The Best 27 Big Things in Australia

Australia is a beautiful place and a land of dreams. When looking for the perfect road trip across the country, you can go around and discover ‘Australia’s Big Things’ such as the Big Ned Kelly and the Big Lobster. The majority of these attractions were built with a purpose, but some were built out of nothing but a pure novelty. They’re a total of 150 of these unique tourist attractions, and they have become a big part of Australia. They’re a national fascination and have become Australian icons.

We’ve put together some of Australia’s big things that are a must-see when you’re in Australia. Surely, they are all attractions both adults and kids can truly enjoy.

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New South Wales

The Big Banana

Will your holiday be complete without pulling over with your friends or family to take a photo in front of the Big Banana when driving through the Mid-North Coast? I don’t think so. Certainly, making a pit stop at this iconic giant piece of banana has been a must-do for most Pacific Highway travellers. The banana is 13 metres long and it was built in 1964. This iconic yellow tourist magnet is the one that started the trend of “big” objects in Australia and gave way to the rest. It had to be first on the list.

When the idea for the Big Banana came up, John Landi was trying to find a way to stop traffic at his banana stall on the roadside. Consequently, he borrowed the information from the Big Pineapple in Hawaii, and his idea surprisingly worked. Since the 1880s, The Coffs Harbour region has been known for the growth of bananas. Nowadays, tourism has become the main income source in the area. All thanks to the giant banana. Further, there have been major changes since the early days of the Big Banana. There’s a tour of the plantations, an educational ‘banana’ experience, a shop, a café, and the Big Banana Fun Park.

Where is The Big Banana located?

The Big Banana is located at 351 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia.

Is there an entrance fee to visit The Big Banana Fun Park?

The Big Banana and the park both have free admission. You can make payments for attractions and rides as you go.

Is there an ice-skating rink at The Big Banana Fun Park?

Yes, an ice skating rink is available to use by guests with unlimited passes at The Big Banana Fun Park.

The Big Headphones

The Big Headphones, which stand 3 metres tall, is essentially a huge amplifier where you can play music. Is this the coolest big thing, or what? The Headphone Project, a non-profit organization that promotes local performers, created The Big Headphones from the ground up. Conceived to promote local music and bring people together to enjoy live performances.

Local and up-and-coming artists can showcase their music at The Headphones. The best part is that the marketing is free! Before they get paid, artists frequently struggle financially, especially when producing their original works that might not find an audience. In an era when money isn’t constantly flowing, this is an excellent option for musicians to test and market their music. The headphones may be found in Cooks Hill at 90/96 Darby Street where Queens Wharf and the Newcastle Museum are within a 15-minute walk.

Is there a specific time to see The Big Headphones?

The Big Headphones is built in an open space semi-garden area where anyone can go and visit at any time.

How can my music be played at The Big Headphones?

Walk between the headphones to activate your music at The Big Headphones.

Where are The Big Headphones located?

The Big Headphones is located at Unit 90/96 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300, Australia.

The Big Kookaburra

This enormous kookaburra was made by Pokolbin artist Chris Fussel out of recycled steel, aluminum, and copper, and it currently serves as the centerpiece of Col Brown Park in Kurri Kurri. It’s one of Australia’s more understated, less well-known Big Things, but it’s worth making a fuss over because it’s so stunning.

The Big Kookaburra, which stands 4.5 metres tall, is a prominent landmark in Kurri Kurri, where the community’s sporting and nonprofit organizations have adopted the bird as their mascot. The artist made the kookaburra’s eyes out of airstrip lights and the feathers from old car bonnets. It’s regarded as one of Australia’s Big Things.

Where is The Big Kookaburra located?

The Big Kookaburra is located at 219 Lang St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia

Are there any restaurants near The Big Kookaburra?

Some of the restaurants near The Big Kookaburra include Kurri Hot Bread, Aura Thai Cuisine, Sugarman Espresso, Domino’s Pizza, and Regal Italian Bistro.

The Big Merino

You have probably never thought you’d see a 100-ton ram, but Australia offers you that experience. The Big Merino is located near a Hume highway exit that’s in the Southern Highlands. John Brown created this beautiful massive ram in 1985. He was the federal minister for sport, recreation, and tourism at the time. However, it was Atilla and Louis Mokany who conceived the original idea for the giant animal. Further, Glenn Senbet did the construction from Adelaide, and it took six months to complete it.

In 2007, The Big Merino was moved a few hundred metres to capture more attention from passing traffic. It’s now possible to go inside to see an exhibition on the Australian Wool Industry. It also received a new belly and legs. Moreover, the monument is dressed up from time to time. For example, he has glowing green eyes, which was a campaign to promote clean energy. As a result, it ended up looking like a radioactive sheep. In 2014, the big ram was painted blue during the Blue September, held to create awareness of men’s cancers such as testicular cancer.

Where is The Big Merino located?

The Big Merino is located at the Corner of Hume and, Sowerby St, Goulburn NSW 2580, Australia.

Is there a fee going inside The Big Merino?

There is no fee and you are free to walk around inside The Big Merino.

Is The Big Merino open for visitors?

Yes, at The Big Merino, visitors can climb to the top of the building from the exhibit and see Goulburn through Rambo’s eyes.

What are The Big Merino’s opening and closing hours?

The Big Merino opens from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (7 days a week).

The Big Potato

The monument is 10 metres long concrete tater. It looks more like the Dutch cream, which is a variety grown in Robertson. However, guests do not think it’s the most attractive compared to the other big things, but therein lies the beauty. Councillor Jim Mauger conceived the idea to pay homage to farmers found in the misty mountain town.

For four decades, the Big Potato has been photographed a lot by day-trippers in the Southern Highlands. It’s a pleasing sight to see, and hundreds of tourists flock to the area to snap selfies. Many of those who enjoy picnicking get the chance to enjoy commandeering tables in the beautifully landscaped garden. As a result of its popularity, one enterprising couple got married in front of the monument. Presently, the tuber is for sale for those interested in buying a highly unique gift for that special loved one.

Where is the Big Potato located?

The Big Potato is located at Illawarra Hwy, Robertson NSW 2577, Australia.

Are there any hotels near the Big Potato?

The Castle, The Roberston Hotel, The Laurels B&B, Tranquil Southern Highlands Cottage, and Greengate Bed and Breakfast are some of the hotels near The Big Potato.

Are there any restaurants near the Big Potato?

Robertson Cheese Factory, Moonacres Kitchen, Burrawang General Store, Pizza’s in the Mist, and Robertson Pie Shop are some of the dining establishments near The Big Potato.

The Big Prawn

Standing at 6m x 9m, The Big Prawn was built as a tribute to the seafood market in the Ballina area, which is the leading industry. Undoubtedly, you can’t miss this big icon when driving up along the coastal road in Northern NSW. In 2009, the monument was relocated since it was due to be demolished. However, the community decided to save it by collecting enough money to keep it, and it now stands across the Bunnings Warehouse, another Aussie icon.

Initially, the creators constructed the monument on top of a service station. Two brothers Louis Mokany and Attila, who are from Hungary, decided to develop service stations around NSW. They made big things for attracting people who are on road trips for their business. Further, Denise Martin’s husband is the one who created the design for the 27-metre prawn while in a motel. The aim was to make it 30,000 times bigger than a real prawn.

Where is the Big Prawn located?

The Big Prawn is located at 507 River Street, Ballina 2478, NSW, Australia.

How much does the Ballina Big Prawn weigh?

The Big Prawn weighs 35 tons.

The Big Golden Guitar

This iconic monument is a whopping 1000 pounds and 40 feet tall. Truly, it symbolizes the love Australia has for oversized objects. The big icon is located in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. It’s a landmark for the Big Golden Guitar Tourist Center found along New England Highway. Moreover, it’s similar in design to the famous golden guitar used for Australia’s Annual Country Music Award. In 1988, Slim Dusty brought it to life when he erected it. He’s the country’s most famous country music artist. The place is a favourite spot for most tourists all year long. However, the monument has the highest number of visitors during the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Moreover, the Big Golden Guitar is made out of fibreglass and steel reinforcements that allow it to stand firm. The guitar doesn’t have any strings, mainly because all of the trophies it is modelled after don’t have strings either. Nonetheless, that isn’t a major complaint. It was built well over twenty years ago and has remained a popular spot for most people to take photos. The Golden Guitar Tourist Center was built five years before the construction of the Big Golden Guitar. Since 1983 when it was made, expansions have been added to a souvenir shop with many different items. It stays open seven days a week.

Are there any hotels near the Big Golden Guitar?

Golden Guitar Motor Inn, Plumes On The Green, Motel 359, Studio 367, and Edward Parry Motel are some of the few hotels near the Big Golden Guitar.

Is there a fee to enter the Big Golden Guitar?

Entering the Big Golden Guitar is free of charge.

Where is the Big Golden Guitar located?

The Big Golden Guitar is located at 2 The Ringers Rd, Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia.

Northern Territory

The Big Boxing Crocodile

This giant statue is in Humpty Doo. It’s famously known as the world’s largest boxing crocodile. Moreover, this massive crocodile is erected at the United fuel station. It’s along the Arnhem Highway, in Humpty Doo. The crocodile has become a famous icon as Humpty Doo has transitioned into a commuter town for those working in Darwin. It stands 13 metres high and features a unique design since it’s wearing a pair of red boxing gloves.

In particular, the inspiration came from the logo of the ‘Boxing Kangaroo’ used in the successful 1983 bid for the America’s Cup by Australia. During those years, it was extremely expensive. As a result, Marcel Britnal developed the idea of the Big Boxing Crocodile. He was running the Humpty Doo Bush Shop. The crocodile was created of fibreglass by a Sydney company. Creating something like that was not easy since it had to be strong enough to withstand the savagery of tropical cyclones.

Where is The Big Boxing Crocodile located?

The Big Boxing Crocodile is located at 340 Arnhem Hwy, Humpty Doo NT 0836, Australia.

What restaurants are nearby The Big Boxing Crocodile?

The restaurants available nearby The Big Boxing Crocodile is Humpty Doo Chinese Take Away, Humpty Dumpty Pizza & Takeaway, Humpty Doo Seafoods, Country Fried Chicken Mobile Catering Food Business, and Humpty Doo Tavern.

The Giant Jumping Crocodile

This sculpture is located in Northern Territory, Australia. It’s standing on its tail at the car park of The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises, where it resides. In 1984, the gigantic crocodile sculpture was built close to the Adelaide River, where the colossal saltwater reptiles live. Moreover, visitors might notice real crocodiles jumping out of the water when taking a tour around the place. Hence, tourists consider it the most magical experience offered by this place. The saltwater crocodiles are the largest in the world, and they’re also Australia’s deadliest animals. They can grow up to seven metres long and can live up to 80 years.

What are The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises’ opening and closing hours?

The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (7 days a week).

Are there any toilets on the boat at The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises?

There are no toilets on the boat but there is a good restroom at the cafe.

How long does the cruise take at The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises?

The cruise at The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises takes about an hour.


Matilda the Kangaroo

Previously a mascot, Matilda the Kangaroo is now a stop for everyone who gets refreshments in the area. Two decades ago, the original one was mainly designed for the Commonwealth Games. Natureworks then refurbished the monument’s recent and much slimmer version. The head can turn in two different directions at 45 degrees. It also winks one eye. Matilda truly captivated millions of people who watched the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth games 35 years ago.

It stands over 13 metres tall and weighs 6 tons, which shows how enormous it is. Undoubtedly, it’s a representation of the whole country as a whole and sports. The pouch also acted as a door, and during ceremonies, it opened up to reveal 20 children; she was also mobile. She later provided visitors with a warm welcome at the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World theme park. In 2011, the monument was granted a new lease after being relocated to the Matilda fuel station at Kybong, Gympie. It still does help attract new customers and backpackers. It’s still popular, and visitors ensure they take some photos. She’s an icon and deserves a lot more attention from more visitors.

The Big Bundaberg Barrel

This massive barrel was built as a tourist attraction. Introduced to Bundaberg in 2005, the Big Barrel is an interpretive visitors centre to help inform tourists about local tourist attractions. Not only does it double up as an interactive display of the archives and a tasting bar, but also as a gift and bottle shop. When inside, visitors get a chance to enjoy 19 different drinks. They can also choose six of their favourite beverages for creating cocktails. One of the best-known brewed drinks from Bundaberg is the Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Additionally, you can also customize the labels on bottles.

Furthermore, other activities visitors can indulge in at the Big Barrel include learning the preparation processes for different types of refreshments while playing ‘Guess the Flavor’ at the metallography wall. It’s a family-owned business that family members of all generations have managed. The couple conceived the idea of a brewery together with their son and daughter-in-law after acquiring Electra Breweries Bundaberg in 1960, which was a fermentation and bottling business.

Where is The Big Bundaberg Barrel located?

The Big Barrel is located at 147 Bargara Rd, Bundaberg East QLD 4670, Australia.

When is The Big Barrel open?

The Big Barrel opens from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Mon-Sat) and 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Sun).

Are there any restaurants near The Big Barrel?

Yes! KFC Bundaberg East, Grunske’s, Indulge, Oodies Café, and East End Sports Club are some of the few restaurants near The Big Barrel.

The Big Cane Toad

This ample, 1 metre wide, 1 metre high amphibian, Buffy, the Big Cane Toad in Sarina has become a fiberglass landmark that honors the town’s cane growing legacy. The toad, which was first made in papier mache in 1983 to decorate a float for a tropical sugar festival, was cast in fiberglass in honor of the sizable, venomous toad that is so common in the area.

The cane toad statue is located in the center of Sarina and ideally situated among amenities including angled parking, public restrooms, a gazebo, trash cans, and picnic tables under shady trees, making it a great place to stop for a picnic and a photo with this iconic huge monument.

Where is the Big Cane Toad located?

Sarina Big Cane Toad is located at 48/46 Bruce Hwy, Sarina QLD 4737, Australia.

Are there any hotels near the Big Cane Toad?

Sarina Hotel, Sarina Motor Inn, Carlon’s Hotel, Tandara Hotel Motel, and MAS Country Tandara Hotel Motel are the hotels near the Big Cane Toad.

Are there any restaurants near the Big Cane Toad?

Natalesha’s Café, Liberty Sarina, Third Ground Coffee House, and Sarina Pie Shop are some of the few restaurants that are near the Big Cane Toad.

The Big Cassowary

Another gigantic animal when it comes to Big Things in Australia is The Big Cassowary. The cassowary is a protected bird species with many unique features, including being large, flightless, and having a bright blue neck. The Big Cassowary statue was built in Mission Beach, and it stands five metres tall. It was built as a monument of the birds found in that area. The actual bird can grow as tall as a human, but they’re seemingly shy.

Where is the Big Cassowary located?

The Big Cassowary is located at 32 Wongaling Beach Rd, Wongaling Beach QLD 4852, Australia.

What are The Big Cassowary Beach’s opening and closing hours?

The Big Cassowary Beach is open 24/7.

The Big Easel

The Emerald Easel is the largest artwork in the Southern Hemisphere, and it has gained national recognition in Australia. The Big Easel was constructed by Cameron Cross as a tribute to Van Gogh’s sunflowers, which stand for hope and life. It is built with 24 sheets of plywood glued to a surface of 7 x 10 metres, covered in fiberglass, and painted with about 50 liters of paint. The “easel” is 25 metres tall and made of 13.6 tons of steel.

The 1999 completion of the painting—which punches the sky above Morton Park—remains the largest-ever recreation of a Van Gogh sunflower. The artwork also honors Emerald’s illustrious past as a significant sunflower producer. For additional information on the magnificent easel, stop by the Emerald Visitor Center. Then, come back around Easter for the town’s annual Sunflower Festival.

Where is the Big Easel located?

The Big Easel is located at Capricorn Highway & Dundas Street, Sports Ground, Emerald, 4720

What is there to do at The Big Easel?

Along with a barbecue, picnic area, and public restrooms, parking is free at the Big Easel.

What other attractions are near The Big Easel?

Emerald Aquatic Centre, Botanic Gardens, Vicki Peters Park, and Sunrise Rotary BMX Park are some of the attractions near the Big Easel.

Are there any restaurants or places to eat near The Big Easel?

The Big Easel has a lot of nearby restaurants including Irish Village, Char House, Crossroads Café Restaurant, Mayfair Ridge Tavern, and many more!

The Big Gumboot

The town of Tully, where the Big Gumboot is located, is an excellent place if you’re someone who enjoys the rain. The gumboot is also known as the Golden Gumboot. It represents the long-standing battle between Tully and a town nearby known as Babinda, which involves fighting over the title of the “wettest town in Australia.” Additionally, a ritual has been followed since the ’70s. A golden rubber gumboot is given to the town that receives the most rainfall every year. The Big Gumboot was revealed in 2003 and stood 7.9 metres high. It’s used to represent the record rainfall of Tully. Over the past four decades, Babinda has been recording the highest amount of rain, more than Tully. The Tully Lions and Rotary Clubs erected the monument.

Where is the Big Gumboot located?

The Big Gumboot is located at 76 Butler St, Tully QLD 4854, Australia.

Are there souvenir shops in The Big Gumboot?

Although the Golden Gumboot doesn’t have a dedicated gift shop, you may buy things like keychains, postcard magnets, and the like at the Tully Visitor’s Center, which also keeps track of the annual rainfall in all three towns.

The Big Mango

We’ve already heard of several other big fruits, but they aren’t over yet. There’s also another fantastic icon known as the Big Mango. As part of a publicity stunt by Nando’s, a group of people stole the mango but it was later returned. One of the most colourful of the “big” things across Australia is the Big Mango. It came to be in 2002, so it hasn’t been around for as long as several other icons.

It’s firmly erected adjacent to the tourist information centre in the city of Bowen. Mainly, the Giant fruit was created to pay tribute to the successful mango orchards in the area. $90,000 was spent to build the monument, and upon completion, it was finally able to be part of the big roadside attractions of Australia officially. Moreover, the whole mango is made of fibreglass. It’s a big fruit and weighs 7 tons. It might be the largest in the world. It’s located near the famous Whitsundays. It’s a popular spot for tourists to take selfies. It symbolizes there are a lot of sweet mangoes in that part of Queensland.

What facilities does The Big Mango provide?

The big mango provides facilities like car parking, coach parking, food and refreshments, a picnic area, gift shops, and other family-friendly facilities.

Where is The Big Mango located?

The Big Mango is located at The Big Mango Queensland 4805, Bowen QLD 4805, Australia.

The Big Melon

Apart from the other big iconic fruits such as the Big Banana and the Big Mango, the Big Melon brings a lot of attention to a small town in Queensland. In 2018, the Big Melon was unveiled. It’s one of Australia’s newest tourist attractions when it comes to giant-sized objects. Hence, the arrival of the Big Melon in Chinchilla back in 2018 was much-hyped. It takes the form of a juicy-looking slice of watermelon. Further, the statue represents the town that’s known as the ‘Melon Capital of Australia.’ The Big Melon claimed victory over other sizable finalists after a fierce voting process in the nationwide competition by travel site Wotif. Particularly, the Chinchilla Melon Festival helped the monument achieve success.

Where is The Big Melon located?

The Big Melon is located at Warrego Highway, Chinchilla, Western Country Area Queensland 4413.

Is there a parking area in The Big Melon?

Yes, The Big Melon has a car park area and a coach parking area.

The Big Pineapple

Another oversized fruit that stands in its crowning glory is the Big Pineapple. In 1971, it first opened as a representation of the Sunshine Plantation. Moreover, the inspiration behind it was the local farming practices. Initially, Bill and Lyn Taylor were the ones who established the pineapple as a tourist attraction. In 1983, Princess Diana and Prince Charles came to visit the tropical fruit and marvelled at its fibreglass fronds. After that, it received a well-deserved royal seal of approval.

The pineapple is the top among the big fruits of Australia. As proof of its significance, the monument and the Pineapple Train that circles the plantation on the property are included in the Queensland Heritage Register. However, there aren’t many visitors who come to see the Big Pineapple now. In comparison, during the 1980s, millions of people flocked to this fantastic attraction. That has led to new plans for modernizing the site on the Sunshine Coast by 2025. Every May, The Big Pineapple music festival is held at this location. It attracts the heavyweights of the Australian music industry, such as Vera Blue and Birds of Tokyo.

Where is The Big Pineapple located?

The Big Pineapple is located at 76 Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD 4559, Australia.

Is The Big Pineapple still open for guests?

Yes, but guests are currently unable to climb inside the Big Pineapple building. No markets are currently opened except for a single café at the bottom.

The Big Rum Bottle

In the Bundaberg Haigslea, guests can find the Big Rum Bottle of Bundaberg. In 1988, The Bundaberg Distilling Company took part in a World Expo that lasted six months. Dubbed the World Expo 88, the Expo was held in Brisbane, Australia. Consequently, it attracted almost 18 million visitors who were into leisure and technology. The construction of the Big Rum Bottle was made as a pavilion for the Bundaberg Distilling Company. Currently, it is at the visitor centre. The company’s logo is displayed on the big bottle as well as when the company was established. It gives a unique representation of what the company is entirely about. It’s a seven-metre-tall rum bottle.

When visiting, you can take a tour of the distillery, and the museum, as well as mix your drink. Visitors also get to learn more about the iconic brand of Australian rum at the museum. There are 75,000 litres of rum in oak vats within the facility; some are from the 1970s. Furthermore, there are other Big Rum Bottles around Queensland that the original one has inspired. One of them is in front of a pub in Haigslea called The Sundowner Hotel and is used as a tourist attraction. Also, it’s one of the oldest hotels in the region, and the bottle brings in a lot of significance.

Where is The Big Rum Bottle located?

The Big Rum Bottle is located at 37 Hills St, Bundaberg East QLD 4670, Australia.

When is The Big Rum Bottle open?

The Big Rum Bottle is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends.

South Australia

The Big Lobster

Larry is one of the most impressive when it comes to the “big” monuments in Australia. For over 35 years, it has been keeping watch of the small town. The fibreglass-on-steel lobster is standing over 50 feet high and 50 feet long. A local fisherman suggested the idea of constructing the huge lobster to promote the area and its seafood. Paul Kelly, a designer from Adelaide, is the mastermind of the construction of the monument.

Since 1979, the monument underwent significant changes. At present, the site has a tourist centre, a restaurant, a wine-tasting area, and a playground for kids. After being around for almost forty years, the town had decided to embark on a campaign to help restore the big icon to its former glory. In early 2017, the lobster got a nice revamp, including a thorough scrub, structural repairs, and a new set of feelers. As a result, the lobster has to remain in good condition because a trip to see it is all about taking nice photos. Also, comedians Hamish Blake and Andy Lee made an effort to try and refurbish it through the #PinchAMate campaign in 2016.

What time does the Big Lobster open?

Big Lobster’s business hours are from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Mon – Thu) and 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Fri – Sat).

Are there any hotels near the Big Lobster?

Yes, there are hotels near the Big Lobster including Kingston Lobster Motel, Crown Inn Hotel, Lacepede Bay Motel & Restaurant, Royal Mill Hotel, and Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park.

The Big Orange

Another one of the many big fruits of Australia is the Big Orange. Like the other 150 big things, the giant orange acts as a top tourist attraction site strategically placed to attract as many people on road trips as possible. It’s also the largest of the ‘Big Fruit’ in Australia, standing 15 metres in height and 12 metres in diametre. There are many big oranges in Aussie, and this is one of them. It’s located in Barmera, Riverland.

This monument was opened in Berri in 1980 and was a popular destination for travellers visiting the region. However, the profits started to reduce, and travellers visiting the area drove away because of the drought that lasted for a decade. Despite having seen better days, the administration decided to close it due to some unavoidable circumstances. It didn’t end up being as successful due to the drought. The then owner couldn’t go forward with the redevelopment, so it eventually went into liquidation. It has changed hands over the years. 2008 was the last time it was on the market. However, there is hope that a recovering local economy might bring about some fresh ideas to revive the aging icon.

Is The Big Orange still open?

Unfortunately no, the Big Orange is permanently closed due to financial losses and management issues.

The Big Scotsman

A lot of people believe that the Big Banana is the statue that started the Big Things in Australia. However, it was the Big Scotsman located in Adelaide. The monument was designed in 1963 by Paul Kelly, a year before the construction project for the Big Banana was launched. The Big Scotsman was built to attract more tourists to the nearby Scotty’s Motel. It’s a 5-metre tall statue, and it stands at the corner of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road in Medindie.

In October 1962, Paul Kelly initiated the project and then unveiled it in 1963. It’s covered in a wire mesh made of a steel frame. Moreover, the outfit is made of hessian-coated fibreglass and then painted to bring the authentic look of a Scotsman’s costume. The giant statue was constructed in three different parts: the head, chest, and legs. It still looks as good as new despite being around for over half a century. Despite being originally designed to attract visitors to the motel, it ended up being a hub of art in the town. Also, there are several other activities for visitors to engage in with the region too. They include the Glover Playground, Piccadilly Cinemas to enjoy nice movie dates, and some hotels to sample different foods available.

What are the activities near The Big Scotsman?

The Glover Park playground is worth visiting if you enjoy being outside. A date at the Piccadilly Cinemas or some delectable cuisine from one of the area’s hotels is another option.

Where is the Big Scotsman located?

The Big Scotsman is located at 1 Nottage Terrace, Medindie SA 5081, Australia.


The Big Penguin

Between September and March, a colony of fairy penguins congregates in this area of Tasmania’s south coast, giving the town of Penguin its fitting name. Due to their diminutive size, the birds are also known as fairy penguins, and during the breeding season, it’s beautiful to see them fly past while displaying their bluish plumage.

The town is one of the best places to stop on a Tassie road trip because of The Big Penguin, a fibreglass and cement structure that people love to dress up in military fatigues to honor Anzac Day and in a Santa outfit during the holiday season. The penguin theme is popular in souvenir shops as well as in the trash cans that are shaped like penguins along the town’s beachfront.

Where is The Big Penguin located?

The Big Penguin structure is located at 74 Main Rd, Penguin TAS 7316, Australia

When is The Big Penguin open?

The Big Penguin is open 24/7.

Are there hotels near The Big Penguin?

Yes, there are a lot of hotels near The Big Penguin including Penguin Waterfront Escape, Penguin Beachfront Apartments, and The Madsen Boutique Hotel.


The Giant Koala

Sam, the Giant Koala, captured most people’s hearts worldwide. Consequently, this monument was then created in her honour. Koalas are one of the symbols of Australia’s unique wildlife. Accordingly, this monument is 14 metres high and 7 metres wide with steel, bronze, and fibreglass used to make the Giant Koala weigh 12 tons. She might not be as cuddly as the real koalas, but she’s most definitely a memorable one.

Moreover, Dutch sculptor, Ben Van Zetten is the one who designed The Giant Koala that’s now nearing the big three-oh. He did it despite the behest of Beryl Cowling, who was the owner of Koala Country Motor Inn and Koala Country Kitchen at the time. Recently, the site has undergone some upgrades, such as a small zoo on-site and a gift shop inside.

What time does the Giant Koala open?

The Giant Koala opens for food and drinks from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, while the souvenirs and animals are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Where is the Giant Koala located?

The Giant Koala is located at 5829 Western Hwy, Dadswells Bridge VIC 3385, Australia.

The Big Ned Kelly

Australia has two Big Ned Kelly statues. However, it is well known that the one located in the town of Glenrowan is more meaningful. That’s because it’s the place where Kelly Ned’s gang’s last stand was. Ned Kelly was a criminal who faced different charges. He was an Australian gang leader, bushranger, and outlaw. The attraction is 6 metres high.

Three Kelly Gang members (Steve Hart, Joe Byrne, and Dan Kelly) also died there in Glenrowan, where the monument is, after being led by Ned Kelly going for a final confrontation against the police force. The deaths occurred on 28th June 1880. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a pleasant experience as the townsfolk were kept hostage in the local inn. The “big” statue was erected in 1992 and was built by Kevin Thomas, a special effects technician, and artist from Ingleburn Sydney. It’s also built from fibreglass composite over a steel frame. Later, Chris Gerret donated the monument to the township of Glenrowan for all to benefit from it and enjoy.

What are The Big Ned Kelly’s business hours?

The Big Ned Kelly is open from Sunday through Saturday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

What hotels are near The Big Ned Kelly Statue?

The Glenrowan Dad and Dave’s Billy Tea Rooms and Accommodation, the Glenrowan Kelly Country Motel, the Glenrowan Caravan, and Tourist Park, the Hermitage Motor Inn, and the Quality Hotel Wangaratta Gateway are all located close to The Big Ned Kelly Statue.

The Big Golf Ball

This attraction is one of the “big” things that are not very popular. It’s situated along Centre Dandenong Road, Heatherton. The giant golf statue represents the passion that locals have for golf. It’s the most popular sport in Heatherton. The suburb is ideal for golfing because of its sparse population. There are several famous golf courses in Melbourne, such as Capital Golf Club and the Kingston Heath Golf Club. Apart from the excellent golf courses, there’s also Karkarook Park. It has interesting features, including a lake and artificial wetlands. This location isn’t the only Big Golf Ball in Australia. You can find different ones across different regions. Victoria is home to several iconic Big Things, such as the Big Cigar in Churchill, Giant Koala, and the Big Dead Fish in Fish Creek. Therefore, visitors have a lot of other places with big things that they can go and check out.

The Big Pelican

Built in 1977, the 11-metre-tall Big Pelican has stood as a symbol of the Sunshine Coast ever since.

He was first used as a parade float, but quickly became the Sunshine Coast’s most beloved figure, drawing large audiences wherever he went.

Previous passengers have included celebrities and politicians, and you can hop inside him to make him open and shut his bill and wiggle his tail.

Happily retired now, he lives permanently at Pelican Boat Hire on the Noosa River in the center of the city. You must see him before you leave Noosa.

Is there a nice cafe nearby the Big Pelican?

Yes! Along the river, there are a plethora of quaint eateries and coffee shops to choose from near the Big Pelican.


There are a lot of giant sculptures in Australia, and the ones mentioned above are a few from the list. Experiences are much more fun when you take photos at various spots and create beautiful memories. Each also shows an aspect of Australian culture, for example, the different big fruits in various regions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an international or local tourist; these Big Things in Australia are worth considering seeing. Over the years, a tradition is made. There are several different ways you can travel to these locations while still saving money and enjoying the Big Things of Australia. One of the most popular ways is by taking a camper or campervan on a road trip. As a tourist, visiting these different Big Things in Australia could help you learn a lot because each of them represents something special and significant about the area.

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