Park. This national park lies about two hours outside of the Big Easy. In the wet season, the swamp turns into Cypress Lake and stretches almost to the ocean. Tours in the swamp offer views of the marshlands and wildlife. Some of the best options include eco-cruises led by a naturalist, high-speed airboat rides, and guided tours.

If you’re planning a full-day trip, consider taking a swamp tour. While you’re there, check out the local swamps and visit a brewery. Abita Springs is one of the largest in Louisiana. You can even sample their beer before you go. Make sure you arrive early.

Taking a tour will ensure you have the most fun! You can’t go wrong with an Atchafalaya swamp day trip!

While you’re in the area, don’t miss out on the Global Wildlife Center. This educational attraction features 4,000 species of animals. Among these are giraffes, llamas, kangaroos, and bison. Admission is $19 for adults and $13 for children. It’s best to book your tickets early. You’ll save a lot of money!

Another option for day trips from New Orleans to Atchafalaya is Lake Martin. You can take a boat tour through the lake or explore the swamps on land. There are several places for lunch in the area, including the Spoonbill Watering Hole and Social Southern Table.

What sorts of wildlife can you see in Atchafalaya National Park?

100 fish and shellfish species serve the sport and commercial fishing and feed birds, reptiles, and mammals. Atchafalaya is home to the Louisiana black bear, white-tailed deer, bobcat, coyote, alligator, beaver, nutria, mink, otter, muskrat, armadillo, fox, and opossum.


For the ultimate Gulf Coast getaway, consider a day trip from New Orleans to Biloxi. With clear blue skies and white sand, Biloxi is a great place to relax and unwind. Whether you want to hit the casino or spend the day relaxing by the Gulf, this Mississippi coastal city has something for everyone. In addition to gambling, there is plenty to do in Biloxi, including outdoor activities, literary sites, and fine dining.

This gulf city is known for its partying and nightlife. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed day, head to Biloxi to hit the casinos and eat some fresh seafood. There are a lot of outdoor activities to be had here, too.

After exploring the city, head to Breaux Bridge, located just a couple of hours west of New Orleans. You can get there by taking 1-10 West through Baton Rouge but avoid rush hour times when commuters from New Orleans clog the road. Visit Breaux Bridge in May, when the annual Crawfish Festival takes place. The festival features live music, cajun cultural events, and tons of boiled crawdaddies.

Ocean Springs

An Ocean Springs day trip from New Orleans offers the perfect opportunity to experience the coastal town’s art scene.

You’ll find several galleries and boutique hotels lining the classic USGulfCoast downtown streets. You can dine at local favorites such as the award-winning Vestige restaurant, owned by James Beard semi-finalist Alex Perry. Then, try a cocktail at Wilbur Bar in The Roost, which has a picturesque courtyard behind it. For a more relaxed meal, consider taking a cooking class at Mary C. restaurant, which serves up a variety of seafood and BBQ fare.

During your stay in Ocean Springs, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the town’s famous Front Beach and the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Ocean Springs is also close to the Biloxi Bay Bridge and the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art. You can visit a museum or two while you’re there, and if you’re a fan of the outdoors, check out the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum and the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art.

What do people know Ocean Springs for?

Once known for its namesake mineral springs, Ocean Springs is a community that is today noted for dining, antique and vintage shopping, art, and natural enjoyment.

Abita Springs

If you’re looking for a fun day trip from New Orleans, consider a day trip to Abita Springs. This sleepy town is near Lake Pontchartrain, and you can explore the wacky Mystery House or visit the Trailhead Museum, which features local folk art. If you’re a beer lover, you’ll enjoy a visit to Abita Brewery.

Located on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Abita Springs is home to Louisiana’s famous Abita Brewery. Visitors can tour the brewhouse and taste the famous local brew. There are also guided tours and Abita-made sodas for kids. While you’re in Abita Springs, make sure to check out the Tammany Trace Trail, a restored railroad line that serves as a hiking and biking path.

The Tammany Trace, a 31-mile scenic bike trail, stops in Abita Springs and other nearby towns along the way. You can even rent a bike from the rental stand, which is adjacent to the park. This rails-to-trails project offers a scenic way to see the Northshore. You can also take a taxi from New Orleans to Abita Springs.

Another attraction that you’ll find in Abita Springs is the Blind Tiger. Located on an island off the Mississippi coast, this attraction is one of the most popular with visitors. The Blind Tiger serves fresh seafood and island-inspired drinks on its beachside patios. Whether you choose to eat fresh seafood or relax with live music, you’re sure to have a great time. The Blind Tiger has become an iconic landmark on Highway 90, a picturesque Gulf Coast beach road that is only 60 miles away from New Orleans.

Another place that you might consider for a day trip from New Orleans to Abita Springs is the Mississippi coast. This city is known for its beautiful beaches, and it offers a diverse selection of activities. If you like to be outdoors, you’ll find plenty of hiking and horseback trails in the area.

Disc golfing and shooting are also options for outdoor recreation. If you’re into culture and history, you might consider a day trip to Mobile, Alabama, just two hours from New Orleans. This city has all the attractions of a big city and has an interesting history.

What makes Abita Springs famous?

Abita has been known for a long time for its artesian water and the Abita Brewery, which makes seven flagship beers and seasonal beers to suit your tastes no matter what time of year it is. This pretty town is also well-known for having a main street that is just very charming.

Houmas House Plantation

If you’re planning a day trip from New Orleans, you may want to take a look at the plantation’s exquisite gardens and stunning interiors. The grounds are lush and colorful, and you can enjoy a great meal at one of the three restaurants on site. If you’d like to stay overnight, you can book a room at Houmas House, which has three restaurants and overnight accommodations.

The plantation is handicapped accessible, and each room has several benches for guests to sit down during a guided tour. To make your trip to Houmas House Plantation as easy as possible, you may want to consider renting a car or taking a bus from New Orleans. A map with driving directions is available for free online. Taxis and Uber are not reliable in New Orleans, so you’ll want to bring your car or hire a ride.

While the plantation grounds at Houmas House Plantation are stunning and well-preserved, the houses themselves are not. It’s possible to experience a ghostly history while you’re there.

In addition to the mansion itself, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in the plantation mansion and a tour of the gardens. While there are plenty of tourists visiting the area, be prepared to contend with crowds.

While you’re in the area, you might want to stop by the historic San Francisco Plantation. The plantation has impressive steamboat Gothic-style architecture and a free, guided tour of the plantation. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy an amazing gourmet lunch. You’ll also have a chance to check out the famous artwork of Louisiana. All of this is worth the trip.

The Louisiana Bayous

Despite their name, Louisiana’s bayous are not as far away as you might think. Located just over an hour from the city, most bayous are close enough to be visited in a day. While Cajun Country is also a great destination for day trips from New Orleans, Louisiana’s bayous are particularly beautiful and interesting. The most enjoyable way to explore the Louisiana Bayous is on a boat tour with a local tour guide.

During your trip, you can visit New Iberia, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and deepest lake in Louisiana. You can also take a trip to nearby Bayou Teche, a river that’s 135 miles long. While you’re here, be sure to pack a decent camera and plenty of water. Sunscreen and bug spray will also come in handy! This destination is also a great choice for a romantic getaway.

For those with a car, the Louisiana Bayous offer an easy way to explore the region. Just a couple of hours from New Orleans, you can travel to Lafayette, which is the heart of Acadiana culture. The city is known for its unique cuisine and culture, so it’s easy to find something for every taste. While you’re here, be sure to pack a picnic lunch if you can.

Is the water in the Louisiana Bayous fresh or salty?

Louisiana’s line between saltwater and freshwater goes east from the state line with Texas to the state line with Mississippi. Fresh water is north of this line. The lakes Maurepas, Pontchartrain, and St. Charles are all saltwater and are found south of this line.

The Great River Road

Travel + Leisure named The Great River Road one of the country’s most scenic roads. This driving trip down the Mississippi River through Louisiana is a wonderful way to see the beauty of this region. You can stop by historic houses on the way, or go inside some of the former sugar plantations. If you’re in the mood for a bit of relaxation, stay in a restored cottage. You can also visit the Houmas House, once the world’s largest sugar plantation.

On your trip, you can take in a few plantation homes along the Mississippi. The number of plantation homes depends on your time allotment and endurance. Make sure you bring a flashlight, as the small roads are scary at night. Also, remember that the Great River Road straddles the Mississippi River on both sides. Tall levees obscure the road, so make sure you are prepared for this. Also, stop by the Fort Crawford Museum if you are a Civil War history buff.

While visiting Louisiana, make sure to stop in Baton Rouge. This state capital is home to the USS Kidd Veterans Museum, as well as the Old State Capitol Museum. The Louisiana State Capitol is one of the tallest capitols in the nation. And, of course, no trip to Louisiana is complete without a stop in New Orleans. The Historic New Orleans Collection is a great place to explore the history of this city.

INFINITY Science Visitor’s Center

For an educational day trip from New Orleans, consider visiting the INFINITY Science Visitor’s Center. Located next to the Stennis Space Center, this science center is one of the most educational attractions in the state. It offers an amazing variety of exhibits illustrating fascinating truths about our world and the universe. This family-friendly destination is a great way to learn about the amazing science that surrounds us.


If you’re looking for some southern charm, consider a day trip to Mobile, Alabama. This gulf city once served as the capital of French Louisiana. It shares many similarities with New Orleans.

You can visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, or one of the many historic homes that are now museums.

The town also hosts festivals throughout the year, including Mardi Gras and the Azalea Trail Festival.

Lake Charles

Located just a few hours outside of New Orleans, Lake Charles offers a rich culture, excellent food and entertainment, incredible music, and breathtaking natural beauty. The city’s CBD is a hub for local culture and entertainment. It is also home to the world’s largest Mardi Gras Museum.

Visitors can enjoy boat trips on Lake Charles’ scenic waters. Whether you plan to go for a day of sightseeing or a weekend getaway, you’re sure to find something to make your trip worthwhile.

If you’re traveling by car, you can take a day trip from New Orleans to Lake Charles to check out the area’s attractions. In addition to the Grand Isle, which is located about two hours away, you’ll find that Lake Charles is a great place to get away from the city and enjoy a day on the beach. After a day of sightseeing, relax on the beach for a while or spend the evening at a casino.

A day trip from New Orleans to Lake Charles is worth the effort, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly excursion or a culturally-immersive activity.

What makes Lake Charles famous?

People go to Lake Charles to gamble, listen to rhythm and blues music, and eat delicious food. The town is the most important place for education in the southern part of Louisiana. The city is a major place for refining petrochemicals and has casinos where people can gamble.

Mississippi River

Get on the Steamboat Natchez to see the sights along the Mississippi. A relaxing way to see the sights and learn about New Orleans’s long history is to take a cruise down the river.

The Natchez is the last real steamboat that still runs, and as such, it offers a wide range of cruise routes to meet the needs of a wide range of passengers.

The boat’s peaceful atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in a different time, whether you’re a history buff learning about the lucrative cotton trade or a jazz fan who loves steamboats. After a day of exploring New Orleans, there’s no better place than the Natchez to relax and take it easy.

Can you swim in the Mississippi River?

You’re not the only one who wonders what’s hiding under the murky surface of this famous American waterway. Even though it might be safe for a quick dip, most people don’t recommend swimming in the Mississippi River because it has a lot of pollution.

Global Wildlife Center

If you like wild animals and have a soft spot for them, you will enjoy going to this wildlife center. This huge preserve is home to more than 4,000 wild animals from all over the world that can move around freely. Watching animals like kangaroos, llamas, giraffes, and zebras run around and play in the grass is a lot of fun.

As you drive your old-fashioned wagon through the wilderness, you can stop to feed any animals that come up to you. Even though it’s only an hour from New Orleans, it’s a magical experience that makes you feel like you’ve left the city behind.

What is the cost of global wildlife?

The staff at Global Wildlife will do their best to accommodate everyone, but families who didn’t book ahead can’t be sure of a spot.  Public tour costs, adults pay $21, seniors pay $19, children pay $15, and kids under 1 are free.


Slidell, Louisiana, is on the coast next to a deepwater straight where Lake Pontchartrain flows into the Gulf of Mexico. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise is to get around the area by kayak, canoe, sailboat, or fishing charter. Try a tour of the Honey Island Swamp, an eco-tour of the Pearl River, or a guided fishing trip. There are six farmer’s markets in the area where you can buy fresh seafood from the Gulf. Slidell is just across the water from New Orleans, but it feels like a world away. It has a charming Old Towne with antique shops, restaurants, and a simple atmosphere.

What makes Slidell famous?

Tammany Parish, Slidell has a lively arts scene, festivals that are fun for the whole family, and tours of Honey Island Swamp. It is also less than 40 minutes north of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Olde Towne Slidell is a downtown area of 10 square blocks with historic buildings, antique and specialty shops, restaurants, museums, and more.

We hope this list has helped you get a sense of some of the fantastic places to visit in Louisiana. We know that New Orleans is such an incredible city, but there are so many other things to see and do around it as well! With these trips planned out for you, all you need now is a car and plenty of gas money (and maybe some snacks).

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