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AirBnB Host Tips

Travelling the world and experiencing cultures from all over the globe is a unique experience. Sharing your own culture with travellers is an experience all its own and being an Airbnb host allows you to do just that. Being an Airbnb host is a learning experience that may last a lifetime.

Your work as an Airbnb host will directly impact a traveller’s experience. You and your property could be the difference between tourists having a good time and terrible holiday. As an Airbnb host, you run your own business. It is a lot of work being a host as you manage customer reviews, respond to clients, handle bookings, and take care of any complaints that may come up. The more time you spend as an Airbnb renter, the more comfortable you will be as a host.

You will learn a number of lessons from the individuals who rent out your Airbnb property. The information you gain will help you run your business and deal with customers in the future. If you are a successful host, you could earn Airbnb’s prestigious superhost status. A superhost is an individual who provides exceptional experiences that other Airbnb hosts should emulate.

Being a great host will enable you to make more money over time. The company’s best hosts have a regular stream of customers and revenue flowing in. So, how do you become an Airbnb superhost? Here are some top tips to improve as a host and see more money flow into your business.

Have clear communication with guests

One of the worst experiences as an Airbnb guest is to have little to no communication with the property host. A holiday can quickly become stressful if there is a lack of communication between the two parties. A simple email a week prior to the guest’s arrival at the property not only reduces stress, but it adds a personal touch of care that can go a long way.

Airbnb superhosts are known to keep the lines of communications open. You should prepare a personalised email that includes information that the traveller has shared about themselves. The email should include information about the property. Follow up the details about the property with information about the immediate area and neighbourhood the apartment or house is located in. This may include information on restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping, gyms, and parks. You may also include information on other activities found in the area.

Since a lot of travellers are from outside the area and potentially from other countries, the information you put in your email may be a game changer. By dropping a simple personalised email, you set yourself up to receive positive reviews which will have a knock-on effect of attracting more guests.

Attempt to meet and greet guests upon arrival

One of the best pieces of customer service advice you will ever receive as an Airbnb host is to make the attempt to meet and greet all guests upon arrival. This is another small gesture that goes a long way to make guests feel comfortable.

Finding an Airbnb property and getting inside can be an extremely stressful situation while travelling. Having a property owner meet you at the door to show you inside and give important information can greatly improve a holiday experience. Travellers may be stressed out from their journey. You can ease their stress and help them get comfortable inside. When letting them in, be sure to carry their bags and help them into the property. Once again, a little customer service makes a big impression. By carrying one guest’s luggage, the review they write could influence 100 other guests to rent your Airbnb property. Once inside the property, you should offer the guest a drink and help them get comfortable. You should also leave a bottle of wine, a few beers, some coffee, or tea. This prevents the guests from going out upon arrival, especially of its late, to go to a store in an unfamiliar area. Some experienced superhosts make great first impressions by providing a bottle of red wine and a handwritten note for the guests to welcome them to the property.

Ensure the property is clean

In the current COVID-19 era, you must ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. One of the biggest – if not the biggest – turn offs for travellers is arriving at a filthy apartment or house. You can find a variety of negative reviews on Airbnb from guests upset over the condition of the property upon arrival. Many travellers will then spend their holiday time cleaning the property or complaining about it. The most important areas to ensure are clean are the bathrooms, kitchen and floors.

With many travellers more worried and aware of cleanliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to have the property scrubbed prior to the guest(s) arriving. Areas that are high-traffic or regularly touched need to be scrubbed spotless. You should even leave cleaning supplies, hand sanitiser, and other items available for use by the customer. You may even leave them a pack of disposal facemasks to wear if needed.

Stock the kitchen

A lot of Airbnb hosts do not see the value in leaving food in the kitchen for guests to enjoy. Why spend money and leave snacks in the fridge or cupboards as it cuts into your profits? Going that extra mile provides guests another reason to brag about your customer service. A few low-priced snacks, sodas, and other items, gives you the chance to earn praise and attract more customers.

Superhosts have been known to leave items such as cereal, eggs, bread, butter, milk, and juice for guests. If travellers are coming from another country, you should leave locally produced foods or items specific to the country you live in. Stocking the cupboards with crisps, cookies, and sweeties are also great ways to put smiles on faces. If a family rents the property, making children and teenagers happy also makes parents happy. Leave extras around the property

Guests do not want to spend money on the property once they have rented it. If the light bulbs burn out or cleaning supplies run dry, clients are reluctant to go out and pick up more of these items. You should leave extras of anything that can run out in storage. This includes items such as toilet paper, tissues, and soap.

You may think guests want to use their own supplies, but many travellers have budgeted their money before leaving home. Having to cut into their budget can cause plenty of unhappiness. Some Airbnb superhosts provide guests with items such as toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, a medicine kit and more.

You may think this is silly and it hurts your profits. In the long run, you will benefit from leaving extra supplies in the property. In fact, many of the supplies – like the food – won't be used. Therefore, you will have them left over from time to time for other guests.

Pay attention to small details

If your property happens to be in a popular tourist destination that receives a number of budget airline flights each week, ensure you have items in the property that guests may not bring with them. The expense of stowing luggage on a budget flight can be high, therefore, some travelles do not bring specific items with them.

Shampoo, shower gel, and other cosmetic products are often too heavy to take on flights. Travellers may decide to purchase these items upon arrival. However, you can prevent them from shelling out more money – as previously stated – by supplying these sundries. But it isn’t just items like soap and shampoo that are appreciated.

Many travellers that fly budget are unable to bring a lot of clothes with them. Providing guests with a washing machine allows them to clean their shirts, trousers, and pants. Don’t just supply the washing machine. Leave a little bit of detergent behind for them to get their clothes clean.

Allow instant bookings

There are some Airbnb hosts out there that prefer to screen their guests before allowing them to book the property. This is done to ensure the guest knows the house rules before the booking can be made. In the end, hosts can lose guests who would otherwise instantly book the property. An instant booking means your property can be rented out on a regular, rolling basis with little work from you.

Airbnb provides hosts with the ability to cancel reservations courtesy of a grace period. You are able to cancel a booking for guests you do not feel comfortable with. You simply do not need to pre-approve guests thanks to this grace period. Of course, you can choose to pre-approve all bookings rather than use the instant booking feature. You will lose out on guests renting the property, however. Many guests will feel as though this is a bit of run around.

Airbnb is a great way to make money as a host. It doesn’t take much to achieve praise form guests and earn positive reviews. By going that extra mile in a few areas, you can become a top-rated host over time.